G-Dragon’s 2012 Comeback

So, who’s looking forward for G-Dragon’s new album? I know I am!

GD has said that it’s going to be more hip-hop than his last album.
Ludacris will also be featured on the GD’s new album; he made a rap for one of the songs.

I bet a bunch of you are wondering about his hair as well.
What style hasn’t he tried yet, and if he does change it for his album, will he change it again for the rest of the Big Bang world tour that’s currently going on? Maybe he’ll just wear another wig like he did for the “Monster” MV.

Right now, the rumor is that G-dragon will have dreadlocks in his new video.
Though, that doesn’t seem completely new since he had them before when he was younger…

Young GD

…the full rumors say that they’re going to be dreadlocks like Seo Taiji had back when he was doing his nu-metal thing…. so they’re probably going to be colorful.

Seo Taiji

One fan speculated that it’ll be something like this, haha, (except that more rumors are saying he has a different color now~):

Credit: MotherofAsian @ Tumblr

Here’s a photo of his new hairstyle!

His actual new hairstyle for his 2012 solo comeback.

Anyway, it’s too bad his music videos are probably going to be delayed because of that new regulation. All MV’s have to go through a screening process that takes 7-10 days, (but no longer than two weeks), to complete.
His MV was supposed to be released on his birthday, August 18th, but because of this, we might not be able to see it until the end of the month.

However, even though his MV might not be released on time, he still posted a link on his Twitter to a page counting down to the 18th. Either his album will be released on time, or YG is doing a lot of persuading to get the MV processed as fast as possible!

As for the MV, he posted a teaser photo of a tiger on a screen. At first, it appears to be a toy, but it actually seems like a costume of some sort….
He started filming it on August 9th. The regulators are taking MVs to pre-screen on the 13th.

Oh yeah, it has also been said that he’s going to have more than one MV just like his last album had three, (Butterfly, Heartbreaker, & Breathe).

BTW, here is a fan account by someone who gets to be in GD’s new MV.
Here is what happened when they went to film it.


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