21 June, 2014: New Korean Music List

Korean Music List is early this week since I’ll be in DC watching Block B this Monday/Tuesday!

So far this week, MAMAMOO and AOA put out new music. 2NE1 through out a bunch of Japanese versions of old songs to promote their new album.

MAMAMOO – Mr. Ambiguous ↓↓↓
Full of acting cameos.
The song is jazzy and fun.

Shin Hae Chul – A.D.D.A ↓↓↓
Cool sound! It gets pretty catchy.

AOA – Short Hair ↓↓↓
Remember when AOA was going to be the first female idol rock group? Being a sister group to CN Blue and FT Island..?
Yeah, I barely do either.
Well, mini skirts and gyrating hips aren’t bad!

XTen – Choice ↓↓↓
Pretty funny MV!

Prin.Jerry – Hey! Come On (Acoustic Version) ↓↓↓
Apparently this is the new member of Tahiti. I kinda like this song.
Here is the original version with Mir’s rap.

Sonnet Son & The One – Wistful ↓↓↓
Everything really is wistful about this story MV and ballad.

Yoon Jong Shin – Somehow (ft. Kelly) ↓↓↓
Relaxing. The MV is nice to look at too.
Yoon Jong Shin is just the writer, and Kelly is the featured singer.
Yoon Jong Shin is the founder of Lim Kim’s company.

Nolza – Shake It Up ↓↓↓
Wow, that’s a looong intro. The song actually starts at 2:05.
It’s mostly a dance MV.

윈터플레이,남경주,김영호,박해미,홍지민 – Dream Your Dream ↓↓↓
Not quite sure what this is… But the song sounds pretty good! There’s an old-fashioned sound to it.

Kim Bo Kyung – Remember You and Me ↓↓↓
Ballad song. It gets really good towards the middle.

Bubble Sisters – 독한 넌 쓰다 ↓↓↓
Sad ballad.

4Minute – Thank You :)  ↓↓↓
This is completely for the fans, so the MV isn’t anything too special.
The song is laid-back.

Junho – Feel (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓
Short MV like most Japanse MVs are.

2NE1 – Happy (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓

2NE1 – Do You Love Me (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓

2NE1 – Falling In Love (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓

2NE1 – Missing You (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓

Jung Sang-Moon – Sun ↓↓↓
Oh man… just imagine playing one of those spacedrums up in a tree like he does in the beginning.
So serene and meditative.
Many dogs are featured in this MV too.

The Stray – 그대는 없는데 ↓↓↓
I put it in indie because it’s so laid-back and jazzy.

Lee Seung Hwan – 화양연화 (Acoustic ver.) ↓↓↓
I like the MV. It’s acting like an impromptu concert, with the band getting clever making instruments with random things while playing in a restaurant. The song is easy-going.
(And man… just like Seo Taiji, Lee Seung Hwan stays hot into his 40’s!)

Cuba – Desire ↓↓↓
Great rock sound right away.

The Four Brothers – Get Away ↓↓↓
Catchy. Kind of melodic, but still rocking.

Colours – All The Love In The World ↓↓↓
Easy going rock with no vocals.

Kasper – Sunset ↓↓↓
So, there wasn’t much in khiphop this time, so I’m adding a new release that has no MV.
Check out this female rapper!






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