Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Thirteen

Lord Choi remembers something.
Eun-oh sneaks into the demon-woman’s house.

Last Episode:

Arang finds out that her past self was really in love with Joo-wal, though he didn’t know her at the time.

Joo-wal realizes he’s in love with Arang, but still doesn’t know he was engaged to her past self.

Eun-oh confesses to Arang, but she rejects him since she only has 2 months left to live.

Episode 13 Summary:

We start where we left off…
Eun-oh tells Arang he doesn’t know why he’s acting this way. He says he’ll think about his actions later.
“You told me not to like you, but I…” Arang interrupts him.

When he keeps going on, she spins around and says him to stop. He tells her he’s going to like her.
Then he confronts Arang, reminding her that she said she was an honest person. He asks what her feelings towards him are.
Seeing his expression, she hesitates, but manages to tell him she doesn’t feel the same way he does.

When she turns to leave, he grabs her and says, “For the last time… are these your sincere feelings?”
Arang’s eyes tear up a bit, but she still says yes.

He slowly lets her go. His eyes are teary, but he still makes himself smile at her and says he understands.

Arang stands alone in her room and closes her eyes.

Eun-oh walks the grounds and looks at the moon.

In the morning,¬†Eun-oh goes over to Arang’s door. He sees her shoes are still there.

Then he goes to the market.
The villagers greet him and thank him whenever they see him.
He goes over to the notice put up about how they’re hiring patrolmen.

He smiles, then goes to the shoe shop.
While looking at new shoes for Arang, the shop keeper goes up to him and talks about how the villagers are nicer now.
And it wasn’t just because he shared supplies… the villagers feel more secure, thinking that they have a magistrate to rely on now.

Eun-oh looks at him and the man stops talking.
Eun-oh clears his throat and buys a pair of shoes for Arang.

Back at home, Arang is looking at Eun-oh’s door. She wonders if he went out last night and never came back.

Eun-oh comes home and sees her looking at his door.
He speaks to her, then tells her he went out right away to buy her better shoes this morning.

He sets her on the step and takes off her old shoes, (carelessly throwing them over his shoulder hahaha), and then puts on her new shoes. He asks her how they are and says he really has a good eye for picking the right size. He tells her he just couldn’t stand seeing her wear ugly straw shoes in her new clothes.

Then he pauses.
He looks at her and tells her not to be afraid and that he knows what she’s thinking. He says he told her he would send her to heaven and that’s all he’s going to do.

Eun-oh tells her to stand up and says shoes complete the outfit and they need to dress her nicely for her trip to heaven.
Then he clears his throat and asks her to tell him all the things she wants to eat and do before going to heaven so, like an older brother, he can make it happen for her.

She asks him if he’s serious, then says there needs to be peaches at all times. She also wants to be fed properly… even when he doesn’t eat, there needs to be a meal for her.
That’s all she wants, though. Just food.

Then, Eun-oh’s servant appears on the scene and makes a face, then storms away.
Eun-oh tells Arang to just ignore him. He tells her they should go see if there’s any new news about the talisman.

When they leave their yard, Lord Choi’s henchman sees that Arang is still alive and he looks shocked.
Then he sees Joo-wal enter through their gate.

They get to the shaman’s house, where she’s all happy because she found her family book.
When she sees Arang, she looks ashamed and apologizes for telling the servant that she’s a ghost. Arang smiles and tells her it’s fine.

They look through the book and find out that the talisman isn’t for repelling ghosts. The shaman says it does repel ghosts, but it does more than just that.

The talisman is for blocking heaven.
So as a result, it blocks ghosts too.

Since it was so unbelievable, the shaman couldn’t find it in any of the new books.
Eun-oh asks what this means.
The shaman tells him it creates a “closed space”.

Arang remembers the combination of spirits she found in the cave with Eun-oh when they fell down the cliff. The spirits couldn’t get out, and that’s why they all got entangled with each other.
The shaman says that’s right… ghosts can’t enter and they can’t leave.

Arang wonders why there are no stuck ghosts at Lord Choi’s house then.
The shaman says the person who made the talisman must have gotten rid of them.
Then she wonders why a person would need to do all this. Who would want to create this closed space and just stay in it all the time.

The next scene shows the demon-woman.

After that, we see Lord Choi.
He still wants to get rid of Eun-oh, and is still wondering why the demon-woman threatened him not to hurt Arang when she’s supposedly dead.

He then remembers back when she was in a different body and he was younger.
She told him she wanted “that” so she can live forever.

Lord Choi realizes that Arang must be immortal and he calls for his henchman.
His henchman tells him that he saw Arang alive after he was sure she was dead. Lord Choi smiles, but then says he feels he saw her somewhere before.

Then he remembers back when Arang was her original self and how he saw her waiting for Joo-wal outside her gate one time.

Lord Choi laughs when he realizes who Arang is.
His henchman tells him he saw Joo-wal over at Arang’s house and comments that he thinks Joo-wal is in love with Arang. Lord Choi laughs some more, since he found Joo-wal’s weakness.

At the magistrate’s place, Joo-wal stands looking at Arang’s room, (don’t know if he realizes she’s gone or not since her old shoes are there).

The city men hide and talk about it… wondering if Joo-wal likes Arang even though she’s Eun-oh’s girl, (they say lol). Then one of them worries, thinking Joo-wal must not like them if they’re mean to Arang. The other one says he’s just on bad terms with Eun-oh’s servant, not Arang, haha.

Joo-wal then sits down to wait for Arang until she comes home.

Arang is sitting with Eun-oh and says she’s afraid since she hasn’t been able to find the truth of her death yet.
Eun-oh tells her not to be scared… he says he will send her to heaven no matter what, even if they don’t find the truth.

The shaman comes out and asks if she should write the talisman they need.
Eun-oh says it will take too long and asks Arang to just jump over the fence like she originally wanted to do. Eun-oh says he saw something suspicious at the house earlier.

In heaven, the General tells the Jade Emperor that he was wrong, he says when he was made into a heaven’s being, he knew all emotions were lost.
The Emperor tells him that the bad feelings aren’t ¬†always a bad thing, since there’s a lot to learn from them.
The General says that only applies to humans. He says he’s not a human, he’s a servant of heaven. He wants to know what he should do regarding the demon-woman.

The Emperor gets serious. He brings out a knife and hands it to the General. He tells him he must strike the heart and that it will only work for one strike so he must not miss.
The General just has one question. He wonders why he’s the only one who can get rid of her. The Emperor says it’s because he’s blood-related to her. Only the strong will to cut off a relationship can get rid of her.
The General looks shocked.

The demon-woman is handing a sword to another demon-reaper.
The demon-reaper goes out to capture more ghosts… the General watches again. She senses him and just breaks the jar for her demon-reaper, causing it to dissolve.
The ghost tries to fight the General, but he just kicks him down and captures him with his green light.

In heaven, the Underworld King wants to make a bet with the Jade Emperor about the General.
He says the General can be relied on. He says the General didn’t care when the Emperor first kicked the demon-woman out of heaven, so there’s no reason for him to care that she must be killed. He even reminds the Emperor that the General was the one who caught the demon-woman in the first place.

The King bets his special hell brazier that can grill peaches well. The Emperor says he’ll bet his goat. The King laughs and says even if he gave the goat to him, he wouldn’t accept it.

Arang and Eun-oh are walking together in the dark.
Eun-oh tells her he was just joking about having her jump over the fence. She remembers how she would be able to do stuff like climb on the roof when she was a ghost.

When they get there, they wonder where the ghosts went, but they’re not too concerned about it.
Eun-oh tells Arang to stay off to the side, away from the strange house. She won’t go home, so she’ll just have to stay out of the way instead.

Inside, the demon-woman senses Arang. In her eagerness to go see what she looks like, she leaves the gate open.

Eun-oh walks up and finds the gate open. He finds her house and enters.

Outside, the demon-woman senses the General again.
She turns around and he’s right behind her.

She lifts her veil and the General is shocked. She tells him he looks the same after 400 years.
She says she had to change a bit since living as a human is limited.

The General asks if she wanted to become human just to live this way.
She says it’s his fault for not sticking up for her in heaven… that if he had, the Emperor would have let her become human in her original body. The General says there’s no way that would’ve happened, but she yells at him again that it’s his fault.

There’s a flashback.
The General is dragging away a ghost. His sister is hiding then sneaks into where the ghost’s human body is.

She lays into the body and then the body’s eyes open. She smiles.

But then the General chased her down and knocked her out of the body. He grabs her to take her back to heaven.

In the present time, the demon-woman asks him if he was happy to bring her back to the Jade Emperor. She wonders if he was glad when she got kicked out of heaven.

He tells her he thought it’d be better than having her be sent to hell.
He says he never imagined that she’d be living from body to body for 400 years like this.

She says there’s nothing wrong with it.
He tells her this is why he didn’t want her to become human.
“Humans are destined to desire something. When they find what they desire, they end up desiring something bigger! You are now coveting the biggest desire of human beings.”

“What? Eternal life…? What’s wrong about that? You live and don’t die,” she replies.

He says she killed a bunch of innocent people because of her desire.
Then he takes out the knife.

She walks up right under the knife and says she won’t do anything. She’ll just let him do it if he wants, (she has confidence he won’t).
She says he should do so and prove to the gods that he’s really a creature of heaven.
When he looks at her, he sees her original self.
She can tell he can’t do it. She tells him she was just off her guard because she wanted to see Arang, otherwise it’d be too early to meet him. She tells him to let the gods know that they sent a good bait for her.

With her creepy smile, she says she’ll see him again and she leaves.

In heaven, the King is shocked to see the General failed him.
He gets up angrily and storms away. The Emperor looks like he was expecting it, but is still sad that it did.

In the demon-woman’s room, Eun-oh is holding the fan, which is shaking. He looks around and then opens the fan.
When he does, the door to the basement opens.
He tries to open the door more, but it won’t budge. He looks at the fan, knowing it has something to do with opening the door.

He makes a big movement with the fan and the door opens all the way.

Going down into it, he looks around. He still thinks Lord Choi made the spot and he wonders why.
He sees the jars… after he puts his fan away, he tries to open one, but can’t.

Outside, Arang waits for him.
Joo-wal comes up and they’re both surprised to see each other.

He tells her he was waiting for her at the office. Then he says she shouldn’t be here. He seems nervous and keeps looking towards his house.

Suddenly, a voice calls, asking who’s there.
It’s the demon-woman.

Joo-wal quickly stands in front of Arang. Holding her hand, he whispers to her to stay by his side.

The demon-woman stares at Arang for a bit. Arang makes a face like Joo-wal is grabbing her hand too tightly.
The demon-woman smiles.

Eun-oh comes out of the house with one of the jars.
He moves the gate back to how it was before he entered.

Meanwhile, the demon-woman asks who Arang is.
Joo-wal says it’s just someone he knows. She kind of gives him a look, then walks around to get close to Arang.

Joo-wal looks scared, but then asks why she came outside.
The demon-woman says she had someone to meet… plus she gets more sensitive at night. So she learns things she couldn’t know during the day.

Joo-wal tells her she should go back inside.
She says she will, then tells Arang that she’s a relative of Joo-wal and that she should come and visit sometime.
She gives Joo-wal a creepy smile and leaves.

But then she turns and tells Joo-wal that Arang looks very stylish.

When the woman leaves, Arang tries to pry her hand out of Joo-wal’s.

Eun-oh walks onto the scene with the jar.
His eyes narrow when he sees Joo-wal holding Arang’s hand.

Joo-wal lets go of Arang’s hand when she asks him to, and he looks flustered.
He tells her he’s going to go back now since his aunt has come to visit. Arang seems kind of bewildered but says goodbye.
When he’s a distance away he turns and they stare at each other for a few seconds.

When Joo-wal is gone, Eun-oh sighs and walks up, asking what she’s doing. She says she wasn’t doing anything, but he stares at her.
Arang notices the jar. He tells her he doesn’t know what it is.

Inside, the demon-woman asks if Joo-wal brought Arang because he made up his mind. He stays silent.
She tells him that Arang is much better than she was expecting. Now that she’s seen Arang, she can’t wait to merge into her body.

Then she turns angry at Joo-wal, saying other humans have a lot of desires, but his desire was to just live as a human, in a warm house with food and not being ignored. He also wanted a mother. This is why she chose him to help her; because his desires were easy to give him.

She yells at him, saying now he wants the one thing that’s hers.

In Eun-oh’s room, he and Arang examine the jar.
They wonder why it’s incredibly cold. It also gives off a bad aura.

She tries to open it, but can’t.

Eun-oh seems to be in a bad mood, but is trying not to show it too much.
He pushes the jar to the side and lays down, saying they have to take it to the shaman.
Arang wonders if the shaman will even know anything about it.

Eun-oh has his eyes closed and doesn’t answer her, so she gets up and says she’s going to leave him alone now.
But as she turns to leave, Eun-oh calls her name.
He says he can handle the fact that she doesn’t like him, but it’s hard to watch her being interested in someone else.

Arang says nothing and leaves the room.

In heaven, the General says he wants to try to kill the demon-woman/his sister, one more time.
The Emperor tells him not to. The King is still so mad, he just gets up and leaves.

The Emperor tells the General that the King’s anger will last a long time since it was such a big disappointment for him.
The General turns to leave, but then pauses.

He comments on how Eun-oh owns things belonging to the Emperor, and wonders if he’s going to eventually replace him.
The Emperor says yes.

Then the General asks if the body the demon-woman is using belongs to Eun-oh’s mother. The Emperor looks away as if saying yes.

Eun-oh steps out with the jar, which is wrapped up in a cloth.
Arang wants to go to the shaman with him, but he tells her to stay at home.

The shaman can’t feel the bad aura from the jar that Eun-oh can.
Even so, he tells her to find out what kind of jar it is as soon as she possibly can, (after she apologizes for ranting about how he’s bragging that he can see ghosts and she can’t lol).

At home, the city men are being extra nice to Arang since they realized Joo-wal likes her.
They bring her apple juice. She asks if they drugged it, but then says even if they did it would be no use. She drinks it.
They try to get her to tell them whether she likes Joo-wal or Eun-oh, but she sees the servant glare and walk away in the distance and she gets up to chase him.

She apologizes to the servant and tells him to be nice to Eun-oh. She says she just asked Eun-oh a favor.
The servant tells her Eun-oh has completely changed since hanging out with her, so he’s sure his master is bewitched. Eun-oh would never do a favor for somebody before. He rants a bit.

Arang walks a way a bit, looking down, then turns to him. She says she’s going to be returning to heaven soon, and when she does, she’ll return Eun-oh to him. She walks away.

The servant turns around to find Eun-oh looking at him.

Eun-oh takes him to his room to talk.

He acknowledges that his servant doesn’t even know who Arang is.
He tells his servant that she’s Lee Seo Rim… who’s body he protected with all his might when they found her dead.

His servant’s mind is blown.
Eun-oh says Arang had to return as a human to solve something about her death.
Then Eun-oh says his servant was right in saying he’s changed. He says it’s the first time he cares about someone other than himself.
He tells his servant he’s better than he is, since he defended Lee Seo Rim when he hadn’t even met her.

Eun-oh says the magistrate should be someone caring like his servant is.
His servant says he doesn’t really understand what he’s trying to say, but that he’ll be nicer to Arang now.

Outside alone, his servant is saddened that Eun-oh’s first love is a ghost, (though actually, Eun-oh is a ghost too since he died when he was young).
His servant wonders if his father knows that he can see ghosts, and then wonders if the rumors about him getting sick and then seeing ghosts is true.

Eun-oh is talking with the city men about Lord Choi’s background.
They say he wasn’t originally from this village… that he’s been here 25 years.

Then they say it seems every lord that lived in that house has become really successful.
After that, they tell Eun-oh something he didn’t even know… that his father was the one who kicked Lord Choi out of his hometown and sent him here.

Meanwhile, Lord Choi is telling his henchman to bring Arang’s old seamstress to him.
He says he hopes what he’s thinking is right. First he wants to take care of Joo-wal and then he’ll take care of Eun-oh.

A servant brings Joo-wal his lunch and comments about how he hasn’t been eating much lately.

When he leaves, Joo-wal remembers what the demon-woman told him, about how it was when people ignored him and treated him badly.
He angrily throws the food on the ground.

At home, Arang decides she’s not helping anything by just sitting and waiting. She gets up.

Eun-oh is wondering if his father knows a lot about Lord Choi.

Outside his door, Arang says she’s going to go sit outside Lord Choi’s gate again.
He bursts out and stops her, saying he’ll go.
She gets irritated and asks why he’s been avoiding her all day. He exclaims that it’s because he doesn’t know what he should do.

He says he said he’d let her go peacefully, and he finally supressed his feelings. But then he saw her looking at Joo-wal and his feeling came back at full force.
Now he regrets letting her go so easily that night she told him she didn’t feel the same about him.

He shouts, wondering why things are so complicated and then storms away.

Joo-wal shows up outside the house.
He walks past Eun-oh after bowing to him. Eun-oh does not look happy.

Joo-wal goes over to see Arang.
He asks if she got home safely then asks her to go with him. She looks hesitant so he asks again.

Eun-oh calls from the back, saying he can’t allow that.

He bluntly tells Joo-wal to get lost (haha).


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