Big Bang Concert Ticket Prices (for United States)

Okay, so these are the prices for the tickets to the Big Bang 2012 Concert in November!

Big Bang’s United States Concert Ticket Prices:

  • $50, $70, $90, $120, $160, $200
  • VIP Package is $300

VIP Package Includes:

  • Early entry
  • Access to the Big Bang sound check party
  • Gift Bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Light Stick
  • Special Laminated VIP Pass


Tickets will go on sale at at 10:00 am (ET/PT) Saturday, September 22, 2012.
Hopefully they won’t sell out on the spot!


Official Release:



So, who’s going?


7 thoughts on “Big Bang Concert Ticket Prices (for United States)

      • Since it keeps popping up with the ‘this address has been parked’ I’m thinking they either forgot to renew their .com addy or they were forcefully shut down for copyright stuff. Weird too, because noone seems to know anything.
        And it was my go to site for the dramas/movies I couldn’t find on Viki,com or


      • oh it’s annoying when you have to search the whole net for a drama… epdrama and gooddrama had some i couldn’t find on mysoju, dramafever or dramacrazy.

        i kind of dropped mysoju a year or two ago though since they had a lot of dead links >.< it was too frustrating….

      • I agree. I just want to watch them, not try for hours to find them in the first
        Seems like chose to shut down then, since the website wasn’t maintained all that well.
        Oh, did you see that Vampire Prosecutor is back for a second season? *giddy*

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