Arang and the Magistrate: Recap Seven

Eun-oh falls off a cliff…! Will Arang be able to save him in time?

Arang goes back to the site where she was taken after being kidnapped. She trips and regains a memory of grabbing the hairpin of Eun-oh’s mom out of somebody’s hair.

In ninja disguise, Joo-wal is going to kill Eun-oh as commanded by the demon-woman, but before he can, he sees that Arang is still alive.
His mind is blown.

Lord Choi is having health problems.
The shaman is in love with Eun-oh’s servant.

Eun-oh goes to the tomb and find the seals that were holding the boards down over the hole.

Episode 7 Summary:

Eun-oh lays out the seals and reads them;

North, East, South, West and North-East.

He walks around to find the last three.

At home, the demon-woman knows something is going on over there.

In heaven, the crystal ball cracks once more.

Soon, Eun-oh just needs South-East.

He finally finds it… but it’s tied to a branch that’s suspended over a deep cliff.

As he climbs to get it, the City Hall men decide this is the perfect opportunity to kill him.
One of them sneaks over to push him off the cliff.

Eun-oh grabs the seal, but as he gets down, he trips and rolls off the cliff!
(I can’t tell if the City Hall man’s foot tripped him accidentally, or if he did it by himself).

At home, the demon-woman startles.
With heavy breathing she looks up and says, “Has that day finally come?!”

In heaven, a large piece of the crystal breaks off and shatters.
“It’s been revealed,” they say.
The General is sent to find out anything else.

The Emperor thinks about how “that guy” is probably buried beneath the evil the demon-woman was trying to hide.

Even the King of the Underworld agrees that Eun-oh is skilled.

The City Hall men run to hide as Arang is heard calling for the magistrate.
The guy that was supposed to push Eun-oh is babbling that it wasn’t him that did it as they pull him away.

The General is looking over at the cliff.

Arang is near the tomb calling for the magistrate.
She suddenly sees the general and is alarmed, but calms when he just walks past her to the tomb.

He ignores her as she turns back to call for Eun-oh.
When she leaves, he stoops down to look at the seals.

Arang goes to the cliff to call for Eun-oh.

Joo-wal goes to the demon-woman.
She eyes him then suddenly points and yells that it’s all his fault.

He collapses to the ground, scared, and apologizes, saying he didn’t know Arang wasn’t dead yet.
The woman didn’t even know this and is shocked.

Arang looks over the cliff and sees Eun-oh laying on a ledge far below.
She calls to him but he seems unconscious.

She rushes over to the tomb site to grab some rope.
The General is still there, but ignores her when she talks to him.
She doesn’t waste time by asking him for help and takes the rope to the cliff.

Though she’s obviously scared, she ties it to a tree and starts lowering herself down.

When she’s almost there, she loses grip and falls off Eun-oh’s ledge.
At the last moment, he wakes up and grabs her arm.

With a lot of effort, since his shoulder is injured, he manages to pull her up.
After doing so, he realizes it was silly to worry about her since she comes back to life if she dies.

She freaks out at the blood on him, but he stays calm like usual, and tells her to bandage his cut up.
Looking up at the rope, which is out of reach, she wonders what to do.

He tells her there’s only one way he can think of… she has to jump off the ledge.
He says she’ll probably die doing so, but she’ll come back to life. Then, she’ll be able to go tell somebody that he’s there.

She’s about to actually do it, without thinking much about it, when he stops her.
He tells her he was just joking. By the time she’s resurrected, he says he’ll probably be dead.

She worries again and he starts going unconscious.
Arang really freaks out and tries to wake him, but when she realizes it’s futile, she tries to remain calm and figure something out.
Soon she spots something.

Back home, the City Hall men are saying over and over that nothing happened.
Soon, the servant comes back and asks where Eun-oh is.
It suddenly downpours, causing him to be more concerned.

The men try to act like nothing’s wrong, but one of them can’t hide his shaking.

Meanwhile, Arang is dragging Eun-oh into a cave she found.
At one point she thinks he might be dead, but he wakes up and tells her he isn’t yet.

Arang then realizes that there’s nothing around for her to make a fire.
Eun-oh is shivering, so she lays down behind him and hugs him, trying to make him warm.

But he speaks up and tells her that her body lacks warmth.
I guess she’s not really as human as she thought….

She tries to warm her hands with her breath and touches her face. It feels normal to her.
But she looks really alarmed. Not only is she not fully human, but she’s of no use to Eun-oh when he needs her.

She stands up and goes to look for firewood.

Alone, she worries about this, saying that maybe the Emperor left something out so she could revive, but that she’s still human.

Walking far into the cavern, she runs into a man that claims to be an herbalist.
She brings him to Eun-oh.

He bends down to look at Eun-oh, who asks him if it’s still raining out. The man tells him he almost got swept away, which is why he came into the cave.
Arang comments that they should make a fire.
As she touches his shoulder, she seems to realize something.

The man stands up and says he’s always prepared to make a fire.
He tells her that he doesn’t like to eat raw liver.

He starts arguing with himself over whether he likes it raw or cooked and slaps himself repeatedly.
Arang looks frightened and asks what he is.
He tells her that he doesn’t know either.

As he grabs Arang and smells her, he suddenly is hit hard from behind.

Eun-oh is standing with a large stick.
He tells Arang he knew the guy was trouble since he was too dry for being in the rain like he told them he was.
Eun-oh scolds Arang for always making trouble.

The creepy man says, “Don’t you know what I am?”
Eun-oh says he doesn’t care. He tells him he can have Arang’s liver, but not his and he punches the man.
He then tells Arang to run.

She refuses and helps him up.
She asks why he told the guy he could have her liver and he says it’s because hers will grow back.

Suddenly, the man hits them from behind and starts punching Eun-oh over and over.
Arang manages to get him off, but then he grabs Arang again.

But the man seems shocked and says Arang isn’t human.
She keeps yelling back that she is when he asks what she is.
He then seems excited and says it’s not just about her liver anymore.

The guy is about to pounce on Arang when he suddenly sees the General Reaper.

He gets scared and says that reapers can’t know about this place.
The General silently pulls out his sword.

The crazy guy looks at Arang and says if what he thinks is true, then she’s going to be in big trouble.

At that moment, the General slices the guy with the sword and dark energy wisps out.
The General sucks it all up with his sword.
Just a pile of clothes remain.

Arang wonders what that was and the reaper tells her it was a large amount of souls that had matured for so long that they knew how to do magic.

Arang doesn’t believe it.
He tells her they didn’t even know since it was sealed so well.
He then says that if any spirit doesn’t know itself, it becomes evil.

Arang looks concerned.

She asks him who sealed it and why but he tells her it isn’t sealed and disappears.

Arang then remembers Eun-oh.
She shakes him till he wakes up.

In her house, the demon-woman is making evil faces.

Lord Choi is still laying there.

Eun-oh’s servant is still with the City Hall men worrying.

Finally, he can’t take it anymore and goes running away.
The murderous City Hall man watches after, saying, “let’s kill two birds with one stone!” The other look at him.

The General goes to the Emperor and tells him he found a ghoul sealed up in a cave.
They don’t know how powerful she is.

When the reaper leaves, the Emperor and King discuss it, wondering if she will make more ghouls for her purpose.
The Emperor says they have “that child”, a powerful weapon, on their side, so they shouldn’t worry.

Arang is beside Eun-oh.
He asks her if her stab wound from before is okay and she says it is.
He tells her that they’ll find the person who killed her.

She lays down beside him and starts talking about the ghoul… about how it was created by someone that lost themselves.
She says she’s not going to go to hell or become a ghoul.

Eun-oh seems to be sleeping.
She rolls over and watches him, then closes her eyes.
Suddenly, she asks if the guy who was her fiance came to her funeral. She says he must have.
Arang wishes she had showed up in front of that guy first instead of Eun-oh so they wouldn’t be suffering right now.

In the morning, Eun-oh is gone.
Arang begins to panic, but then hears his voice.

He walks up to her, (in pain), and says the cave is collapsing so they have to get out.
She pushes him out to the spot they first entered.

Suddenly, they see a rope being let down.

Eun-oh’s servant has come and was about to search that area, (probably after seeing Arang’s rope tied to the tree).

He laments about it and gives Arang a dirty look, which she catches.
Eun-oh grabs the rope and hands it to Arang, but his servant grabs it away and says she can’t have it.

They agree to have Eun-oh go up first.
As he climbs, the rope starts wearing in one spot, but none of them notice.

Blood appears at his wound and Arang and the servant freak out. Eun-oh tells them to be quiet so he’s not distracted.
Eun-oh finally makes it up, which means we all know who’s going to suffer with that worn-out rope, right?

Anyway, his servant goes to Eun-oh, trying to check him over, but Eun-oh shoves him out of the way and looks at Arang.
He holds the rope and tells her to climb up.

His servant comes up behind him to help as she climbs, but says, “I wish the rope would get cut off.”

Eun-oh shouts to her that in case it does get cut off, she should close her eyes, let out a deep breath and think of a good memory and it’ll be over quickly.

At that moment, the rope does break.

Arang falls all the way down, not landing on the ledge from before.
Eun-oh’s eyes widen and he screams out “Arang!”, (not “Memory-loss” this time…!).

She smacks right onto a large rock and then rolls into the water.

Eun-oh gets up and wants to rush to her, but faints right away.

In heaven, the King asks the General why the cave collapsed.
He says he thinks it’s because all the abnormal spirits rushed out.

The Emperor asks if he found the person who created it and the General says no.
The Emperor says they’ll appear sooner or later.

The General notices his sword glowing green.
Irritated at the failure of finding the creator of the seal, the King tells the General to go to the spirit causing the glow.

The King and Emperor talk… well, the King yells because he’s angry.
The Emperor says the seal-creator will go after Arang soon since they now know who she is, (the demon-woman found out when Joo-wal said she was still alive).

The King says at least that person won’t be going after any other innocent girls in the meantime.

In her house, the demon-woman tells Joo-wal to get as close as possible to Arang to find out what she wants most.
She also changes her mind about having Eun-oh killed since Arang is living at his place.

Fearing replacement, Joo-wal says he doesn’t understand why she wants Arang to stay alive.
She lifts her curtain and beckons him closer.

She touches his cheek where she cut it with her ring before and asks if it hurts.
She then tells him that he’s the most important one to her and calls him her son.

Alone in her house, the demon-woman opens a door in the floor and goes down into an underground cave.
She walks up to a strange alter and touches two jars.
She tells them that she’ll be found soon and that they’re the only ones who can protect her.
She adds that she can’t trust humans.

Two reapers are in the jars.
She says if she gets Arang, she won’t have to worry about getting help from humans anymore.

She wonders why Lord Choi’s spiritual disease appeared at this inconvenient time.

Lord Choi is now awake and well.
His adviser comes and tells him that he found out Eun-oh is the son of a slave.
The lord laughs happily.
Not only this, but his mom is the daughter of a traitor.

His adviser tells him it’s strange that his dad has been hiding this from everyone, though.
He also tells the lord that Eun-oh came here to find his mom.

Lord Choi commands that all the strong men gather to take care of Eun-oh now.

Talking to the City men, Joo-wal is shocked to hear that Eun-oh is dead along with his servant.
He asks where Arang is. They tell him that she’s gone missing.

At that moment, Eun-oh’s servant rushes in, carrying him on his back.

The City man that was supposed to push him off the cliff runs up and asks if Eun-oh is alive.
The servant demands a doctor and tells them to check the cliff because Arang fell off of it.

Joo-wal’s eyes widen and he runs off to the cliff.

Washed up on the beach, Arang, unconscious, starts healing.

In the office, the man that was supposed to push Eun-oh is freaking out, hoping that it isn’t found out that he was going to kill Eun-oh.
The doctor came so quickly that Eun-oh is going to live. The men cry.

The servant cries over Eun-oh, saying again how much he likes him.
Eun-oh wakes up.
The first thing he says to his servant is “Arang”.

“I’m here! Me… me!” his servant cries.

Joo-wal finds Arang on the beach.
Worrying that she’s dead, he slowly approaches her.
He remembers how she was alive when he thought he killed her before.

He picks her up and listens for her breath – she’s alive.
Joo-wal looks over to the super tall cliff she fell off of.

Suddenly she coughs and wakes up.
She slowly reaches up and touches Joo-wal’s cheek.
When she finds it’s warm, she realizes it’s not just a dream and almost passes out again.

She asks him how he found her and he says he was just passing by.
He asks how she ended up there and she just tells him she owes him one again and tries to get up.

She walks a distance, but keeps stumbling.
Joo-wal walks over and picks her up.

He puts her on the horse to take her back.

Eun-oh wakes up in his bed.



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