Soumatou Kabushikigaisha: Episode 5

Last episode was a fairly touching family story. Let’s see if this episode will be like that one, or more like the first, psychotic, one.


Episode Summary:

It starts off as usual, with Kaminuma watching a video.

There’s a policeman being scolded and told that he’ll be dismissed soon.

We then see our lead character; a police riding a bike.
Heisei Year 19 (2007) says the caption.

At a crime briefing, they’re talking about a case involving three high school boys who died from severe burns early in the morning.

They go on to say that gasoline was present at the crime scene, so they think a person started it on purpose.

The crime scene was an abandoned building that the boys used as a frequent hang-out.

One of the boys had a record of stealing motorcycles and shoplifting.

With this news, numerous police assume the boys died in a delinquent fight.

The main character comes up to one of the detectives while the presentation is still going on and whispers that he needs to talk to him. They both go to the side of the room.

Our lead whispers that he needs to listen carefully. He tells him that the guy’s wife just committed suicide by jumping off a building.

At the Koban, (mini neighborhood police station), our main character takes the next shift.

The detective from before is walking in a daze down the street. He goes to the Koban and asks the lead if they can talk.

He tells him that he is the criminal in the fire case that killed the three boys.

The policeman is shocked.

Inside, he explains.

A half a year ago his own son killed himself. He did it because he was bullied by those three boys in junior high.

Since he couldn’t forgive them, he set the fire and killed them.

The other policeman can’t believe it and is upset.

But thinking a bit, he can’t understand why it was arson.  He says if the guy was going to confess from the start, why did he do it this way, with hard-to-find evidence.

The man tells him that he’s not confessing.
He tells the policeman that since he wants to be a detective, he should arrest him and get promoted.

The detective’s voice wavers as he tells his young friend that his wife must have killed herself because she found out that her husband is a murderer.

He holds his hand out and tells him to arrest him. The guy hesitates, but does it in the end.

As a result, he gets promoted to inspector.

It fast-forwards 5 years.

We find our lead’s name is Kenji and he is now 40 years old.

Kenji is overseeing an interrogation. When asked if they should put together a case, he sits down in front of the suspect.

The suspect is telling them that he killed a popular bar hostess. Kenji is skeptical and wonders why he killed her after going through the trouble of seducing her.

The suspect tells him he did it because she wanted to break up with him and he got angry. Kenji still doesn’t seem to believe it.

He goes to the back and tells his partner that the guy didn’t do it. He says it’s too strange that he’d use more formal words when referring to his girlfriend. He guesses that someone higher up made him do it.

Kenji leaves the rest of the case to his younger colleague.

He sits in the hall, but then notices a newspaper saying that the detective he arrested 5 years ago, Okishima, is going to get the death penalty.

At home, his wife brings it up to him. Kenji hasn’t seen Okishima at all since the arrest because the guy wouldn’t take any interviews or visitors. His wife wonders how long it will take for them to go through with the penalty and he tells her probably in a year or so.

Kenji tells his wife that he’s going out to buy more cigarettes. On his way down the street, he sees the Revolving Lantern Corporation sign.

It looks like a back alley, but he enters anyway.

He meets Kaminuma and she goes through the usual introductions, but tells him that truth is not always reality.

He asks what it means and she says, if people don’t notice that reality is warped, then it becomes truth.

She leaves him with the DVDs, (not putting one in for him before leaving like she does often).

He picks his 35th year.

He fast-forwards a bit until he comes to the time when Okishima confessed the crime to him.

Now, with more detective experience under his belt, he watches what the man told him with a more critical eye.

He notices lack of emotion as Okishima refers to the boys he wanted to kill all those years as “those guys”.

After watching a bit more, he realizes that Okishima didn’t do it.

Leaving the building, he calls and asks for Okishima’s interview files, but they won’t give them to him. They say Okishima didn’t want anybody to see them.

At supper, Kenji is deep in thought.
His wife asks him if he’s depressed because of Okishima’s sentence, but says it can’t be helped since he did something so terrible. Kenji tells her that he doesn’t think Okishima did it. He tells her that a detective wouldn’t do something like that even if he wanted revenge.

Wife: “Are you sure you wouldn’t?”
Kenji: “Uh-huh.”


She tells him that they wouldn’t know since they don’t have children of their own.
Kenji tells her he wouldn’t do it even if he did have a kid and that happened to him.

His wife tells him that she probably would if it happened to her. “I’d want to make them feel the same pain,” she says seriously.

Kenji looks at her and tells her not to say something so scary.

She laughs, apologizes, and gets up to get some tea.

Kenji looks kind of stunned.

Kenji rushes to the Revolving Lantern Corporation and asks to see someone else’s life. She says he can if he has a connection with that person. He requests to see Okishima’s life.

He sits down and fast-forwards through it to the day of the crime.

He watches Okishima looking at a photo of his son, then going to the scene of the crime, (before he happened, of course).
But instead of fire, Okishima pulls out a gun.

However, before he can get into the building, there’s a burst of flame from one of the windows.

Kenji sees a woman walking slowly out from the scene at a distance.

Okishima recognizes her and runs to her, calling out.
The woman falls on the ground, going hysterical.

Okishima’s wife was the one who killed the boys.

Teary-eyed, Kenji sits back as he realized what happened.
As he sees himself entering the screen to tell Okishima that his wife just committed suicide, Kenji walks slowly out of the Revolving Lantern Corporation.

At the prison, he finally goes to see Okishima.

Okishima smiles as he hears that Kenji is now a detective.
Kenji asks him to tell him the truth now.

However, Okishima won’t stray from his original story even when Kenji tells him that he knows his wife did it.

After some prodding, Okishima finally tells him that he confessed in place of his wife because she died before she could atone for her sins. He decided to atone for her.

Okishima tells Kenji that it’s better to think that she killed herself because he was the murderer than to have her die a murderer herself.

Kenji and Okishima cry together.

Upset that he was the one who arrested an innocent man, Kenji tells Okishima that he didn’t notice.

Okishima smiles and tells him that he came because he did notice in the end and that he is a good detective.

Okishima starts to ask him not to tell anybody because this is what he wants. Kenji agrees that he can’t tell anybody.
Okishima smiles and says he can finally go to his wife and son now.


Kenji silently cries to himself and Okishima is lead back by the guard.

In the epilogue, we see Kenji getting scolded and told that he’ll be dismissed soon, like we saw in the beginning of the episode.

Kenji walks down the hall sadly, but Okishima calls to him.

Kenji tells him that he wanted to be a detective and Okishima tells him that it can’t be rushed. He tells Kenji that soon he’ll have a big catch and when that happens, he’ll give him a recommendation for promotion.

Okishima tells Kenji how his wife is making him quit smoking. Making a joke about it, he gets Kenji to laugh.


Impressions After Watching:

Hmmm, these past two episodes really have a different feeling from the first three.

The others were more creepy, but these were just touching.

While I liked this episode, it wasn’t really as interesting, though it could be because I’m not really into crime/detective dramas.
I just feel they aren’t utilizing the corporation as well as they could be.

I’m also starting to wonder if a different person writes each episode…. Hmmm.

Oh, but I just want to say, that while I usually don’t go for older guys, the guy who played Kenji, Sou Yamanaka, was really cute. He just had some cute expressions and mannerisms :D



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