Frivolous Wife Korean Movie Review

Frivolous Wife

Korean Movie

My Score: 7.5/10


Director: Won-kuk Lim

Cast: Park Jung-Ah  Park Jin-Woo

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Family

Summary: A rich, spoiled girl must learn to live in an old-fashioned world after she falls in love with the eldest son of a traditional Korean family.

Not only that, but she does so against her father’s wishes.
Since her father has been involved with the mafia, there are problems with that as well.

Review: This was a pretty good family movie. I laughed often throughout the film.
There’s a very low amount of drama in this movie, so it wasn’t stressful at all to watch.

The lead actress had a side part in the drama Prosecutor Princess. She is so different in this movie, I didn’t even recognize her!

At first, her character was haughty and I thought she was going to be annoying. However, it soon became apparent that she was actually kind of silly, which made her endearing.
The beginning was a bit fast, but that was just to get through the intro to the situation. She was soon in love and her feelings for the guy were so real that it enabled her to persevere through the total culture shock when she had to live with his family.

The guy was really adorable and innocent; just pure-hearted.
The actor portraying him didn’t strike me as the best, but since it was just a cute comedy movie, it was passable.
It’s not like I cringed every time he came on the screen, haha, his acting just felt rough compared to others.

Her dad really liked money. He cared more about whether her husband would be rich than distinguished.
This is one of the reasons he was so against her marrying into that family.

In contrast, her fiance’s family was one of the traditional types in Korea. That is, they still live in historical buildings and do everything the old way. Maybe it’s comparable to the Amish community and average Americans.
Therefore, when the girl had to go live with them, there were a lot of entertaining moments!

The main source of conflict was from the mafia. The boss wanted to marry the girl because he wanted access to the family fortune. When she left to marry the guy she loved, he was determined to get her back no matter what.

The only bad thing in this movie is a tiny little scene where she arranges for her rival to pretty much be raped. They get her drunk and get a guy to carry her off to a hotel room.
I suppose it could have just been staged and filmed to freak her out, but it just felt a little much.

I think the overall message of the movie was really nice and entertaining at the same time.

If you like this movie, I recommend the drama “Sweet 18” which is about a young girl that has to marry into a traditional family as well.


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