Free Mixtape of the Month: i11evn – The Next Top 5

i11evn next top 5 download

It’s always awesome when an artist puts out a mixtape! The tapes are always released to the public as free so you can download and listen to them without any guilt.

This month it will be i11evn’s “The Next Top 5.”
This album was released in October 2011.

i11evn’s day job is an English teacher, believe it or not, (though he claims he was never good at English in school haha)!
His songs have a kind of pervy vibe to them and reminds me of a highschool boy sometimes, haha, but I love it.
Also called “Double One,” he often mentions “Next Top 5,” in almost all his tracks.
If you usually listen to Kpop and are just checking out Korean Hip Hop, then this might be a good transition since a lot of his tracks are catchy.

My most favorite tracks are “Mic Ceremony,” since it’s a good collab track with Zico, and “폰스타 feat.Suprema,” which translates to “Porn star.” He and Suprema rap about how they’re like porn stars, and it’s just a really fun track. A lot of people were surprised because i11evn has a verse in it where he declares he’s bisexual, but I’m kind of wondering if he really knew what that meant since Suprema then goes on later to say “But, no homo,” after saying he doesn’t discriminate between men and women.

Which brings another must-needed point about i11evn. He likes throwing out bad language, but sometimes, it’s questionable. Yeah a lot of Korean rappers swear or say some pretty x-rated things, (Jolly V’s part in “No Time Out” on Scotch VIP’s mixtape comes to mind…!), but with i11evn, sometimes it feels like he’s just using certain language to shock but doesn’t even fully comprehend what he’s saying. This could be attributed to his lack of fluency in English, (which, if true, isn’t bad since his target audience aren’t English-speaking countries), but his attitude makes me wonder if that’s the whole reason. I feel this is more apparent in his second mixtape, which I will post another month.

Anyway, i11evn tends to put me in a good mood because, besides songs like “Broken Radio,” he seems pretty carefree!

If you need a program to unzip, I recommend “7 Zip” since it’s free.


Here’s the tracklist:

01.The Next Top 5
03.Mic Ceremony feat.Zico of Block B, DJ Wreckx
04.폰스타 feat.Suprema
05.Level 8
06.벌써겨울인가 feat.NoS2oK
07.Broken Radio
08.화성인 바이러스 feat.한해 of PHANTOM,Mino
09.Rap City
10.Cold World
11.Grammy Nominee
12.My Time(Guess Who)


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