Live Commentary Blog


This is just a little update to tell you that I have a Tumblr account just for blogging while I’m watching dramas.

I’m using Tumblr for this purpose because sometimes I have long rants (and I’d like to be able to quickly search and reblog some pics of the drama while I’m watching as well).

When I start watching, I’ll announce it there, and when I’m done watching, I’ll also announce it… just so you don’t have to stick around wondering if I’m still on, hahah.

If the comment has a big spoiler, I’ll put a “read more” tag before it.

So, if anybody is interested in reading my rants and comments while I watch, and be able to get a sneak peek at reviews-in-the-making before their posted, then head on over to Asian Drama Commentaries! :D

(That’s Heechul on the computer, BTW ;)


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