Korean Hip-Hop/Rap Recommendations: Part One

Huckleberry P

If you like GD&TOP, Zico, Bang Yongguk, or  Tablo, but are kind of new to the Korean hip-hop/rap world, I have some recommendations for you to get started, (I’ll do another part and link it here later)-

Some of these are actual MVs that you will want to watch, but most are just tracks uploaded to YouTube.  I’ll label the MVs as such.
Also, a few of these are a bit older, though the majority are new or fairly current. A few idol or idol-ish artists may have slipped into this playlist, but the majority here are real artists.

  1. [MV] Simon D – Cheerz
  2. [MV] Huckleberry P & Sool J- Mic Swagger 5편
  3. 김진표 (JP) – 샴푸의 요정 (feat. 김조한, 이준)
  4. DJ Tiz – 폼나 (Ft. Black Nut)
  5. [MV] Primary – Manna
  6. [MV] Primary – See Through
  7. i11evn – Pornstar (ft.Suprema)
  8. i11evn – Pretty Girl Rock (ft. Suprema)
  9. Cho PD – Fever II (ft. Park Kyung, P.O. & Skull)
  10. Soul Dive – Freaky Game 108
  11. B-Free (비-프리) – Good Time
  12. B-Free (비-프리) – Anything (ft. 김박첼라)
  13. Noise Mob – MOBy Dick
  14. [MV] Noise MOB – 맘이야
  16. STAZ OF MAN – Here I Come
  17. Lil Boi – Star is Born (Ft. Crucial Star & Dana)
  18. Lil Boi – Fly High (Ft. Zico)
  19. Kinetic Flow – 4월에서 8월까지
  20. Supreme Team – Step Up (Simo Remix)
  21. [MV] Trabler – 꽃이지다
  22. [MV] Huckleberry P & Suda – I’m Sorry

Click Here for the playlist.

Part Two is coming next week!


2 thoughts on “Korean Hip-Hop/Rap Recommendations: Part One

    • I do love Qwala, but didn’t have room to add him. But since you requested it, I’ll probably add an extra space to do so, haha :D
      Paloalto & New Champ will be there.

      I thought Dynamic Duo was a bit more well-known, but since I was biased to Supreme Team, I’ll try to add them anyway too XD haha

      Oh I’ll just make the next list longer! There’s too many I want to add~ lol

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