Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 8

Tae-pong finally gets recognized. As a result, he has to leave the lifeguard team. What will Sora do when she finds out…?

Last Episode:

Sora and Tae-pong’s friends, Min-jung and Young Jin tricked them into coming night fishing with them.
However, Sora and Tae-pong were left alone while their friends sneaked away.

Since it got cold, the two shared a blanket and Sora told him a love story about a star constellation. When help finally came, they tripped in their excitement and Sora fell right on top of Tae-pong.

One of the rescuers happened to be Tae-hyun, who saw them in this suggestive pose! Shock!

Episode Summary:

Sora and Tae-pong struggle on the ground while Tae-hyun watches, not looking too happy.

On shore, Tae-hyun’s girlfriend/almost-fiance, Joo-hee waits with Sora and Tae-pong’s friends.

When the rescue boat gets to shore, Tae-hyun personally helps Sora out and to the rescue building.
Joo-hee makes her annoyed face.

In his office afterwords, Tae-hyun seems perplexed.

In her apartment, Joo-hee looks enraged.
She calls her dad and tells him to announce the engagement as soon as possible, (guess she blames Sora more than Tae-hyun).

In bed, Sora remembers falling on Tae-pong and almost kissing him by mistake.
She thinks she’s going crazy and rolls over to forget about it.

At work while stretching, Tae-pong seems to be in a bad mood.
His friend Young Jin tries to use some adorable aegyo on him to make him feel better, but it doesn’t work.

“You abandoned me for a girl!” Tae-pong scolds him.
The other lifeguards tell Young Jin he did wrong as well.

Tae-pong forgives Young Jin anyway.

His friend asks him if he did anything with Sora alone on the island.
Tae-pong gets flustered and denies it a lot.

His reaction causes Young Jin to believe that something did happen.
Tae-pong defends himself by saying that Sora isn’t a woman to him.
Sora overhears and looks kind of disappointed.

Young Jin tells Tae-pong that Sora doesn’t like him either.
This time, Tae-pong looks like of disappointed and asks him how he knows.

Young Jin tells him that Min-jung told him that Sora likes Tae-hyun.
He implies that Tae-hyun likes her as well.

Suddenly, the assistant coach calls them all over and tells them that Coach Hyuk is leaving for Miami.
He tells them that he’s the new coach now.
Everyone looks shocked. The lifeguards aren’t too happy about it.


Even Tae-pong wonders who to trust now. But Young Jin gives him a pep talk and they seem optimistic again.

On the phone, Tae-hyun finds out that his engagement to Joo-hee is going to be official very soon.

He agrees, but then looks  through the photos Sora gave him and thinks about being with her, (in a flashback scene that lasts over 2 minutes… not counting the time he just stares off in thought, which itself lasts about one full minute).

He goes outside and sits in the dark.
Sora meets up with him.

Meanwhile, Joo-hee and Tae-pong are going over business plans together outside.

Joo-hee tells him that she’s getting married to his brother.
Tae-pong doesn’t know what to say, but then asks if she’ll regret it. He wonders if she really loves Tae-hyun.

She tells him that she loves Tae-hyun and wants him, though she doesn’t know if he loves her back.
She says that Tae-hyun is her future and that she won’t have anyone else.

Tae-pong calmly looks at Joo-hee and confesses to her.
She looks shocked.

He says he just wanted to give her time to see him instead of his brother, that’s why he didn’t tell her until now.
Joo-hee rejects him, saying they’ll always be friends and walks away.

But in the elevator alone, she thinks about his confession.
“I like you too. Think about it. Is he the one you really want?” His words stand out in her mind.

Tae-hyun is hanging out with Sora.
He tells her he has a difficult decision to make and he’s afraid of making a mistake.

Sora tells him that her grandpa says mistakes help people grow.

She offers him her hand and says that by holding a friend’s hand, he’ll know he’s not alone and feel better.

He asks if he’ll always be able to hold her hand if he’s tired if he does it now.
She says of course; he was always there for her when she was tired too.

Tae-hyun takes it. She smiles at him while he stares intensely at her.

The next day at work, Sora complains because Tae-pong isn’t there.
She runs up to Young Jin to find out why and he ends up plainly telling her that Joo-hee and Tae-hyun are now engaged.

Sora seems surprised and tells Young Jin to handle work for her. She runs off to find Tae-pong and cheer him up, (and maybe see if it’s true or not).

Talking with him, she finds that he’s depressed because he confessed to Joo-hee and was rejected.

In his office, Tae-pong’s dad reads the report put together by his son and Joo-hee.
He seems pleasantly surprised and he summons them.

Tae-pong is getting water with Young Jin when he gets a call telling him to come to the planning room.

Tae-pong grins as he realizes what this must mean.

Joo-hee hands Tae-hyun some papers and says that the higher-ups want to send Tae-pong to Seoul because of the plans.

Tae-hyun kind of discourages her, saying that her plans aren’t finished yet and she seems annoyed. She tells him that the plans have to start somewhere. He tells her he’s happy for her.

In the dorm, Tae-pong is packing his stuff for Seoul.
Young Jin is pouting and complaining that he’s leaving him there. Tae-pong reassures him that he’ll be following him to Seoul soon, but in the meantime, he wants Young Jin to be Sora’s lifeguard partner in his place.

Young Jin is not happy to hear that Tae-pong hasn’t even told Sora. He tells Tae-pong that even if he tells nobody else, he has to tell her or she’ll be hurt and never forgive him.

Tae-pong goes to find Sora while she’s working on the beach.
He asks her to talk with him.

Taking her aside, he asks her if anybody could replace him as a partner.
She smiles and says there are a lot of good replacements for him.

Tae-pong starts pointing out various lifeguards on the beach, but she has a complaint for each one, (something worries me about him, that guy has too many girlfriends, ect).

Then Tae-pong gets a big grin and points out another guy.
Sora smiles happily and says yes. This guy is handsome and nice. Her friend tells her so, so she thinks he’s acceptable.

Tae-pong looks irritated and says that guy can’t replace him.

Sora wonders why and he whispers something to her.

She runs up to that lifeguard and gives him some medicine after cheering him on.
He looks confused.

That night, Tae-pong waits for Sora at the Viking ride.
He gets a mischievous look on his face and sets his watch ahead 25 minutes.
He even runs over and messes with the wall clock as well.

After having fun tricking her, they get in line.

However, Sora suddenly tells him that she’s afraid of the ride and points out a smaller one she wants to try instead.

Lame ride….

It looks like a baby ride and Tae-pong refuses.



Sora pushes him over to it anyway.


Luckily that was just a warm-up and they go on some better rides after that and they both have fun.

Finally they get on the Viking and Tae-pong ends up hating it and Sora loves it, haha.

Then they play some games.
At first, Tae-pong thinks it’s stupid, but when he finds that he’s really good at them, he starts catching Sora’s enthusiasm.

She takes him over to win a big dolphin toy, which she takes when he wins.

After, they talk and Tae-pong mentions his brother.
Sora is surprised, since she doesn’t know that Tae-hyun is related to him.

She mentions that Min-jung has younger brothers that are protective. She’s jealous since she’s an only child.
Tae-pong tells her that his brother started hating him one day, so they don’t really get along well.

When they get to her house, Sora tells him that the best part of the day was that he waited for her when she was late.

As she’s about to go in, he stops her as if he wants to tell her that he’s going to be leaving. He changes his mind though, and she goes in the house.

Sora happily tries to think up a name for her dolphin.

The next day at work, Sora finds out from Young Jin that Tae-pong got a new job in Seoul.
She looks upset and rushes away without saying anything.

At the station, the only person seeing Tae-pong off is Tae-hyun.
Tae-hyun is just trying to bring him down, though. He tells them not to disgrace the family and a bunch of words like that.
Tae-pong isn’t really affected, though.

As Tae-hyun is driving away, Sora runs by really fast.
Tae-hyun stops, and looks after her.

Sora gets there right as the train is leaving with Tae-pong on it.
She chases it, yelling his name.

Eventually she has to give up.
Standing there upset, she says she had something to tell him.

Tae-hyun watches her from a distance before leaving again.

At work, the new captain tells the lifeguards that Tae-pong has left. He tells Young Jin that he’s Sora’s new partner.
When he finds Sora gone, Young Jin is a nice guy and gives the excuse that her grandpa is sick. He adds on that she probably won’t be back all day.

But… Sora does come back.
The captain notices something is off in her hesitation when he asks about her grandpa, but he just let’s it go after telling them not to let personal affairs interfere with work.

Two of the lifeguards harass Young Jin, bad-mouthing Tae-pong and then telling Young Jin that he’s useless without his friend.
They walk away smirking.

Unable to do anything about it, Young Jin just let’s it go and runs up to Sora instead.
He asks her if he saw Tae-pong before he left. When she says no, he tells her that he might call.

She tells Young Jin that she just wanted to give him something before he left. Young Jin tells her that Tae-pong probably won’t come back and offers to bring it to him.

Sora looks sad.
Young Jin says he stayed for Min-jung, but since Joo-hee is engaged now, Tae-pong probably doesn’t have a reason to come back.
Sora looks like she’s going to cry.
As she walks away, it seems like Young Jin feels bad.

Talking business together, Joo-hee seems happy. Tae-hyun is spacing out, thinking about something else.
When he comes to, he asks Joo-hee if she’s sure and she says it’s better than the alternative.

Tae-hyun tells her that no matter how much she wants something, there’s always another path to take. Joo-hee is really angry as he walks away.

At his Seoul house, Tae-pong comes home to a giant mess.
He ignores it and lays on his bed, thinking about Sora. He thinks about how he’d make her clean it for him if she was there.

Coming home, Sora’s grandpa tells her that Tae-pong just called him to say he was safely in Seoul.
She gets a little excited and asks if he’s coming back. Her grandpa doesn’t know.

In Seoul, Tae-pong dresses in a suit and walks into his father’s business happily.
He meets his dad and they discuss the plan a bit. His dad wants him to work more on the profit of the plan and such.

Tae-pong goes right to work. His dad looks on proudly.

Sora works hard and everything to take her mind off of him being gone, but after work, she hangs out at the bar and drinks with Min-jung. Min-jung tries to get her to admit she likes Tae-pong, but Sora won’t.

Young Jin comes up to them. He misses Tae-pong too. He decides to call him.

Sora pretends not to care, but seems interested.

In Seoul, Tae-pong is trying to get mountains of work done.

He’s happy to see Young Jin calling him. His friend asks if he wants to talk to Sora, but before he can, someone brings in more work for him and he has to hang up.

Upset by this, Sora tells her friends that she’s tired and leaves.
They don’t really seem to care since they’re so focused on dating each other.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun is brooding about Sora in his apartment again.
He runs out to meet her.

Talking with her by the ocean, he tells Sora that he feels lost.
He knows what path he has to take, but he doesn’t really want to take it.

Sora tells him that if he follows the path he’s on, then maybe he’ll find he really does want it.
She tells him if he follows his heart, he won’t have regrets.

After a pause, he tells her that the other path is her.
He tells her plainly that he likes her.

Sora is speechless.

In Seoul, Tae-pong remembers the love story Sora was telling him about the Dolphin Star.
He calls her, but her phone is in the car so she can’t hear it.

Tae-hyun is going on with his confession.
He asks Sora if it’s okay to like her.


Opinion After Watching:

Oh no… most of the time absence will make the people realize how much they like each other… but how can Sora realize she loves Tae-pong if Tae-hyun is confessing?!

Then again, it feels like there’s a good chance she’ll reject him. After all, she did say she had something to tell Tae-pong before he left and was pretty depressed. I have a feeling she’s going to want time to sort out her feelings and tell Tae-hyun to wait while she decides or something >3<

I mostly just want Tae-pong to realize that he’s in love with Sora!



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