Soumatou Kabushikigaisha: Episode 7

Another family tale as a man thinks his family is planning to murder him.

Episode Summary:

There’s a broken glass on the floor.

Kaminuma is sitting on the couch watching the video of a man trying to take a family photo.
His family seems annoyed and even says, “Stop trying to pretend to be a good dad”.

She turns off the TV.

Yasuhiko, age 49, is walking down the street.

Outside his house, he looks at the notice of dismissal he got from work.

When he enters the house, his wife tells him that next month his allowance money is going into their bills. The utility bill just went up and even at the best of times they’re hardly able to pay the mortgage.

The family eats their dinner silently together.
Soon, the dad tries to make conversation. The eldest son is rude to him, his eldest daughter ignores him, and his youngest just complains about how her clothes aren’t cool enough.

His wife wonders why he’s talking to them like this and asks if he’s hiding something.
They all look at him and he tells them he was fired from his job because the company was going through financial hardship.

All of them get angry at him. Their goals are all ruined because of the lack of money; the mortgage can’t be paid, the oldest kids can’t study where they want and the youngest can’t have her cute clothes.

They get up and leave him alone at the table.

After supper, he gets drunk in the living room.
The eldest son asks the rest of the family if they should “do it” now. The dad asks what they’re talking about and they say he won’t remember in the morning anyway, so why bother including him.

The next day the dad sits in the park, looking for a new job.

On the way home, he sees the sign for the Turning Lantern Corporation.
A bell above the door is ringing.

After a pause, he goes in.
His memory is recorded and the elevator door opens, (you know the drill).

When Kaminuma greets him, he asks her for a job.
She tells him he can look at his memories here.
He asks if this is a religion.
She tells him drinks are prepared for him in the other room.

He picks out his 38th year and she puts in it, explaining to him.
However, it seems like he has a one-track mind and asks if it’s a training video for his new job.

On the TV, he sees his oldest kids about 10 years younger. His wife is there too, pregnant with the youngest.
His kids are fighting over who gets to play with him; soccer or swings. He tells them he’ll do both.

He smiles at the memories and wonders why things are so different now.

Sitting at the table, finding a job, the video recording from last night is playing.
After he passes out drunk, he hears his family talking about how they can get his insurance money if he dies in an “accident”.

They all hover over him, smiling and laughing. The mom says she thinks nobody will find out if the whole family does it.

He stares at the screen in shock.

He gets home and sees his wife doing laundry.
He sees that the laptop is partially open and he looks at it.

On it is a page that says “Complete Criminal Manual (Murder Volume)”.
It describes many ways of killing someone.

His son suddenly walks in saying, “I’ve decided on the one. I want to confirm with everybody first, though.”
The dad slams the laptop shut and grabs his things.
His son sees him as he’s leaving and gets angry, saying he should let them know when he comes back.

The dad apologizes and leaves the room.

He goes upstairs and listens to music, thinking of what he heard.

He picks up one of his bags and takes out a jar of poison.
“If I’m going to be killed…” he thinks to himself.

Suddenly his wife steps into the doorway and tells him it’s time to eat.

As they eat, he tells them he thinks he heard a noise.
They all make fun of him and say it was nothing.
He gets up to go to the bathroom.

When they hear him leave the house, instead of going to the bathroom, they all look towards the door for a moment, but then continue eating.

Outside, he almost takes the poison, but then changes his mind.

Suddenly, a hooded figure comes out of the shadows and strikes him with something like a hammer, then quickly runs away.

The next day, he’s talking to a detective.
They tell him the whole family said a bank book was stolen so it must’ve been a robber.
The dad remembers how the mom said nobody would suspect if the whole family was in on it.

He goes in the house, turning the family photo down to face the table as he does.
His wife tells him to rest… they can use money from the accident insurance for awhile.
The youngest comments that they’d get more from death insurance and the mom shushes her.

The dad goes back to the Turning Lantern Corporation to find a way to see if his family really is trying to kill him.
His family watches as he leaves the house.

At the corporation, he gets the DVDs for his family.

As he watches his son’s DVD and is about to hear what happened after he went upstairs after viewing the laptop, he suddenly hears someone come into the corporation’s viewing room.

It’s his family.
His wife asks him what he’s doing in a place like this.
He asks them what they’re doing here as well.

She asks him if it’s a hotel or something. The oldest daughter says they can’t stay long.

The dad is about to leave, but Kaminuma blocks his path and gets him to stay.

The mom sees him acting strangely around them and asks if they shouldn’t be here.
She says he must be hiding something and that nothing good comes from hiding things.

The son sees that one of the disks has his name on it.

While they’re all interested in that, the dad puts poison in a glass of water.

Soon, the DVD gets to the part where the son is going to show the family what he looked up on the laptop.

When his son sees this on the screen, he kind of freaks out.
He turns the DVD off and rushes to his dad. “Don’t go watching this alone!” he exclaims angrily.

The dad stares at him and then starts yelling at them all.
They act confused and he says they’ll know what he’s talking about if they just continue to watch.
He pushes play.

The murder site is displayed on the laptop and his sister looks at him and says, “You were on that site again? You have some weird hobbies.” He tells her to shut up and brings up another site that shows a variety of ties.
They’re planning to buy their dad a present!

The DVD shows them all laughing together, planning his party.
They want to make him a cake and even encourage the mom to make him a lovey-dovey bento.
The youngest displays a cute picture she drew of him.

The dad sinks to his knees and stares at the video.
The mom pauses it and pats his shoulders.

She tells him that the kids wanted to throw him a surprise party, but then he suddenly left, so they all followed him here.

They think the job situation must be tough for him and he was always working hard for them so they want to show him they care about him.

He starts crying and they all laugh, thinking it’s cute.
Then the mom tells them they should all go home now.

Just then, his cellphone rings.

It’s the detective from before.
They’ve arrested the robber that hit him on the head the other night and want him to go to the office to confirm it’s him.
He agrees and turns to tell his family.

His family are all at the table, taking the refreshments Kaminuma provides.

Suddenly, the mom picks up the glass of water he put the poison in.

In slow motion, he tells “Stop!” and runs at her.

Outside the door, Kaminuma hears a crash as the glass is dropped to the floor.

Whether he got there in time or not is unknown.

My Thoughts:

Okay… so what was even the point of him going to that corporation anyway???

I mean, it’s like Kaminuma just wanted to mess with him or something! If he hadn’t gone, he never would’ve suspected his family and all that.

Unless Kaminuma can’t control who sees the corporation. Maybe it is just viewable to anybody but not everyone chooses to go in, like I thought before.


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