Il Mare Korean Movie Review

Il Mare/Siworae Movie

My Score: 8/10


Director:  Lee Hyun-Seung

Cast: Lee Jung-Jae Gianna Jun

Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy

Summary: A man and a woman become pen-pals after the man receives her letter in his mailbox. They soon find out that they’re living two years apart; he in the past, and her in the future. Feeling lonely, they start falling in love with each other.

Review: This is the original version of the American movie “The Lake House”. This movie came first, and the ending is somewhat different.

This was a pretty unique and sweet love story. It has a really nice mood… it’s quiet, but not boring… it’s melancholic, but still warm. It just feels real, unlike the majority of romance films out there.

The story was great too.  I was really curious about how things would end up and if they would ever really meet. I did predict one of the scenarios that happened, but I was still interested in how the film would get around the situation. I felt a lot of suspense near the end… my heart started racing.

At the end, I felt really frustrated and thought there was no point to it all, but then something else happened that just left me really confused. I felt there was absolutely no logic to anything and it almost ruined it for me. However, after thinking about it….


<Pretty much, he was never supposed to die anyway. It was just that strange wrinkle in time that caused his death in the first place. That is why, this movie is actually portraying the 2nd time this time wrinkle happened… it happened in order to fix this and put things to proper order again. Therefore, when she tells him not to go, it restores things as they’re meant to be and the wrinkle disappears as if it never happened in the first place… or he goes and meets her before the letter sending even happened, which alters the future.

When he suddenly appears with the letter, I guess he had moved out of the house so she could move in because his dad died. She wasn’t there to tell him to stay like he previously did while they were talking through letters. Still, it doesn’t explain how he still has the last letter she sent him, unless time just teleported him to the new (or original) reality.>

My Score: 8/10


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