Poll About the Weekly New Music

I’m going to be bringing this back for the summer, soon.

I know some of you like to listen to all the new music that came out during the week, so I’m wondering if you’d prefer to have it in a YouTube playlist, or if you prefer to see my comments about each song in a master post like I have been doing.


3 thoughts on “Poll About the Weekly New Music

  1. I like having your thoughts on each song, for sure, but embedding like 20 youtube videos on one page makes them play back pretty choppy, so maybe links, instead?

    • That crossed my mind before lol. I think the reason I originally did it this way was because I put the videos under “Read More” back when I first started. But when the list started getting longer as time went on, I think I changed that and just didn’t care enough to change it haha.
      But yeah, I’ll probably start doing that actually.

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