Shima Shima Japanese Drama Review

Shima Shima

Japanese Drama

My Score: 8.5/10


Lead Actors: Yada Akiko Miura Shohei Kikuta Daisuke Suzuki Katsuhiroas Fukushi Sota 

Episodes: 10

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Life/Friendship

Summary: The business Striped Sheep helps women sleep at night by sending young men to sleep with them. There’s no love or sex involved, it’s just cuddling and talking.

Many women are helped, and in the process, these young men learn about the minds and feelings of women.

However, the owner of the business, a 30-year-old divorced woman, can’t sleep herself.
Soon, she finds herself in a love triangle with two of her employees… one of them being the younger brother of her ex-husband!

If you can’t sleep but reject their help, your dreams will haunt you!

Review:  (Based on a manga of the same name)
I think this is a pretty under-rated drama. I really enjoyed it.

For those who liked Kimi wa Petto/You’re My Pet, but were disappointed at the lack of romance, this will probably be perfect.
The theme is older women with younger guys.

I bet people of any age would like it, but it’s obviously aimed for single women in their 30’s. Personally, I think it would be most appreciated by women in their mid-20’s and older. There’s just more they can relate to.


In the first few episodes I felt giddy with how adorable the guys were.
They were just so pure and sweet… the thought of there being four guys who were so nice being in the same group made me feel almost over-whelmed, (but in a good way haha!).

Once I got used to that, they started the love triangle.
That plot was so interesting because the two guys were so different. I really could not tell how the drama was going to end. I would’ve been sure if it was an average romantic-comedy, but since it was dealing with “older woman with a younger guy”, I couldn’t be certain.
She could end up with one, the other, or reject both of them.

Both of the guys had had a crush on her for a long time and they were both younger than she was.
Ran was more responsible and mature, but Gai had more passion and chemistry. Unfortunately for Gai, he was the younger brother of her ex, so that was a big obstacle that couldn’t be over-looked.

There were some cliches, but they were done right.
The angry parent was one of them, but they didn’t overdo it. It had to be there because it was an obvious conflict in that type of relationship, (it would be weird if the parents said nothing about their son wanting to date his brother’s ex-wife), but at the same time, it didn’t get in the way of the story at all.

Another one was the female love rival who didn’t want to give up easily, but she was cute and carefree so it was hard to dislike her.

Overall, the story flowed nicely. There wasn’t too much stressful drama and things happened in a good order.
The ending was almost perfect and left me feeling touched.

Manga-wise, well… the manga isn’t done yet. But so far, the characters seem pretty much the same.
They just cut out the part where Shio-san, (the woman), tries dating before getting involved with the Striped Sheep boys.


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