Block B Suicide Petition a Lie? (Plus, Update on P.O.’s Condition)


…Does it really matter?

Yesterday there was news that Block B’s P.O. had been hospitalized after the shock of seeing a petition for their suicides due to the aftermath of their Thai interview controversy, [see here]. Now, today, the news is saying that such a petition was never found and that, for some reason, it would be unlikely that it was simply deleted.

I don’t think it really matters. Who said his hospitalization was caused just by a suicide petition? Block B’s company. Maybe they got something confused. Would the boys only be stressed by something so drastic?

I’m pretty certain that it was just overall stress from the situation. Just because there is no actual suicide petition, doesn’t mean they have no stress over all this. (Though many are saying they actually saw the petition. [see here])

For one, does there need to be an actual petition for it to be hurtful? Look at the comments directed to them on YouTube. There are plenty of people there telling them to die.

Examples of threats… though I’m sure most, if not all, are just trolls.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many more threats like that on Korean sites. But even if there aren’t as many suicide threats as we imagine, there are way too many plain old hate comments going around. A person can feel like dying without people telling them to do it….

Plus, before the KBS “ban”, (KBS claims it’s not an actual ban), Block B’s company was making them perform even under this situation. Yes, they had to perform or risk disbandment, but imagine how stressful it was for them to perform on TV and in front of all those people, knowing that many want them to disband or even die. (The petition to make them disband is real).

Therefore, I think it’s very believable that P.O. was actually hospitalized for stress, no matter what the defining cause for it was. I really doubt it was done solely for attention or sympathy. However, if they did do it for sympathy, I’m sure it was stress and desperation that led them to that action as well.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that not all Thai people are hating and threatening them and that many of the threats come from other countries. It’s okay and right for fans to feel upset about this, but when you’re upset, make sure you’re rational about it.

Hopefully this all calms down soon!

★UPDATE: ★ Since then, it’s been revealed through a call to Block B’s company that “The results of P.O’s diagnostic tests, who is currently admitted to a university hospital, has come out. The psychiatric expert’s opinion is that it’s stress-induced schizophrenia. It looks like the immediate cause of it would be excessive cyber-bullying.” [dkpopnews]

According to “The Doctor Will See You Now“, “Individuals with schizophrenia may sit quietly, make little or no eye contact and speak very little, or conversely may be agitated or suffer from elaborate hallucinations and delusions.”

I heard it can take awhile to actually diagnosis schizophrenia, but since I’m not an expert, I don’t know. I’m kind of doubting that it actually is, but there’s no way to know right now. Maybe it was a translation error, but who knows. All I know is that he’s in the hospital as a result of cyber-bullying stress.

This once again brings up my complaint against Block B’s company. Why are they not keeping the boys away from the internet/news when things like this are happening? How can they believe these kids can handle all this stress and allow them to go online? I’m just so angry at their company right now….


3 thoughts on “Block B Suicide Petition a Lie? (Plus, Update on P.O.’s Condition)

  1. That’s so mean, I mean it was just them playing around. They did say sorry why do people have to be like that and tell them those kind of things. P.O is the youngest and he goes into the hospital because of it. Its horrible, I’m glad the nothing else worst happened like threating to kill or murder.

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