Another Korean Idol Drug Crackdown

As most of you know, G-Dragon was caught with a positive for marijuana in a drug test last summer… though the news came out early last month.

About a week after that, Korean news came out that another “top idol” was being investigated as well, though they remained anonymous at the time.

Now, today, news came out that E-Sens of Supreme Team admitted to smoking marijuana too. He’s being suspended, but once everything is over, his agency is planning to welcome him back.

Unlike G-Dragon’s confession, where he claimed that he only smoked it once, E-Sens has said he’s smoked it multiple times throughout the year …with his friends… in Korea, (although his agency said he did not get any other musicians or co-workers to do it with him).

E-Sens’s statement could be a real eye-opener for some fans who think their idols are innocent and pure, when in reality, they’re most likely just like any other normal guys their age. Of course, most fans know this in the back of their minds, but it becomes more of a reality when we’re presented with evidence like this.

An anonymous Korean actor said, “Among celebrities, there have been several stars who have been suspected.[allkpop]

Plus, Korean actor Kim Sung Min, (who was arrested last year for possession and usage of both weed and meth), also revealed that he knew of 10 other entertainers involved with illegal drugs in some way.

As someone who’s been into Kpop for almost 10 years, I can tell you that these things are not new.

Back in 2001/2002, apparently ecstasy was the main concern (it’s probably still being used, but since it’s hard to detect, they don’t try as hard to test for it). There was a big investigation among 30-some stars for several types of drugs… including YG’s Psy. [] (I need to note here that Psy was NOT in YG Entertainment at the time of his marijuana conviction in 2001).

I remember reading about how Korean stores were taking CD’s off the shelves due to the ban of an idol who was convicted… and I was amazed at the difference between Korea and America when it came to drugs.

Yes, Korea is pretty strict when it comes to drugs, (I personally think the lawmakers there believe any drug is a gateway drug that will inevitably lead you to heroin somehow later in life), but even though they’re really anti-drug and strict, it’s naive to believe it’s very uncommon for people to be doing drugs there. (Although, if you already smoke weed in your country, don’t do it in Korea. They’ve been known to arrest foreigners for drugs just by seeing a “suspicious package” in the mail being sent to them. [] You’ll probably get arrested, deported and heavily fined… but mainly, it’ll contribute to giving all foreigners a bad reputation, so it’ll affect more than you.)

Anyway, no matter how weed is viewed in Korea, many stars there may very well be just like the ones here in America. The only difference could be that they just hide it much better. Who knows? Though personally, unless they do something really horrible like intentional murder (haha), I’ll always love my biases.


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