Artist of the Week: TRAX

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


TRAX is a rock band created by SM Entertainment.

Now, TRAX used to have four members… which explains the name of this group. The name stands for “recording tracks”, but is also all their stage names together; “Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas“. (Yeah, I don’t really get it either, haha). They were produced for awhile in Japan by a co-founder of X-Japan (Yoshiki)… which explains why they have covered an X-Japan song or two.

The original TRAX

TRAX debuted in 2004 as a rock group. However, once the drummer, Rose, left the group in 2006, it turned into a more pop rock-type of thing.

Rose left the group to attend college, from what I hear. When he came back in 2009 as an actor, many people were surprised at how different his image had become. He now goes by the name No Minwoo and got a lot of attention in the drama Pasta and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Attack left the group in 2007. The public doesn’t know what he’s doing now.


Typhoon (Jay Kim)
April 8, 1983

X-Mas (Jung Mo)
March 26, 1985

Attack (Kang Jung Woo) [Former Member]
June 15, 1985

Rose (No Minwoo) [Former Member]
Drummer/Backup Vocalist & Guitarist
May 29, 1986



5 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: TRAX

  1. Whoa…I love this band, but I didn’t know they used to have that kind of image. x_x I’m glad I found them in their newer image though, because I can’t imagine being a fan of them while they had that weird J-Rock thing going on. Not that I have anything against it, but it’s just not my style. The band is becoming a little more pop-oriented though, so I guess that’s why I’m a fan of their music. I really wish they were more famous though. T_T They’re from SM but they’re not as famous as other groups like CN Blue and FT Island. ;A; MADNESS.

    • IKR? >.< They should be just as famous as CN Blue and FT Island! Maybe SM Entertainment just wants to focus on their most popular groups so they kind of forget to promote their other ones….
      For me, I like both their images, haha :D Though, I have to admit Min Woo looks a lot better now than he used to. Too bad he left the group T_T

      • Tell me about it. I mean, TRAX has been around longer than all of SM’s more famous groups, but they aren’t as “renowned” as those groups. DX I blame SM for not promoting them. I guess it’s because they’re not the usual pop singers that everyone wants to listen to. But I think their music is amazing.

        Haha, I was looking at that first picture of them and trying to figure out who was who. OTL Jungmo and Jay were pretty easy to spot…as for the other two. x_x I couldn’t believe that was them. Yes, Minwoo looks a lot better. <3 I wish I could see him play the drums. T_T

      • Oh I thought I’d let you know that Minwoo played the drums a little bit with his new style in the drama Pasta :D So I bet you could find a clip of that on YouTube!

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