Kpop Discovery – “My Korean Husband”


Hi guys!

I was on tumblr the other day, and ran into a webcomic called “My Korean Husband.”

It was created by a woman who married a Korean guy and draws little comics of things that happen in their everyday lives. Sometimes he guests and draws a comic about her, haha. It’s a pretty cute couple project!

On YouTube, they’ve started a segment where her husband watches a Kpop video and reviews it. The idea is that international fans can get a bit of an insight as to what an average Korean man might think of Kpop. Since he is an adult, he’s usually very honest and so, often critical. If he likes something, you know he actually likes it, but if you’re a sensitive fan, then you might want to skip his reviews of your bias.

Here are two videos of songs he ended up liking:

The only thing that’s sometimes bothersome, is that once in awhile he’ll talk too softly to hear, haha. I can understand that, but maybe they could improve that sound issue with subtitles in the future. I know Eat Your Kimchi subtitles their videos and it’s very helpful.

Anyway, since I know a lot of my followers appreciate hearing my true thoughts about the MVs in the weekly update, I thought they’d also get a kick out of watching some honest reviews on YouTube from this couple as well!


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