Somato Kabushiki Gaisha: Recap Two

So, last weeks episode was pretty interesting and crazy. I see this week’s actor is Kashiwabara Shuji. I’ve only seen him in the drama Anna-san no Omame, which was a comedy, so this should be pretty interesting.

Well, this week’s episode starts out showing the TV like the last one. A strange light glows on the screen, but if there was any confusion as to what it actually was, a doctor appears on the screen and announces to the patient that they’re going to inject something into their jaw.

Like the last episode, the creepy woman, named Kaminuma, goes and turns the TV off, ejects the DVD, and does her creepy smile after the sound of four chimes, (which sound like they’re coming from an clock).

In a nice bar, we meet Tomoki.
He’s on the phone with his girl. She seems to be sick, but he’s not able to go home yet.
His manager calls him back for another round.

Suddenly, he’s ambushed by a female co-worker. She promptly tried to seduce him.
He smiles to himself in acceptance.

In the next scene there’s a close up on a ring, which implies that he just had an affair. He’s then seen waking up next to her.
He sighs unhappily to himself. She’s still sleeping, so he gets up and washes his face while collecting his thoughts.

Cheater… I already don’t feel sorry for anything that happens to him.

But when he head back into the room he sees the woman smoking a cigarette while looking at his phone. He rushes over and asks what’s she’s doing in a flustered voice. She replies that she’s just adding her number. He tells her to stop and dives for the phone, but she dodges and then asks him when he’s going to leave his wife.

Fatal Attraction…?

Surprised, he tells her he has no such plans. She tucks her hair behind her ear and seriously tells him she won’t know what she’ll do if he doesn’t and then says she feels like her fate is with him. He pauses from getting dressed… probably realizing what a mess he’s gotten himself into.

It’s night when he returns home. I don’t know it’s the same night, but I’m assuming it is.
His wife enters the room to greet him, and we find that she’s pregnant!

Wow, you’re a bigger bastard than I thought, Tomoki.

He lies and tells her the boss wouldn’t let him go. She seems sweet and makes him a snack.
His phone rings and he’s shocked to see the woman he slept with, named Sayaka, has sent him a photo of them naked in bed together.
When his wife asks who it is, he laughs to cover his shock and uses the manager as the alibi again.

The next day he checks his email and find a massive amount of emails sent to him from Sayaka.

While he’s worrying about this, Sayaka herself suddenly appears next to him, since you know, she is his co-worker after all.
Remembering just what a mess he’s made, he glances over across the room where she’s not helping another co-worker. She smiles, but slowly frowns as she tucks her hair behind her ear.

Walking home that night he wonders what he should do. He decides to get a drink and heads into the bar we first saw him in.
But, at the door, there’s a new sign that says “Somato Kabushiki Gaisha”. He doesn’t think too much of it and head in.

Like the last episode, as soon as he opens the door, all his memories are copied from his head and he then steps out of an elevator.
He runs into Kaminuma and she introduces herself and the corporation.
Though he doesn’t know what’s going on, he follows her into the room with the TV.

Even though he sees 28 DVDs with his name on them, all he cares about is the drink he was after in the first place. So, once he’s sure he can get a beer, he sits down while she puts a disk in the DVD player for him. She leaves and he starts watching.

The TV catches his attention immediately when he sees his mom on the screen.
He watches up to his 16th year in highschool, where some girls are seen giving him Valentine’s Day gifts.

Eating snacks and just hanging out, a scene catches his attention. A chubby and not very cute girl is handing him a Valentine, telling him she wants to date him. He identifies her as Hasegawa.
Apparently not remembering this memory, Tomoki echoes his teen self in the video, saying things like, “She’s got to be kidding” and “What’s with her?”.

In the video, he knocks the Valentine from her hands, picks up a candy from the floor, and throws it at her head before leaving. However, she’s following. When he turns around she says, “I feel like my fate is with you”… the exact words as Sayako said in the hotel. He pauses the video as Hasegawa tucks her hair behind her ear with the strange frown Sayako displays. He’s shocked as he realizes she’s the same person.

As he watches on, he sees her again following him and giving him things, such as bento lunches. He repeatedly throws the gifts on the ground, and she repeatedly tells him they’re fated.
Freaked out to learn that this woman has been stalking him since highschool, he rushes out of the room.

At home, he’s looking through the yearbook and calling a former classmate to get more information about Hasegawa. Nobody knows much, but he finds a picture of her.

The next scene shows him walking with his wife. It appears that they’re in a hospital and he’s telling her to let him know as soon as she goes into labor. A woman walks up to them. It’s Sayako.
His wife and Sayako small-talk before Tomoki asks Sayako what she’s doing there. She pauses and then replies that she was checking to see why her period hasn’t come yet.
When Tomoki looks shocked, she laughs and says she was kidding and says she just has an ingrown toenail.

Sayako then stoops down and starts rubbing the stomach of Tomoki’s wife. They talk about the baby. Tomoki pulls his wife away and leaves Sayako looking unhappy.

At home in bed, Tomoki and his wife are awoken by a banging noise. He goes into the living room and finds some things knocked off a table, among them, the photo of him and his wife. It’s broken. He looks around, suspicious, and then jumps as he notices that the balcony door is open. He slowly walks over and moves the curtain, but nobody is there.

The next day he’s on the phone with the police, but find they won’t do anything without proof.
Since the police won’t help him, he rushes back to the Turning Lantern Corporation.
He asks Kaminuma if they have other people’s lives on file as well, and she replies that they do.

She says if he has a connection with the person, they can show him their DVDs as well.
He asks for Hasegawa’s file and Kaminuma smiles ominously.

While watching Hasegawa’s point of view he seems a bit uncomfortable. After the candy incident, she takes out a pocket mirror, looks at herself and says “I definitely won’t give up” with a harsh, but strange, look in her eyes. Tomoki gulps.
He then watches as she picks up a camera to secretly take photos of him.

Disturbed, he then sees that Hasegawa watched as he and his highschool girlfriend kiss.
Hasegawa talks to herself, saying that his girlfriend should die.

On her 24th DVD, he watches as she goes through plastic surgery. While she’s going through with it, she tells the doctor that she’s doing it for her “beloved Tomoki”. He jumps up and exclaims, “I knew it!”, then grimaces as the surgery plays on the screen.

Finally, it comes time to remove the bandages. In a suspenseful scene, she slowly lifts the mirror up to see the results….

…Tomoki is in shock!

The face in the mirror is the face of his wife!

A creepy scene plays with a kind of horror music and soft crazy female laughter as it shows Hasegawa in highschool.

There’s a scene showing a water bottle with water spilling out of it.
Tomoki is walking into the hospital.

Looking a bit angry, he heads into his wife’s hospital room, where she’s seen looking in the mirror Hasegawa was seen with and arranging her hair like women do.

She notices him in the doorway and smiles sweetly. He awkwardly smiles back but looks kind of hesitant. It seems he even glances towards the name near the door.

He goes in and we see that their baby is in a cradle next to her bed with a nurse standing nearby. His wife tell him it was always her dream to have his baby. The nurse hands him the baby happily.

His wife smiles up at him and says “To end up like this is really fate, isn’t it?” and he looks kind of shocked. His wife then tucks her hair behind her ear.

Even if she was a stalker, she is still pretty cute and kind to him.

Tomoki looks down at the baby… and sees her face is somewhat deformed.

C’mon… her mom wasn’t deformed before the surgery.

Sitting in the lobby, Tomoki gets a text.
He’s shocked as he reads it… Sayako is pregnant and telling him it’s fate.

At the end, it shows Tomoki’s wife at a bar after her plastic surgery. Tomoki is the one who approaches her. He uses the pick up line, “This feels like fate”. He also tells her that he feels he knew her before.

Impressions After Watching:

Well, this episode definitely wasn’t as good as the last one.

I found things to be more predictable and less shocking. I mean, what would shock Tomoki the most? Yeah, his wife is Hasegawa. I could feel it coming a mile away.

Tomoki just came off as a jerk with a messed up life. Nothing was really that terrible for him. It would be creepy, and definitely not right that his wife kept that secret so long, but I would think it’d be pretty easy to get over it if he really loved her.
Maybe having an ugly daughter will help him realize how hard it was for his wife when she was younger and he was so mean to her… but since he seemed like a jerk, he’ll probably just end up distancing himself from the poor daughter and disliking both of them.

I hope the next episode is better.

Episode Fanart:


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