Spring Bears Love Korean Movie Review

Spring Bears Love Movie

My Score: 6.5/10


Director: Yi Yong

Cast: Bae Doo-Na Kim Nam-Jin Yun Ji-Hye

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Summary: Due to her rather obnoxious manners and habits, Hyun-chae has been unsuccessful with love. Soon after getting dumped again, she comes across some short love letters written in numerous art books at the library. Each note contains a reference to the next book the writer wrote a love letter in.

Desperate for love, she believes these letters are for her and becomes obsessed with finding the mystery man responsible for them… completely ignoring that her best guy friend is deeply in love with her.

Review: The movie was cute and amusing, though at times a little bit slow and predictable. Fortunately, the male lead was adorable and dorky which truly made the film enjoyable for me. He was just so endearing, which made his heartbreak scenes really touching.

The main girl, Hyun-chae, had her charms. She was honest and fairly innocent. However, I got mad at her for how she treated her guy friend. I couldn’t tell if she actually didn’t realize how much he liked her, or if she just didn’t like him because he didn’t live up to the ideals she had formed in her head. Though she was frustrating and acted mean, I could understand it when she said nothing in her life was going right and that none of her dreams were coming true. She just wanted to know she was really important and special. I think it was her own lack of self-confidence that got in the way of her accepting the feelings of that guy.

It’s a nice movie if you have time to kill. Though the plot was really interesting, the movie wasn’t particularly clever… I mean, it was just really straight-forward, (but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).

I will note that there was no kiss in the movie, which really disappointed me.

My Score: 7.5/10


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