Eternal Summer Taiwanese Movie Review

Eternal Summer Movie

My Score: 8.5/10


Director: Leste Chen

Cast: Bryant Chang Hsiao-chuan Chang Kate Yeung

Genre: Drama/Romance/Coming -of-Age/Gay Interest

Summary: Two boys have been best friends since the beginning of middle school. Now, in highschool, a girl named Carrie appears and starts dating one of them. After realizing he isn’t aroused when they’re about to sleep together, Jonathan starts realizing he’s actually in love with his childhood friend Shane… but it seems that Shane is falling for Carrie.

Review: I personally really like this movie. It does have gay themes in it, but it’s not meant to be simply a homosexual movie. It’s about the confusion of growing up and learning about yourself and relationships; about how things get more complicated when you’re not a kid anymore. The girl is just as much of a main character as the two guys.

The movie felt a bit slow-paced at times, but the style was sensitive and, at times, subtle. The dramatic scenes weren’t over-done, but still touching… though nothing made me cry, I still felt moved. I also liked how actions spoke louder than words in this movie, which makes the movie a bit deeper than it would otherwise.

The acting was really good. They were all perfectly in character. I liked the emotions portrayed as well.

It seems the main problem with this film, as the majority of people who watch it agree, is the ending. It’s one of those open-ended movies that can frustrate people. However, just view this movie as a preface to their adult-hood. The story of their lives as adults is just starting at the end of this movie. When you think about it, the ending makes the movie really great because it keeps you thinking about it long after you’ve seen it.

Warning: There’s a pretty good sex scene with some backside nudity, but it’s short enough that it probably won’t be too awkward watching if you don’t like that stuff.

My Score: 8.5/10


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