Artist Spotlight: SHINee

The artist this time is…


As most people know, SHINee is pronounced “Shy-nee”, as in “Shine”.
In Korean, it’s pronounced “샤이니”, or “Syai-ni”.

I think the majority of Kpop fans know about SHINee, whether they like them or not.
They belong to the biggest music company in Korea; SM Entertainment, (home to BoA, SNSD, and Super Junior, among other notable groups in Kpop history).

SHINee’s musical genre is described as “contemporary R&B”. In my opinion, their music is best suited for dancing, which the boys do well.
Here’s an example from Key and Taemin’s auditions for SM Entertainment:



Most of them are also interested in acting.
Onew has been in a few musicals, (“Brothers Were Brave” and “Rock of Ages”), and had some drama cameos, (“Dr.Champ”, “Athena”, and “Oh My God x2”).

Minho has been in a few dramas, “Pianist”, “Salamander Guru” and a lead role in the Korean Hana Kimi, “To The Beautiful You”.

Key has acted in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can”, and has acted in the drama “Moon Night 90”. He also had a cameo in “Salamander Guru”.

Taemin has had several drama cameos and also acted in “Taehee-Hyekyo-Jihyun!” and “Moon Night 90”. He’s was also a voice actor in “The Outback”.

Some of them are also involved with SHINee’s music.

Minho co-wrote many of the raps in SHINee’s songs.
Onew has written on song, “Your Name”.
Jonghyun has written several songs; “Juliette”, “Obsession”, and “Up & Down”.

Key is often featured in songs by other artists, for example, he does the English rap in “Two Moons” by EXO.


Leader/Main Vocalist
December 14, 1989

April 8, 1990

September 23, 1991

December 9, 1991

July 18, 1993


  • There is actually some confusion or dispute among fans as to who exactly the Main singer of the group is. A common conclusion is that both Onew and Jonghyun share the role.
  • Jonghyun caused a big stir when it was revealed that he was dating actress Shin Se-kyung. However, the two of them broke up after 9 months of dating because of their busy schedules.
  • Jonghyun is referred to as a “dinosaur” because of his looks.
  • Fans often call Key a “diva” because of his attitude.
  • “Onew Condition” was coined by fans after many of Onew’s clumsy, awkward mistakes. If he trips or makes a lame joke, that’s referred to as “Onew Condition”. At first, fans thought it was fan service, but it was revealed to be real.
  • There’s a joke among fans about how much Onew loves to eat chicken.
  • In the shirtless photos for Sherlock, the photo editors had to “erase” Jonghyun’s  ab muscles with CG because they were too noticeable for the soft concept. The other members were able to just use bright lights to hide their muscles.



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