New Kpop Girl Groups I Have My Eye On

Girl groups are getting a lot of criticism lately… People are saying there’s too many of them and so, before a group even debuts, it has a lot of people who aren’t willing to like them.

I agree that a lot of them are sounding the same these days and they’re over-using a lot of concepts, such as “cute” or ‘sexy”.
However, here are some groups that have caught my attention.



Despite criticism over their name, I like it. I find it cute and fresh.
Like BAP, they were promoted with a TV show before they debuted. While BAP has a bunny alien concept, Tahiti’s concept is that they were all injected with animal genes, so they each have different traits of certain animals. In the show, they escape from the facility, which explains the black and white striped clothes in some of their promo pics.

I didn’t find their debut song to stand out that much, but I can definitely see myself jamming to it during a late night car ride.
The MV showed the girls as workers in a warehouse. They want to have fun, but their boss won’t let them leave. When he gets distracted, they sneak out and play around in various settings before their boss catches them. Instead of scolding them, however, he dresses up too and becomes their DJ. They have fun dancing. The end. It really didn’t touch at all on their original concept so I was disappointed.

I did like their red outfits and when they started dancing in the end with the guy becoming the DJ, I couldn’t help but think of having a fun private dance party with my own friends as well. Besides that, the MV itself didn’t leave much of an impression on me.
However, I want to like them and I think they have potential.



It’s strange that I like this group because they’re the aegyo/cutesy type. In fact, I didn’t even watch their MV for “Venus” until now because I hate too much aegyo, haha. However, the MV is not too bad, and I’ll tell you why.

Even though HelloVenus is a cute group, they have gone against the norm by simply dying one girls’ hair a pastel blue. The tone of the blue still fits with their concept, but it still makes them stand out by not conforming to the typical cutesy ideal.
Not only that, but the MV was fun with the addition of guys. The way they got the guys to dance with them was acceptably adorable to me. No, it’s still not something I’m going to be watching all the time, but “Venus” was still fun to watch.

I like the song itself a lot. It’s very catchy, but it doesn’t feel like a mere earworm, (something that just ingrains itself to your brain by endless repeats). It feels fresh and sweet, though not annoyingly cute.



FLASHE hasn’t stood out at all in the Kpop world. I haven’t really heard anything about them. They supposedly have debuted in the beginning of July, but they have yet to release any music videos.

Yeah, their songs don’t really sound that amazing, but I have to admit, “Drop It” is my guilty pleasure.
People have criticized it to no end, saying it sounds like Ke$ha, Daft Punk, or even that they’re 2NE1 wannabes. Actually, in one of their behind-the-scenes teasers, Ke$ha is playing in the background, so they’re obviously a fan of her. I really don’t see anything to do with 2NE1 here though. If anything, their vocals lean more towards 4Minute, in my opinion.

In any case, this song is really catchy and fun. I listened to it a lot when I was on a long roadtrip last weekend. I feel they could go either way right now; up or down. I hope they can improve, but I’m worried about whether they can or not with a company who doesn’t even know how to promote them….



Ah, now this is my favorite! I was really impressed with GLAM’s debut!

Not only did the song stand out, but the video was really fun as well. There’s not much to it, but it has such a fun vibe that it makes you want to be a part of their party

I felt like their concept was really fresh and new among girl groups. I can’t identify with the cutesy concepts and there’s so many sexy concepts going around that it feels the groups are trying too hard. It seems GLAM’s concept shows what it’s like to be a normal girl. Yes, 4Minute has had a similar concept, and so has f(x), but it’s not over-used yet so it gives a really nice feeling.
I think part of it has to do with the way they’re not all wearing the same outfit, or variations of the same outfit. It can be fun to see Kpop groups do that, but at the same time, it gives off a manufactured image. Even if the group is a manufactured group, it’s not good for your audience to get that vibe from them.
So, GLAM pulls off the individualistic looks of each member while still standing out from all the extra people in the video.

The song itself sounds great. The rappers part in the beginning really stands out in a good way so it catches everyone’s attention right away. When the melody starts, it has a really nice flow, and then it transitions to a fun beat with ease.
Unlike Tahiti or FLASHE, this group doesn’t just have potential, but they’re already great.


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