Deranged: Korean Movie Review

yeongasi deranged movie

Deranged (Yeongasi)

Summary: Thousands start dying; drowning themselves in the water. Inspections reveal a parasite – a mutated version of the Yeongasi worm – which forces the people to the water once it’s matured.One man tries to save his family as the government rushes for a cure.
Cast: Kim Myung-MinMoon Jung-HeeKim Dong-Wan, and Lee Ha-Nui

Korean Film (2012) Director: Park Jung-Woo
Genre: Thriller/Suspense My Score: 8/10 ★★★★☆

Review: Wow, this movie was intense.

Everything was pretty realistic. The acting was believable, the plot was good, (though not exactly anything new). The only noticeably unrealistic thing was how three of the main characters all worked in helpful departments, however, that’s understandable. They had to do that to keep the amount of characters lower so the movie was easier to follow. The characters weren’t too developed, but the movie was more about the plot, so I could easily excuse that.

Throughout almost the whole movie, there was a horrible sense of urgency. They had to first find out what was causing the people to die, then find the cure, then obtain the cure. Whew! It was such a never-ending, terrible disaster. It was pretty action-packed; my heart was racing a lot of the time and the movie felt like it went by fast because there was no down-time.

yeongasi 2

Towards the middle-end, things got frustrating. The guy made a bad decision, and then the medicine company cared more about money than saving lives. The frustration didn’t last too long, however, since there was no time for anybody to sit around crying about it.

The ending was okay. Not bad, but not that great. It seemed more of a little afterthought, or something they just threw in there because they didn’t know what to do.

Watch this if you like action/suspense movies!



2 thoughts on “Deranged: Korean Movie Review

  1. I freaking love that movie. I first watched cause of Dongwannie ( My dear little Oppayam ) and I was curious about the movie after watching the teaser. That a good movie even if it’s scene that I knew it was going to happen.*Spoiler sorry * Like when then forbid the access of the Han River and than few hours ( or day can remember ) later everyone who are infect by the worm rush to the river pushing aside the fence…
    I really like Dongwan character, despite the fact his brother doesn’t want to see him anymore, he still doing whatever he can to help him.

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