Artist Spotlight: Primary

The artist this time is…


When thinking about Primary’s music, one word comes to mind: smooth.
Even if he uses a rapper, (which is most of the time), or if he uses a funky beat, it still sounds smooth. I guess it’s a jazz-hip-hop fusion sound most of the time.

His real name is Choi Dong-hoon 최동훈 and he was born January 31, 1983. He usually seen wearing a box mask on his head.
He’s signed under Amoeba Culture, which is also home to Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae.

Primary is a hip-hop producer.
According to Dynamic Duo, he lives and breaths music. “All Primary does is make music whether it’s at home or in the studio. His hobby is to collect eclectic musical pieces, and he takes breaks by playing instruments and listening to music.” [source]

He’s always collaborating with other talented, musicians to create his music. To my knowledge, he never does the main vocals.
His most current project is “Primary and the Messengers”, which is a series of albums featuring guest vocals to his own music.

He has been the producer in a hip-hop group called P’skool (Primary School) which debuted in 2006.
P’kool was comprised of: Beenzino (rap), Song Jae-Young (drum), Primary (producer), Yoon Tae-sik (bass), Lee Sung-wook (guitar), and Seo Jina (keyboard [& only girl in the group]). [source]

He was also a part of the duo Primary Score, which debuted in 2007.

Notably, he’s also the producer for Supreme Team and Dynamic Duo.

According to Tablo, Primary let him wear his box mask in public. [source]
It appears to be true, since the person in the mask is wearing the same clothes Tablo wore for his “Don’t Hate Me” performance that day on Mnet on the 8th of November. [source source 2 source 3]

Tablo confessed on his Twitter that it was him borrowing Primary’s mask in this photo.

(You can see Primary without his box mask in this video. He is wearing sunglasses though. 0:15 and 3:45.)


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