Soumatou Kabushikigaisha: Episode 6

This episode is about two suicidal women. Or… be careful when meeting people from the internet!

Episode Summary:

In the intro, somebody is watching a DVD at the Turning Lantern Company.

On the screen, somebody is on a website called “Suicide Meeting”.
After reading a bunch of posts written by suicidal people, they start their own, asking if anybody wants to die together.

The person watching this DVD turns off the TV and leaves the room.

Kaminuma walks in after, but this time she doesn’t smile like she often does.


There’s a kind of worn-down house.


Our main character, Shizuka, a 32-year-old is inside with another woman. It looks like the place is being renovated.


Shizuka says she wants to get started, but the other woman seems a bit reluctant.

Her friend points out Shizuka’s watch and compliments her clothes.
Shizuka says she wants to be dressed up for her last moments.

They start taking things out of two big bags and Shizuka asks the other woman, Miiyan, why she was on the suicide site.

Miiyan says she just couldn’t get up her resolve to do it alone.

She says she couldn’t get a job and when she finally did, she was fired for no reason.
Miiyan asks Shizuka why she’s doing it. But Shizuka changes the subject, saying to not think about the bad things right now since they’re going to be gone soon.

Later, they’re letting the coal fumes start outside while they tape up the old house so no air comes in.

Miiyan is worried if it’ll hurt. Shizuka tells her that they’ll take sleeping pills and it’ll happen while they’re sleeping.

She tells Miiyan that she considered jumping, but that it was too scary, and hanging was too messy. Miiyan agrees.

But Shizuka warns her that there are side-effects if this way isn’t successful. She cites memory-loss and paralysis.
Miiyan seems nervous.

Shizuka goes out to get the coal burners, but notices the Turning Lantern Corporation sign on a door.
She goes in.

When she sees Kaminuma, she apologizes and tries to leave, (the first person who’s done that so far, haha).
Kaminuma tells her it’s okay, she says she won’t get involved.

She leaves after telling Shizuka about the corporation and Shizuka picks up her 28th DVD.

She’s surprised to see her office on the screen.

She watches as her past self types something on the computer, then picking up a phone call and being happy about her success.

However, when her past self goes on her personal blog, there are hundreds of mean comments.
They say her book is boring and stupid, and that she’s full of herself.

Then, a guy comes in the room, (a manager or something).
He throws a magazine at her, showing several photos of Shizuka with a man. She tells him the guy is just a friend, but he says her image is going down since her books are about being an independent woman.
He tells her that her book series is canceled.

Shizuka watches this scene on the DVD and looks like she’s going to cry.

Then she watches as her past self goes onto the Suicide-Meeting website.
She watches as she makes a post asking if anybody wants to die together, (like in the intro of this episode).

Shizuka kind of laughs while crying and says she doesn’t want to watch this kind of life and turns off the TV.

She looks at the DVDs again.
“30 years old… when I was at my best,” she says to herself. She picks up that DVD to watch next.

Her past self is at a press party, it seems.
Shizuka smiles as she watches this.

Apparently she had won the Best Essayist Award.
They ask her how she did it.

Her past self tells them that no matter what, to never give up. She says things will always change.

Hearing herself say this, Shizuka looks surprised.
She repeats the words to herself and wonders why she forgot them.

At that moment, Miiyan texts her, asking where she is.

Shizuka gets up and is about to run out the door when she sees Kaminuma.

Kaminuma tells her it’s up to herself whether she accepts her life or not.
Shizuka thanks her and leaves. Kaminuma says they’ll be waiting for her return.

Kaminuma watches as the DVD continues to play.

If Shizuka had stayed just a few more minutes, she would’ve seen something very important.

Because, as the manager calls the magazine reporters up for individual interviews, Miiyan runs up to Shizuka and introduces herself as Kazama Misako.

Back to the present Shizuka, she runs into the building looking for Miiyan.

Miiyan comes up from behind and tells her she was looking for her.
Shizuka tells her that she thinks they should stop. She says it’s not that she’s scared, but it’s just that she thinks there’s no reason to die.

She tells Miiyan that she was an essayist who got famous, but in the end it didn’t work out so she got tired of living.
But she’s remembered that no matter how many walls she hits, she shouldn’t give up.

Miiyan still seems a bit nervous or something.
She tells Shizuka that might be true, but sometimes nothing will work out no matter how hard you try.

Shizuka walks up to Miiyan and tells her that life isn’t all bad. She tells her that there must be some happy moments too and tells her to remember them.

Wow, Shizuka then takes Miiyan to the Turning Lantern Corporation!

Kaminuma greets the two of them.

When Shizuka asks, Kaminuma tells her that they prepared Miiyan’s life DVDs for her as well.

The two woman go to the viewing room to watch them together.

Shizuka tells Miiyan to pick a time she was really happy, or a time she wants to see most.

“A time I want to see most…?” Miiyan echoes. Shizuka nods happily.

Miiyan goes right for her 32nd DVD and quickly walks to the DVD player.

Shizuka watches as her past self appears on the screen, giving the speech about not giving up.

She’s surprised and asks Miiyan why she’s in her life. She asks if they’ve met before.

The past Miiyan walks up and introduces herself, the present Shizuka seems surprised that they actually had met.

The past Shizuka is about to take Miiyan’s card, but suddenly stops and makes a face, “I’m sorry, but can we stop this interview?” the past Shizuka says.

She demands that they call Miiyan’s magazine and have her be fired. She says if Miiyan isn’t fired, she won’t do interviews.

The present Shizuka is shocked again and looks towards the present Miiyan, who is looking sullen.

The reason the past Shizuka gives for her attitude is that Miiyan is wearing the same watch that she is.

The present Miiyan asks if Shizuka remembers now and then suddenly takes her scarf off and pounces on Shizuka, attempting to strangle her with it.

Shizuka wakes up, tied in the old building with Miiyan standing over her, (wow, Kaminuma really is useless I guess…).

Miiyan reminds her that she wanted to die, so she’s going to help her.

She tells Shizuka that her dad bought her that watch before he died as a present for getting that job, (wow, haha).

Miiyan says after she was fired, her boyfriend dumped her and even her family laughed at her.

Shizuka frantically says it wasn’t all her fault.

Miiyan tells her she was the one who flooded her blog with hate mail.

She says she was even the one who took the photos of Shizuka with her guy friend.

But then Miyan says the real reason she became unpopular was because of her bad personality and says she was probably just trying to get attention when she said she wanted to die, too.

She then leans down and tells Shizuka that she watched her life and knew everything she was planning to do.
Miiyan says she’s been to the Turning Lantern Corporation before.

It shows Miiyan watching Shizuka’s life angrily when she sees Shizuka go on the Suicide Meeting website.

Miiyan tells her that she’s locking the door, so Shizuka should be dead in about 2 hours.

Shizuka freaks out, saying she doesn’t want to die, but Miiyan tells her that she was the one who was planning to do this in the first place.

Inside the house, Shizuka leans against the door, trying to hit it open with her back, (personally, i would’ve used my feet, or have tried to take the tape off the windows…).

Almost giving up, Shizuka hears her dad’s voice telling her not to give up.

She remembers when she was small and trying to do a bar trick at the playground.

Suddenly, she realizes she’s at the Turning Lantern Corporation watching it on the TV.

She stands up, looking around herself.

On the screen, her dad tells her that she’ll hit a lot of walls in her life, but that she should never give up. Something will surely change next time.

Tears in her eyes, Shizuka nods.

Waking up, she’s suddenly in the dangerous building again. “It was the real turning lantern,” she laughs to herself, (referencing how a “turning lantern” is seeing your life before your eyes before you die).

She lays there, giving up, when she remembers the words again.

She hits the door with her back one more time, and this time, it falls down.

Shizuka lays there, hysterically laughing from relief.

Outside, she unbinds herself and looks back to the building, wondering why she wanted to kill herself in the first place and says she’ll never do it again.

Kaminuma watches from the TV. (I kind of get the impression that Kaminuma is a tiny bit emotional over this, but I could be imagining things… she does visibly swallow and her eyes seem to glisten just a little).

Suddenly, a voice says, “hey.”

It’s Miiyan.

She’s watching with Kaminuma and asks if she’s seeing Shizuka’s life in real-time at that moment.

Kaminuma says it is.

Miiyan gets up without emotion and walks out the door.

Impressions After Watching:

Wow, this one disturbed me… just because it fully shows how dangerous it is to allow others to watch the lives of other people! And that real-time thing at the end, wow. Doesn’t it seem like too much power?

It’s really clear that even psychopaths can have access to this corporation. Kaminuma really just shows people things and lets the viewer decide what to do with the information.

I’m just wondering who this corporation decides to show itself to….

And now it shows other people can come with you and stuff? I just don’t know what to think about this anymore….
I feel like the corporation shows up to everybody, but not everybody really notices it.


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