Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 14 – LAST EPISODE

Sora breaks up with Tae-pong but then a certain truth is found out.

Last Episode:

Sora finds out that Tae-pong was on her side the whole time and they get back together.

Then, in a terrible twist of fate, it turns out that Tae-pong’s dad is the long-lost son of Sora’s grandpa… Sora and Tae-pong are cousins!

Joo-hee finds out and tells Sora but doesn’t tell Tae-pong. She tells Sora she should figure out what to do on her own.
Joo-hee then tells Tae-hyun as well.

Soon, Sora calls Tae-hyun to talk with him.

Episode 14 Summary:

Sora calls Tae-hyun and says she needs to talk to him.

He goes to meet her at the beach.

She apologizes to him and says that he was the only one she could think of to turn to.
She says she has to leave Tae-pong and needs his help to do so.

“I feel so irritated and don’t like him anymore. I don’t know how to tell him,” she says.
Tae-hyun stares and then asks what she needs him to do.

Sora looks like she feels guilty, but Tae-hyun tells her she can just use him. He’ll do anything so she can smile again.
She looks surprised.

Then she looks sad and thanks him.

The next day, Sora hides and when Tae-pong comes out, she jumps out calling to him happily.

She begs him to skip work and go on a date with her.
Finally he agrees.

They drive a far distance and when Tae-pong comments on it, Sora says, “If we go far away and don’t come back, Grandpa will be sad, right?” Tae-pong says of course he will… that her grandpa can’t live without her.

She makes him go to the zoo. Once there, she wants to see the dolphins.
But when they get there, they find that there’s no show today.
Sora is really disappointed because that’s the whole reason she went to the zoo.

Tae-pong sees a zoo keeper and walks up to him.
He tells the man that his ex-girlfriend was a dolphin trainer. He waited for her with a bouquet of flowers at her shows.
When he came back from the army, he found it was her wedding day.

(Sora sneaks in while they’re talking.)

Tae-pong asks if he can go sit on the seats like old times.
The guy finally agrees after Tae-pong hugs him and makes him feel awkward.

Sora pretends she’s training dolphins on the stage while Tae-pong sits on the sits and cheers.
He calls to her that if she becomes a real trainer, he’ll be her first viewer.

Once he brings her home, Sora starts saying goodbye and holding his hand.
She tells him she’ll never forget today.
Tae-pong doesn’t realize that she’s leaving him after today.

Tae-pong goes to the lifeguard dorms with drinks.
Some of them try to make him leave at first, but then give in and let him hang out.

When Tae-pong starts whining that he wanted to stay a lifeguard, the captain says he’s drunk and wants him to leave.
Tae-pong lays on his friends, saying he wants to sleep there.

The captain tells them to throw him away.
They all pick him up and head towards the door, but the captain says he meant to throw him on a blanket.
They all smile happily and toss him onto a bed.

Sora sees her grandpa and says she wants to study abroad now.

That day, the captain tells the lifeguards that Sora is quitting the team to study abroad.
They’re shocked, wondering why she isn’t quitting to get married instead.

Young Jin calls Tae-pong and asks if he knew about Sora leaving.

Tae-hyun is helping Sora with the paperwork for her school.

He asks her if it’s the only way and wonders why Tae-pong doesn’t know.
She says she doesn’t want to hurt him, (I think she’s going to hurt him either way lol).

Sora tells Tae-hyun to never tell Tae-pong.
Tae-hyun asks if she’s telling him to take care of Tae-pong.

Sora says Tae-pong once told her that he was close to Tae-hyun when they were younger, but one day, his brother started to hate him. She tells Tae-hyun that Tae-pong really likes him a lot.

Tae-hyun sends her off, but as she walks away, Tae-pong rushes out the door, past Tae-hyun and stops Sora.
He asks why she’s suddenly leaving.

She tells him it wasn’t sudden… she was always thinking about going.
Tae-pong says he understands that she wanted to go and won’t stop her, but he wants her to wait until her motel situation is figured out so they can go together.

Sora says she doesn’t want to.
She says Tae-pong has his own dream. Also, while they were together, she was happy, but always felt like something was lacking.

She said after thinking about it, she realized that there is nothing she wants here or with him.
Living in Australia as a trainer is the best life for her.

Tae-pong puts his hand on her shoulder and protests.
She keeps repeating variations of what she just said.

Voice trembling, Tae-pong says she must be lying… she said before that she loved him!

She says that she doesn’t love him enough to give up her dream.
Tae-pong studies her expression.

Sora turns to leave, but Tae-pong chases after and grabs her again.
Tae-hyun calls out and tells him to leave her alone.

Tae-pong says it’s none of his business, but Tae-hyun holds him back as Sora runs away.
Tae-hyun looks at his brother and says he likes Sora too, so he wants her to be happy doing what she wants.
He says if Sora wants to leave, he should just let her go.

Tae-pong shoves his brothers hands away and says he can’t do that.
He runs after Sora.

Meanwhile, Sora hides behind a fence.

Since he can’t find Sora now, Tae-pong rushes to Grandpa.
He asks where Sora is and Grandpa says he thought they broke up.
Tae-pong says he knows he made a lot of mistakes, but he can’t let it end like this.
He reminds Grandpa that he said he’d always believe in him, (during that fishing scene).

Grandpa says he’s just doing what Sora wants so Tae-pong should let her go.

Joo-hee goes to Tae-hyun and asks why he’s giving up Sora.
She feels nervous that Tae-pong won’t go to her unless Sora belongs to someone else and thinks she should just tell Tae-pong the truth so he can give up on her.

Tae-hyun looks at her and tells her not to do it.
He says Sora doesn’t want that.

Joo-hee wonders why he doesn’t just do what he wants like always.
He tells her that he realized that you can’t force someone’s heart.

Joo-hee tells him she’s disappointed in him and says he can just wait for Sora, but she’s going to go get Tae-pong.

That night, Sora is heading home, but she sees Tae-pong waiting for her outside.

She gathers courage and walks past him.
He runs up and asks her one more time if she must really leave. He asks if she can really live happily without him.
She says she can. He tells her he can’t.

“Without you I can’t laugh and my heart gets so empty that I can’t feel anything…. and you’re alright without me?” Tae-pong asks.

Sora tells him it’s not scary to be without him since it already happened before. She tells him that he’ll get better too as time passes.
She says goodbye and leaves.

Holding back tears, Tae-pong remembers all the memories he has with Sora… teaching her to dance, giving her mouth-to-mouth when she almost drowned, playing on the beach, fireworks….

In her bed, Sora dreams of memories with Tae-pong as well… winning her dolphin toy, going on the Viking ride, running up and hugging him when he came back to the beach….

Grandpa goes to wake her up in the morning since she’s almost late and finds that she’s sick with a fever.

When Tae-pong is in a daze at work, Joo-hee starts talking about how Sora is leaving with Tae-hyun’s help.
She tells him to forget Sora and start again with her instead.
She says if she marries him, she’ll be the successor to her dad’s business so he won’t have to fight with Tae-hyun anymore.

Tae-pong is irritated and tells her he has no desire at all to do that. He also doesn’t want to fight with his brother.
“What I really want is…” he trails off when he sees Joo-hee’s angry face and tells her if she’s not leaving, he will.
He gets up to go.

Joo-hee can’t hold back any longer.
She says she’ll tell him the real reason Sora is leaving him.

She tells him that they’re cousins.
She also says Sora chose his brother over him because he isn’t related to her by blood.

After going through disbelief and then shock, he yells at Joo-hee that it can’t be true.
She smugly tells him to ask his brother if he doesn’t believe her.
He runs to Tae-hyun.

As soon as Tae-hyun realizes Tae-pong knows, he tells him it was the only way because Sora didn’t want him to know.
He tells his brother to pretend he doesn’t know so Sora doesn’t feel upset.

Meanwhile, Sora is getting an IV drip.

Finally she wakes up. She tries to get out of bed, but her grandpa won’t let her.
She says she’s okay… that she’s probably just like this because she didn’t work out for the lifeguard team like usual.

Grandpa looks concerned.
“Sora, if you’re sick because you can’t forget Tae-pong, then you don’t have to leave right now,” he says.
He thinks she’s forcing herself too quickly.

“Actually, you two…” he begins, but she cuts him off.

“I know everything,” she says.

She tells him she knows that she’s not her parent’s real daughter, and therefore, not his real grand-daughter.


She says she’s really thankful that he’s treated her so well all this time. Because of him, she was able to know she wasn’t thrown away.

Then she says that she loves Tae-pong so much, but she can live without him.

Basically, to be with Tae-pong she’s going to have to take herself off of the registry papers and acknowledge that she’s not Grandpa’s family and she doesn’t want to do this because she thinks of him as her actual grandpa.
(Though I’m not sure why this is an issue because if she married Tae-pong, then Grandpa will still be her grandpa through that lol… maybe it’s more of a loyalty and honor thing. Grandpa didn’t throw her away so she doesn’t want to throw him away for a guy.)

She tells her grandpa that she loves him and they cry together.

Meanwhile, Tae-pong is getting drunk alone, thinking that they’re really related and realizing that he  has to give her up because of it….

Worried when his friend never answers the phone, Young Jin gets someone to go open his apartment so he can check on him.

He sees Tae-pong passed out and takes care of him.

Then he says Tae-pong should just give up on Sora.
Young Jin says it was a mistake to ever come here and become lifeguards in the first place.

Tae-pong says he doesn’t regret meeting Sora.
“For the first time, I could feel someone really loving me.”

(OMG ;o;  Tae-pong…!)

He says he knew she really loved him, but he’s upset that he couldn’t do anything for her in return.

Soon it’s the last day of the season and the lifeguards are talking about what they’ll do instead.
Tae-pong walks up and says the captain told him to come.

The captain brings out a camera.
Smiling, he says they have to take a photo for memories.

They line up and he says they worked hard these past two months.

Sora walks up to get in the photo.
She says she’s leaving abroad tomorrow.

The photo is taken.

The next day, Sora packs and goes to leave.
Her grandpa asks her if she really wants to go. She’s resolved to leave.

Tae-hyun comes to pick her up.

She hugs her grandpa and says goodbye.

At work, Tae-pong knows Sora is leaving at that moment and can’t concentrate.
Suddenly, he rushes out the door.

Outside the airport, Sora says goodbye to Tae-hyun.
He wants to send her off, but she won’t let him. He asks if she’ll smile for him next time they meet and she says she will.

As she walks through the airport, Tae-pong comes running up the stairs and yells to her.
She stops in surprise and he walks up to her.

Not knowing what to say or do, (or knowing but unable to do it), Tae-pong just asks if he can hug her one last time.


He carefully gets closer to her and then hugs her tightly, looking like he wants to cry, but won’t let himself.
Right when it seems like he’s going to lose it and cry, he ends the hug.

Then, he holds her face, looking at her lovingly; staring into her eyes.
He kisses her forehead.

“For me… even if you were someone else I would’ve loved you,” he says.
(Does that mean if she didn’t care that he was her cousin, he would still pursue her…?
He doesn’t outright say it because he doesn’t want her to know he knows… but by saying that maybe she does know he knows?)

It seems like he’s struggling to get up the courage he needs to let her go as he lowers his eyes from hers and looks away.

Sora looks like she wants to comfort him or change her mind, but she remains silent.

He tells her to be happy and then walks away.

~One Year Later~

Tae-pong is vice-captain of the lifeguards as well as the person in charge of the resort project.

The captain and Young Jin are still fighting over Min-jung.
Young Jin is now the owner of the bar on the beach.

Tae-pong goes over to them and says he has to go to Seoul to look over the project and tells the captain to take over training.

Min-jung says it’s unexpected that Tae-pong didn’t give up being a lifeguard and Young Jin says his friend can’t live without the sea.

Driving to Seoul, Tae-pong calls to talk with Tae-hyun and hears that his brother is visiting the zoo because of an aquarium project.
He won’t be back in the office that day.

At the dolphin arena, Sora is feeding the dolphins.
A worker come in and says her “boyfriend” is waiting for her. She tells the guy that the person isn’t her boyfriend.

Tae-pong is at the zoo looking for Tae-hyun since his brother’s phone is off and he really needs to talk to him.

Sora is talking with Tae-hyun, joking that he comes a bit too often.
He asks if she’s really not going to Australia.

She says she wants to earn the money to go for herself.
She asks about her grandpa.

Tae-hyun smiles and says her grandpa has united with other motels and are striking against the construction so his dad is having a hard time.

Tae-hyun asks if she wants to hear about how anyone else is doing.
Sora says she can imagine how they’re doing without him telling her.

Tae-pong is watching the dolphin show, remembering Sora.
He’s obviously not over her.

When he leaves after the show, he thinks he sees her in the crowd.
He tries to run and see, but misses her.

Finally, Tae-hyun calls him back and says he left his phone in the car.
Tae-pong asks where he is.
Tae-hyun says he’s at the zoo, Seoul Park. Tae-pong says he’s there as well.
He asks his brother to meet with him.

Meanwhile, back at home, Tae-pong’s dad Jung-ho is begging his dad, Sora’s grandpa, to stop protesting the construction.
He says he dad should be proud of him instead of protesting his business.

Grandpa says he’s in a bad position too because his friends heard the rumor that they’re related and now they don’t like him.

When Grandpa scolds him for not listening to his father, Jung-ho changes the topic.

He asks why grandpa hasn’t adjusted the family register yet. He wants his old name back and thinks it’s bad for Sora to be away for so long. He thinks once the register is adjusted, Sora will be able to get over her feelings and come back.

Grandpa tells his son that after thinking about it, he thinks it’s best not to fix the register. He doesn’t want it to hurt Sora and Tae-pong.

Tae-hyun goes to see his dad. Jung-ho is fishing.
He tells Tae-hyun to pick out a fishing pole.

While going through them, Tae-hyun sees one with his name on it.
Jung-ho says his grandpa did that for him.

Jung-ho says it’s peaceful to fish and that he wants to stop working so hard now.
He tells his son that he’s going to hand the company over to Tae-hyun at the next annual meeting.

He says Tae-hyun is capable so his company won’t go to waste under his control.

Tae-hyun is surprised and touched. He asks if his dad will regret it.

Jung-ho says what parent would regret giving their kid control of their legacy.
Tae-hyun looks like he’s finally realized his step-dad thinks of him as a real son.

Then his dad says something that shocks Tae-hyun.

“Look at your grandfather. Because of Sora, who was adopted, he refused to readjust the family register even if I’m his real child.”

Tae-hyun is stunned to know that Sora even knew this.

At work, Sora is told that the company is sponsoring her if she wants to study abroad. It’s confirmed for a one-year course.

When Sora gets home to her apartment, she finds her grandpa waiting for her. She squeals and they hug.

As they drink together, Grandpa says he came to bring her home.
He says he already talked things over with Tae-pong’s dad and now everything is just up to them.
Sora says she already got over Tae-pong and that she was selected for training in Australia at her workplace.

Her grandpa is surprised. He tells her he would like living with her, but he really wants her to follow her heart and do what she wants to do.

Tae-hyun calls Tae-pong out for a drink.
He asks Tae-pong if he misses Sora.

Tae-pong wonders why he’s asking him that all of a sudden.
He talks a lot about what Sora must be doing in Australia right now.

Tae-hyun smiles.
Then Tae-pong says thinking back, he feels Sora treated him badly.
She never called him “oppa” even though he’s older than she is.

Tae-hyun tells his brother to go bring her back if he loves her.

Tae-pong smiles and asks what he’s saying… Tae-hyun knows that Sora’s his cousin.

Tae-hyun tells him that he found out today that Sora was adopted.
He tells his brother to go catch her if he loves her.

Tae-pong is shocked.
He immediately gets up and drives to Sora.

Sora is packing for Australia.
She looks at a photo with Tae-pong in it and then the plane tickets.

Tae-pong gets to Seoul Park where Sora’s been working, but it’s so early that it hasn’t opened yet.

However, when he finally gets in, he’s given the address and number of the Australian school Sora’s gone to.
The guy tells him that if he had just been earlier, he could’ve seen her before she left.

Tae-hyun walks into his brother’s office and asks him how it went.
Tae-pong is getting things together and tells Tae-hyun that he has to go to Australia to find Sora.
He asks Tae-hyun to finalize the site development plans for him.
Tae-hyun agrees.

Tae-pong thanks him and Tae-hyun smiles, showing that he now cares more about his relationship with Tae-pong.

Stepping out of the elevator, Tae-pong runs into Joo-hee.
She tells him that he must bring Sora back.

As he takes a look at the ocean before he leaves, he hears a whistle blowing on the beach.
Curious as a vice-captain, he goes to check it out.

He sees Sora on a bench, blowing a whistle alone.

She stands up and notices him there.
I really get the impression that she was deciding her fate with that whistle.
I think she told herself that she’d blow it and if he didn’t show up, she’d go to Australia, but if he did, she’d stay with him if he still wants her.

They look at each other, probably not really knowing how the other feels.

Then they then have a scene where Sora and Tae-pong echo each others words from the time Tae-pong came back to see her after working in Seoul.

“Why did you come back?” shouts Tae-pong.

“Because I missed the sea too much,” Sora replies.

This echoing of his own words lets Tae-pong know she still loves him.

They run to each other and hug.

The end scene is Sora standing on her toes as if she’s kissing him.

End Thoughts:


I feel they didn’t conclude the end well enough.
What was the point of Sora even going and leaving Tae-pong in the first place like that if she was just going to come back and completely throw away her reasons for doing it in the first place…? Did I miss something here?
Was there a key to all this in her conversation with her grandpa at her apartment?
Grandpa said he talked with Tae-pong’s dad about it, but I didn’t see anything about allowing them to be together in their conversation lol….

And no kiss? I felt totally ripped off….

Then again, I shipped this couple so hard, (and a lot of those scenes were so intense even without kissing), that I’m pretty sure if they had an ending like “Personal Taste” did, my feels would’ve exploded and I might now be dead.
*gasps for air*

(Maybe I have to write a fanfiction now lol)

Even with this ending I have to add this drama to my favorites list because the rest of the drama was just so good IMO.
I’m going to write a review on the overall drama soon~


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