Sprout: Recap Nine

Finally subbed about 5 days ago! Woot!

Last Episode:

Souhei and Miku walk onto a conversation between Hayato and Ozawa and find out that she hugged him once.
When they all stand there in shock, Ozawa suddenly says she liked Hayato before.

Episode 9 Summary:

The four of them go inside and sit around the table.

Ozawa says that in their second year of middle school, she confessed to Hayato, but he rejected her.

Souhei wonders if this means she can’t forget Hayato, but she says that’s not how it is at all.
She says once Souhei confessed to her, he became the only person in her heart.

Ozawa says she hugged Hayato that day because it seemed like Souhei was going to leave her so she became uneasy.
She apologizes.

Souhei says it’s okay and thanks her for telling him honestly.

As he smiles at Ozawa, Miku stares at him. Hayato stares at Miku.

Souhei thinks to himself that he will stay with Ozawa… he’s decided to definitely stay with her.

Later, Ozawa and Souhei walk alone together.
Souhei sets up a movie date with her… she seems kind of quiet.

She speaks up, thanking him and taking his arm.

Miku is outside watering the garden.
She notices that Souhei just came home. He’s standing in the doorway in a daze.

She runs up and pats him on the back, welcoming him home.
He smiles at her. She tells him everyone is home again.

As he heads for the stairs, she calls out to him. But when he responds, she smiles and says it’s nothing.

That night, everybody sits around the table, showing off souveniers and talking about their trips.
The otaku gives Souhei two rare phone straps of the game character he likes, saying he should give the other one to the “real life version”, aka, Ozawa.
Souhei takes them and excuses himself with a smile.

Everyone seems a little worried, wondering if he’s just tired, since he didn’t even eat dinner yet.

Souhei lays down in his room.

Miku climbs over the wall dividing the balcony between them and knocks on his door.

When he opens it, she tells him the stars look nice.

They sit outside together and Souhei apologizes. Miku says she doesn’t care at all, then asks him if his fake smile tires him out.
He stops smiling in surprise.

Miku says she can’t fake a smile as well as he can.
Then she tells him he shouldn’t have to do that when he’s in his own home. He says she’s right.

She teases him a bit and gets up to his face laughing. He smiles too.
She asks if he’s faking it now and he says he’s not.

Miku lays down on the floor and he looks at her with a sort of pained expression.

At soccer practice, Souhei’s friends talk about how things seem to be going well between Souhei and Ozawa. One of them likes Ozawa so the other teases him, but then gets teased for liking the college girl at Miku’s house.

As Souhei runs off to his date with Miku, the evil manager calls out to him.

She asks if Miku started going out with Hayato and he says she has.
The manager girl says she probably did it to make Souhei jealous, but he says she wouldn’t do something like that.

He says Miku doesn’t even have feelings for him in the first place.
He runs away.

After their date, Ozawa and Souhei talk about the movie.
Ozawa notices that Souhei has two fliers from the movie and asks about it.

Souhei says one of for Miku because she saw the movie with Hayato the other day and forgot to pick one up.
Ozawa obviously isn’t happy about it, but says nothing like always.

Souhei says he’s thirsty and asks if she wants something to drink.

Hayato is working at a cafe place.
Miku walks in the door and Hayato lights up cutely.

As Hayato works, other girls there talk about how cool he is.
Miku watches him and her friends ask if she’s jealous.

Miku says she’s not and the joke about how confident she is.
But then one of them says she was unexpectedly jealous when it came to Souhei.

At the counter, Hayato’s expression changes.

Miku says it’s just because it was an unrequited love with no chance since he had a girlfriend.
She talks about her feelings lightheartedly, saying she felt like yelling, but couldn’t. She says it made her hate herself.

Her friends say she should be jealous if she likes someone.

Hayato watches the group, looking upset.
A co-worker calls him away.

Miku tells her friends that she doesn’t think that’s true, since she really likes Hayato.

Walking together, Ozawa thanks Souhei for shopping with her.
He says it was refreshing to see it through a girl’s point of view. He tells her the girls at his house don’t really seem like girls. Even though they might look girly, they’re actually more boyish. He says the mom is probably the most feminine.

Ozawa’s expression looks like she thinks Souhei is trying too hard.


Miku tells Hayato goodbye and they plan to meet up later.

Souhei is asking Ozawa if she wants him to walk her to the bus stop.

Ozawa hesitantly asks how long he plans to live at the boarding house.
Souhei says he plans on staying there a while.

He asks why she wants to know. After a long pause, she tells him he’s gotten more distant since living there.

Souhei stops and turns around. He says when he first moved there, she told him it was a nice place. Now, it would be difficult for him to live somewhere else.

Ozawa says he’s misunderstanding and wonders why he doesn’t get it.
Souhei says she should tell him clearly. He says in order to make her feel at ease, he calls, texts, and makes time to see her.

Ozawa slowly turns away. She says all this was just for her sake then, not because he really wanted to do it.
Then, upset, she exclaims that she doesn’t need all that if that’s the way it is.

She starts walking away, but Souhei stops her. He asks her to tell him clearly what she wants to say.

Ozawa looks at him and says it isn’t fair.
“Were you only thinking of me today, the whole time? Were you only looking at me? Can you say you love me most of all?
I can say it. I love the Sou-chan who loves only me.
That’s why… I don’t love the Sou-chan right now.”

She turns and runs away, near-crying.

Souhei is speechless.

Miku sees Hayato’s little brother Kou playing soccer and she runs to meet him.

She says Hayato will be there later, so she’ll hang out with him until then. He seems pretty happy about ┬áthat.

After a bit, Kou tells her to take care of his brother for him and he bows happily. Miku grins and says she will.

Ozawa is all alone, walking along the car bridge sidewalk.

Souhei walks along and notices Miku and Kou playing soccer together.

They notice him too and call out to him. Souhei says he thought Kou might ┬ábe here. Kou says he’s popular today.
Souhei puts his phone and bag down and goes to play with them.

Standing on the bridge, Ozawa tries to call Souhei but he doesn’t know since he set his phone down to play soccer.

Hayato comes by, but is upset to find Miku and Souhei sitting together and laughing.

Ozawa looks upset.
A train goes by, and when it’s gone, her hat is seen falling down from where she was on the bridge.
She’s not there anymore.

Souhei is laying in his room when he gets a phone call about Ozawa.

In a rush, he goes out and grabs his bike.
Miku was gardening with her dad and sees Souhei.

Souhei says he had a fight with Ozawa the other day and made her mad.
He’s tried calling her a lot, but she wouldn’t answer.

He jumps on his bike and leaves.

Miku tells him to call her when he finds her.



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