Artist of the Week: Brown Eyed Girls

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

Brown Eyed Girls (or B.E.G.)

This group is well-known for the dance they perform for their “Abacadabra” song. It’s often danced in dramas when there’s a party scene.

I feel like Brown Eyed Girls are a more “mature” group; they just have that feeling… probably because three of them are 30 years old and the youngest is 24. While most girl groups go for a sexy image, with Brown Eyed Girls, they have the certain fierceness of a confident woman that’s in control of herself and knows just what she wants. I find it refreshing from the teen groups that have saturated the Kpop scene.

Brown Eyed Girls was created by JeA, who is also a member of this group. Instead of focusing on dancing, it seems they focus on talent. If we had ever doubted their vocal abilities, they took care of that with their latest song “Sixth Sense” this past year. On live stage, three of them collaborated to reach what is known as a “dolphin note”… it was just that high on the musical scale.

All but one of these women have side solo careers as well, though apparently JeA is going to have one soon. Ga In might be the most well-known since she was in the TV show “We Got Married”, where she pretended she was married with Jo Kwon of the boy ballad group 2AM. They have since “broken up” to concentrate on their actual careers, but people still love them together and refer to them as the “Adam Couple”.


Leader, Main Vocalist
September 18, 1981

Main Rapper
November 2, 1981

Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
December 28, 1981

Ga In
Main Dancer, Vocalist
September 20, 1987



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