Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap 9

Sora hangs out with Tae-pong in Seoul and realizes something….

Last Episode:

Tae-pong got recognized in his business project with Joo-hee and was sent to Seoul to work on it.

Sora was upset, but is pretending she’s not.

Tae-hyun decides to confess to Sora.

Episode 9 Summary:

Right as Tae-pong decides to call Sora, his brother Tae-hyun confesses to her.

Her phone is in the car, so she doesn’t realize Tae-pong is calling.

Tae-hyun tells Sora that he doesn’t want to regret not telling her and asks if he can like her.

In shock, Sora doesn’t know what to say.

Heading home after work, Tae-pong seems to be in a pretty good mood, even though Sora didn’t answer the phone.
He notices a jewelry store, and in the display window, he sees a dolphin necklace that reminds him of her.
He smiles.

Tae-hyun brings Sora home.
He tells Sora to think about his confession before giving him an answer. He tells her to think about him and not his position or anything like that; to try and remember her first impression of him.

She agrees and goes in.

In his car, Tae-hyun sees that she left her phone in his car.

He sees that Tae-pong tried calling her. Tae-hyun looks angry and it looks like he deletes the call from her phone’s history.

In her room, Sora hugs the dolphin Tae-pong won her and doesn’t look happy.

The next day, Tae-hyun calls his almost-fiance Joo-hee who’s in Seoul to work on Tae-pong’s project.
He tells her he needs to talk about something important, but will wait to tell her later. He says he has to go do something in Seoul as well.

Tae-hyun goes to the beach to give Sora her phone back and ask about her feelings. He wonders if she’s upset by his confession and she says she was just surprised.

After Sora tells him that he’s a nice person, he tells Sora that he’s going to Seoul to take responsibility and that he expects an answer from her when he returns.

As he leaves, we see that Young Jin had heard, though we aren’t sure how long he had been eaves-dropping….

In Seoul, Tae-pong runs into Joo-hee.
They talk a bit about work and he tells her he’ll see her at the engagement party and leaves.
Joo-hee looks after him thoughtfully.

Sora is called to the lifeguard office by the new captain. He tells her she’s the only one that hasn’t finished a safety course so she needs to go to Seoul to take it.

He gives her a list of things to buy while there.

In her room, Sora tells Min-jung about Tae-hyun’s confession.
Her friend says she’s lucky and wonders why she’s hesitating.
Sora doesn’t know.

Her friend tells her it’s probably because she likes Tae-pong now.
She says Sora has been weird and sad since he left.
Sora gets irritated at this and tells her to leave so she can work at her motel.

Walking down the street in Seoul, Tae-pong sees a TV with the image of the ocean playing.
He remembers when Captain Hyuk told him he looks like a real lifeguard now and smiles to himself.

As she’s leaving for Seoul, Sora’s grandpa encourages her to visit Tae-pong.
He tells her that Tae-pong visited so often that he feels like he’s a grandson and he wants Sora to bring him some food.
Sora agrees, though she says she doesn’t really want to.

Tae-hyun meets Joo-hee at at restaurant and calls off their engagement.
She accuses him of lying before when he told her they were perfect together. Tae-hyun tells her she’s perfect for his career, but now he wants something else in a marriage.

Joo-hee asks him if it’s because of Sora.
He tells her that he wants to give Sora more than what he can give Joo-hee.
Joo-hee is angry, but keeps her composure, trying to convince him that he’s too ambitious to be happy with Sora forever.

He tells her he thought about it a lot and this is his decision.

Joo-hee wonders why he isn’t thinking about her feelings and he tells her she’s just marrying him for her job, not because of love.
She gets upset saying that her expression doesn’t always show her feelings and says even though she doesn’t go on fun dates like other women, she still dated him while working. She tells him she wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t like him.

Tae-hyun tells her that he can’t give her anything.
Joo-hee says she just wants him to smile at her and tell her good-night.
Tae-hyun doesn’t seem moved even when she starts crying. He simply apologizes and stands up to leave.

Joo-hee tells him that she won’t acknowledge the canceling of their engagement even if he says so.

As Joo-hee is left alone at their table to cry, she gets a phone call from Tae-hyun’s mother, who can tell right away that something happened to Joo-hee.

After buying the supplies, Sora calls Tae-pong, but he can’t answer his phone because he has a meeting at work.
She leaves a message.
Looking around, she sees a sign saying Nam Dae Mun and tells him to meet her there.

Getting to the place, there’s a sign in old hanja instead of hangul. She has a hard time reading it, but realizes it doesn’t say “Nam Dae Mun”.
Looking at another sign written in hangul, she sees that it’s actually Soong Re Mun.

Sora plays around the old building, though the guard tells her she can’t go in.
She poses for tourist photos and hops around on the sidewalk, just trying to kill time.

Tae-hyun’s mother comes to find him and gets really angry when he tells her that he’s finishing things with Joo-hee.
She thinks if he ruins this business chance between the families, his step-dad will like Tae-pong more.
Tae-hyun tells her to just let him marry the woman he wants and leaves.

Young Jin and Min-jung and hanging out at the bar together.
He’s asking her on another date and tells her she can choose what to do this time.
As she lists the things she likes to do, Young Jin is delighted to find that she likes just about everything he likes too.

But then the new captain comes and ruins their mood again….
When he gives out his interests, Min-jung tells him she doesn’t know how to do any of the things he likes. He smiles and asks if she wants him to teach her.

Young Jin gets flustered and asks about Sora to change the subject.

The captain tells them she went to Seoul.
Young Jin decides to call Tae-pong, who is still at work.

Young Jin asks Tae-pong if he met up with Sora.
Tae-pong doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but when Young Jin tells him she’s in Seoul, he hangs up to  check his messages.
He gets the message Sora left him earlier.

As soon as he hears where she is, he runs out the door.

Sora is getting up to leave, but as she does, Tae-hyun calls her.
She tells him that she’s in Seoul and that she was meeting a friend, but it seems he didn’t get her message.

He asks if he should come then, and she tells him no. She says if her friend doesn’t show up, she’ll just head back.

As she hangs up, she hears her name being shouted out.
She turns to see Tae-pong running as fast as he can towards her.

At the same time, Tae-hyun is deciding to go see Sora anyway, (since she told him where she is…).

Tae-pong and Sora banter each other a bit and Sora tells him she didn’t think he’d show up.
He tells her he promised her that he wouldn’t do that anymore and Sora is touched that he remembered that promise.

She hands him the bag from her grandpa and turns to leave, but he puts his arm around her and tells her that “oppa” will show her around Seoul since she’s here, (hahaha is he really that much older than her?).

Tae-hyun shows up after they left.
When he can’t find Sora, he calls her, asking where she is.

She tells him her friend came, so she’s with him.
Tae-hyun’s expression changes when he hears Tae-pong’s voice talking to Sora in the background.
They hang up.

Tae-pong asks Sora where she wants to go first.
She tells him she wants to see his workplace. He’s surprised, but eventually agrees.

In a cute scene, he sneaks her in.

Once in the office, she seems impressed, especially by the view, (nobody else is around, it seems to be after-hours).
He tells her to guess where his desk is and she finds it on the first try.

Tae-pong asks her how she knew and she says his spot still smells like the sea.

Sora finds his locker while he’s fixing up some papers on his desk.
She secretly hangs something on a hook inside it and stands up.

Tae-pong tells her to come visit as often as she wants and asks her what she wants to do.
She tells him she wants to play and they start running about the office space.

While they fold some paper airplanes, Sora tells Tae-pong that she’s always wanted to travel to far-off places. Her dad said he’d take her, but died before that dream could come true.

They go to the window and throw them out together.

When Sora sees Tae-pong’s delighted expression as he throws them out, it seems her heart is moved… but this leads her to think that they’re too different.
She tells him that he seems so at home in Seoul, while she always feels out of place there.

She asks him if he will come back to the beach and he just lists a bunch of complaints about it.
He tells her people always feel better at their birth place.
Sora looks a bit saddened.  It doesn’t look like they have a chance to be together now….

They don’t keep track of the time and Sora misses her bus back.
She decides to stay at a hotel. Tae-pong follows her, uneasy.

She’s about to go into a hotel, when a fighting couple leave it.
Tae-pong doesn’t like the looks of the place, so he grabs her hand and takes her to his apartment.
He even gives her his bed while he sleeps on the floor.

But Sora doesn’t feel right and so, makes a chair barrier in front of her bed.
Tae-pong seems insulted, but doesn’t stop her.

As they lay in their beds with the lights turned off, Tae-pong starts asking Sora about all the people at the beach.
He asks about her grandpa and the other lifeguards and she tells them what they’re doing with a smile.

As Tae-pong talks about his good memories of the beach, Sora falls asleep.

The next morning, Tae-hyun goes for a run, wondering just how close Sora and his brother are….

At breakfast, his step-dad tells him that Joo-hee’s family is suddenly delaying the engagement.
Tae-hyun wants to tell his dad that he broke it off with Joo-hee but his mom won’t let him and keeps interrupting.

Sora has made breakfast for Tae-pong and isn’t happy to hear that he hasn’t been eating well.
He asks when she’s leaving and she tells him after he goes to work.
Tae-pong tells her to stay and have lunch with him. He then notices that he’s late and rushes away, telling her that he’ll call her at lunch time.

When he’s gone, Sora starts cleaning his apartment, (just what he wanted before, right? lol).
It’s a cute scene… she finds a ton of dirty laundry hidden under his bed and dirty magazines between his headboard.
She makes and organizes food for him.

Soon she notices the time and goes to clean herself up.

Tae-hyun runs into Joo-hee when he leaves his house.
She asks him if he really wont’ regret not marrying her. He tells her he won’t.

She tells him she’ll back off then, since she doesn’t want a man who likes someone else.
(This time Tae-hyun actually looks a tiny bit concerned for a second.)

As she drives away, she cries.
(That actress was really good at her crying scene, in my opinion~)

Tae-pong is on the phone with Sora.
He asks her what she did all morning and she lies and says she was sleeping.

They argue… he says he wants to pick her up, but she wants to come to him.
But as Tae-pong crosses the street, Joo-hee screeches to a stop in her car at the crosswalk.

(The video went to low quality during this scene… sorry)

Just across the street, Sora watches as Tae-pong helps Joo-hee out.

Unable to cross because of the red light, Sora can only watch as Tae-pong gets in Joo-hee’s car and drives away with her, without even pausing to let Sora know.

Sitting near the water, Tae-pong asks Joo-hee what’s wrong.
She tells him not to ask her question about it, but instead asks him why he liked her enough to confess to her.

He tells her that it’s because she’s the first woman he knew, since his mom abandoned him.
Tae-pong reminds her what she told him before, that when you’re upset, to recite capitals of each country. She laughs as he recites them.

Alone, Sora opens her lunchbox and eats while on the bus.

Tae-pong rushes into his apartment, but she’s already gone.

He calls her and she tells him she’s on the bus.
He asks what she’s doing and she says she’s eating her lunch.

Tae-pong tells her he’s relieved because he thought she’d starve and she tells him that they didn’t even have an appointment. She says she told him before that she was heading home right away.
They tell each other to take care and they hang up.

Tae-pong stands up and paces a little. “She didn’t wait,” he says, disappointed.

At home again, Sora is ambushed by Min-jung.
Her friend knows she met Tae-pong in Seoul and asks if they like each other.

Sora denies it and Min-jung assumes Tae-pong hurt her feelings again.
But, Sora denies this as well.

Min-jung tells her she should just be with Tae-hyun since a girl should choose the guy who likes her most.
She invites Sora to come see fireworks with her that night and leaves.

That night, Min-jung, Sora, Young Jin and the new captain sit at a table together to see the fireworks.

Young Jin comments that there’s not many people there to see them and Min-jung says most of them are watching from the resorts.

The captain thanks Min-jung for finding this good spot for them.
Sora wants to go get drinks, but Min-jung won’t let her leave. The captain tries to get Young Jin to go get them instead, but he refuses, so Sora leaves to get them.

While she’s gone, Young Jin gets bitten by a mosquito. The captain tells him to put spit on it so it won’t be itchy.
But when Min-jung gets bitten, the captain takes out some medicine for it. She thinks he’s considerate and well-prepared. Young Jin is irritated.

Suddenly, the fireworks start.

Sora is stuck in the store, behind a long line.
When she comes out, she runs into Tae-hyun and finds that she missed the fireworks.
Since he’s in charge of fireworks, Tae-hyun seems to feel a little guilty that the show was so short.
She tells him her friends are waiting and runs away.

Tae-pong is in his office that night.
Looking for a document, he goes to his locker.

He sees what Sora had left him.
It’s his lifeguard whistle. On it is a note from her that tells him to use it whenever he misses the sea.

On her way back with her friends, Sora gets a text from Tae-hyun telling her to look at the sky.
She sees more fireworks… many of them are special heart-shaped ones.

But instead of being touched by Tae-hyun, she remembers lighting fireworks for her birthday with Tae-pong. She remembers how he promised he’d never make her wait on that day.

Min-jung runs up to Sora and tells her how lucky she is that Tae-hyun is chasing her like this.

Sora suddenly runs away, looking for Tae-hyun.

When she finds him, she tells him to stop.
She tells him that while she was looking at his fireworks, she was thinking about another man, so it’s not right for him to pursue her.

Tae-hyun asks her if the other man likes her as well. When she makes a sad expression, he tells Sora he’ll wait for her.

Opinion After Watching:

Wow, most of this episode was really cute! I had so many feels when Sora and Tae-pong were playing together!

I also  just have to mention that Tae-pong really looks adorable in that suit. I don’t know what it is, haha. I think he seems more innocent or young. Maybe because he’s so new at this line of work compared to the lifeguard job.

For some reason, I’m not really feeling sorry for Tae-hyun. I mean, I’m glad he broke it off with Joo-hee before letting it go too far, but still… he was pretty cold with her.  I’m glad Sora rejected him XD;;


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