Sprout: Recap Eight

Hayato and Ozawa come over to stay until Miku’s parents return from a vacation.

Last Episode:

Miku gives up on Souhei and starts dating Hayato. Souhei sees them kiss and starts realizing he likes Miku.

Episode 8 Summary:

So Souhei watches them kiss from a distance and starts wondering if he likes Miku.

Hayato leaves and Souhei hides as his friend passes by.
He wonders, “what’s wrong with me? I have Miyuki [Ozawa].” He remembers kissing his girlfriend.

Going in the house, Miku greets him before going upstairs and Souhei thinks about her holding Hayato’s hand. “Miku has Hayato,” he thinks to himself.
And yet I…┬áhe remembers holding her when she was sick.

Later, Miku’s parents announce they’re going on a trip alone together.
Then, the otaku goes off to some event as well.
The college girl is in charge, but she soon sneaks away.

So now Miku and Souhei are alone in the house together for awhile.

Since they both feel awkward, Souhei decides to call his soccer friends over.

Arata, the friend that likes the college girl wants to move in as well. They comment about how he likes her so much even though she’s with her boyfriend as they speak. He confidently declares that he doesn’t care about the past and the boys think he’s cool.

Inside, Miku is on the phone with Hayato saying her female friends are unable to come over.
She asks if he can come.

When he says he can come over after work, Miku looks happy and excited.

She runs into Souhei and tells him the news.

Souhei’s expression falls.
Huh? he thinks.

He smiles for her and acts happy.
Miku suddenly turns back to him and says she though Souhei would’ve invited him, though.

Why? Why didn’t I call Hayato? Souhei wonders to himself.

“I thought he’d be busy with work,” he tells Miku.

She tells him Hayato said it’d be okay.

She then realizes that she’ll be the only girl and suggests that he calls over Ozawa.

So Ozawa comes over with ice cream and Miku leads her upstairs because they’re going to be sharing a room until Miku’s parents return.

Ozawa goes to the balcony and stares at the scenery.
When Miku comments to her, Ozawa says she’s just looking at the scenery that Souhei looks at every day.
Miku says it’s nothing too special and Ozawa says quietly that that’s because Miku sees the same scenery Souhei sees everyday. Miku doesn’t really hear what she said.

One of Souhei’s friends is trying to get Souhei to room with Ozawa instead of Miku and Miku to sleep in Hayato’s room, but the other two are saying they don’t want that… they just want a time with friends.
Suddenly Miku and Ozawa appear.
Miku tells Souhei’s friends to come help her go shopping since she needs to buy a lot of stuff. They protest, but go.

On the way back, Miku points out the meat shop and tells them she always seems to see Hayato’s brother Kou there.
As they turn the corner, there he is like usual!

They bring him home.

Hayato comes over and scolds his brother a bit when he sees him there. He tells him it’s not his house so he shouldn’t be bothering people all the time.

Miku and Hayato go upstairs after greeting Souhei and Ozawa.
Ozawa notices her boyfriend watching Miku again.

Hayato stops in front of Miku’s room and tells her he thought he was going to be staying with her tonight.
Miku gets flustered and Hayato tells her he’s just kidding.

She laughs, feeling embarrassed for believing him.

That night they all eat takoyaki together and are having fun when Kou tries to turn on a sports broadcast on Miku’s TV.
When he finds that channel doesn’t come in, Souhei’s two friends decide to leave to watch it somewhere else. They take Kou with them.

Hayato looks annoyed that his little brother caused this to happen, especially since the group had just started eating.

Seeing them off, one friend waits outside alone with Hayato for the others.
He asks if Hayato is dating Miku seriously.

When he says he is, the guy tells him he doesn’t really want to bring it up, but he saw him with Ozawa at the bus stop the other day. (The time Ozawa suddenly hugged him).

The friend wants to make sure Hayato won’t hurt anybody and Hayato says he won’t.

Then the rest of them come out and leave the two couples alone.

Sitting together, they decide the order of taking baths, (Ozawa first, then the boys). Miku apologizes since they only have one bath.
Ozawa says that’s just a part of living together. Miku says you just get used to that sort of thing.

Souhei mentions that she says that now, but when he first moved in, she was scary.
They start joking around about that while Ozawa and Hayato sit there, left out.

Laying in bed, Ozawa asks Miku if she’s awake.
When she responds, Ozawa asks if she can come over to her. Miku makes room and Ozawa lays in bed with her.

Ozawa confirms that Hayato is her first boyfriend. Miku apologizes for getting carried away sometimes because of it, but Ozawa says it’s to be expected.

Miku asks what number boyfriend Souhei is for her and she says he’s her third boyfriend.
Miku comments that she sure is popular and Ozawa denies that.
Then Ozawa says that Souhei is the first boyfriend that she’s loved this much.

Meanwhile, the boys are laying in their beds talking as well.

Souhei says it was fun today.
Hayato agrees but says he was also scared because it was his first group hangout and also because he has someone he likes now.

Souhei tells him it’s not scary and that it’s okay like that. Hayato smiles.

In the girls’ room, Ozawa says she used to hate herself and thought it was amazing that Souhei liked her. But since then, she’s learned to like herself. She says being with Souhei has changed her for the better.

Miku smiles and says she thinks she knows what she means.
She says she’s not really treated as a girl among the people she knows, but being around Hayato makes her realize that she really is a girl and that it’s nice to be one.

They giggle together and Ozawa says she knows what Miku means too.

Looking over at the sleeping Hayato, Souhei thinks to himself that he won’t betray Ozawa or Hayato by pursuing Miku.
He reminds himself that he has Ozawa.

In the morning, Souhei wakes up to find Hayato’s bed made.

Hayato is outside looking at the garden.
Ozawa comes up to him and comments on the plants, wondering what they’ll become.

Hayato looks at her and then tells her not to “do things like that” again.
She knows he’s referring to the hug and she agrees.

Looking for Hayato, Souhei looks outside and sees Ozawa and Hayato together.
He smiles and starts walking over to them.

“Sorry,” Ozawa says to Hayato. “Something was wrong with me at that time. Doing something like that to Hayato…”

Suddenly, Hayato realizes that Souhei is standing behind them.
“What are you talking about?” Souhei says, acting kind of shocked.

The two of them don’t know how to answer Souhei.

Then suddenly Miku speaks, asking if it’s true and she looks shocked too.

Hayato looks worried and approaches Miku.

(I’m wondering how Souhei and Miku even got anything out of what Ozawa said lol… was there some kind of translation error? It just doesn’t seem like enough to get worked up about.)

Ozawa looks towards Miku and Hayato, her expressions shows that she’s pretty worried.
Being an honest person, Hayato tells Miku it is true.

Ozawa looks over to Souhei.
Then she suddenly apologizes and says, “I liked Hayato.”



From the last episode’s preview, I thought Ozawa was just going to confess to Miku that she likes Hayato… but in this situation I’m wondering a bit about whether she’s being truthful here or not.

Just because she was so confident in her love for Souhei the other night, and how she said something was wrong when she hugged Hayato. Looking back to that episode, she was really upset that Souhei was looking to Miku and couldn’t stay strong. Since her friend, Hayato, happened to be there, she leaned on him when she was sad. It doesn’t mean she really liked him.

I just can’t tell if she ever liked Hayato, still likes him, or is lying for some reason.
If she’s lying, it could be because she cares about Miku for being her first female friend and wants to save her from being hurt…
Or it could be because she could tell all this time how Souhei feels for Miku and wants to save him from being tied down to her.

It could also be that she has a crush on Hayato and got her feelings confused that time but then realized she loved Souhei more.


Guess I can only wait and see what the real reason is! Haha….




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