Tamra Island Korean Drama

Tamra Island/Tempted Again

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Seo Woo Im Joo Hwan Pierre Deporte Lee Sun Ho

Episodes: 16

Genre: Historical/Comedy/Romance/Drama

Summary: Based on a manhwa called Tamna Is An Island or Shipwrecked.

The storyline is set in the 17th century. William is a wealthy young European who wants to travel to Japan to learn more about ceramics. However, while on the ship with his friend Yan, the ship wrecks and he’s found in a strange new place.

It turns out he’s on Tamna Island, (known as Jeju Island now), and he’s found by a young girl named Beo Jin. Beo Jin is unsatisfied with her life as a diver and wants William to take her with him when he finds a way to go home. Because foreigners are rare, they’re feared in Korea, so in the meantime, she hides him.

Also, a man named Park Kyu comes to stay at Beo Jin’s house. He was exiled from the main Korean continent for unknown reasons, (though there’s a rumor it was for harassing women), and now has to live on Tamna. Because he was once a nobleman, he has trouble adapting to the lower class country environment.

Things get serious when the tribute to the King keeps getting stolen.

Review: The first episode or two are kind of cheesy. There’s body humor and things I’m more used to seeing in Korean teen movies than I would in a drama. However, thankfully it doesn’t last long and soon has a normal drama atmosphere. You probably can’t really take this drama too seriously as an accurate historical drama… but then, it’s kind of a comedy, and we don’t take those seriously anyway.

I feel the story-line was original enough. The thief story-line kind of bored me, but it was okay. The few action sequences felt too staged most of the time and I didn’t feel they were exciting. However, I really enjoyed the main story-line about the people living on the island and the way William had to survive there.

The characters were well-balanced, though I had a love-hate feeling for most of them. William and Beo Jin were really innocent and had a naive air about them. Beo Jin was a typical childish female character and Park Kyu was a typical oppa/parental-type character. Sometimes I really didn’t like Park Kyu and at others I really did like him… and I think the characters in the drama felt the same way I did. Beo Jin made me mad at times, but she was so cute, it was hard to actually dislike her. I think I could empathize with Yan the most, haha.

There was a love triangle between William, Beo Jin and Park Kyu. Though deep down I kind of knew who Beo Jin was going to end up with, they did a really good job at making me wonder. I didn’t truly know until the last few episodes.

For English, it’s okay. Everyone that spoke English did okay, but were generally stiff. Pierre is actually French and you can really hear his accent sometimes. I didn’t know what to think. Sometimes his English was great and believably delivered, but at other times, it was stiff and/or heavily accented. He didn’t speak it often, but when he did it was hard not to notice. I think his Korean was good… I mean, it sounded really accurate to my ear, though I’m not a native speaker. Apparently he’s been learning Korean since he was 5, which is when his father married his step-mother who is Korean. He lived in Korea for 7 years as well when he was in his teens.

I also want to note that I really liked the last episode. It had some woman-power in it that I really found appealing. The soundtrack was great as well.

My Score: 7.5/10


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