Switch Girl Japanese Drama

Switch Girl!!

Japanese Drama

My Score: 7/10


Lead Actors: Nishiuchi Mariya Kiriyama Renn

Episodes: 8

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Summary: About a girl who is beautiful and popular at school, but is actually really sloppy with bad habits. A new boy comes to school one day and finds out her secret. He agrees to keep it as long as she keeps his secret of the fact that’s really handsome under his glasses.

Review: This drama is based off of a manga of the same name. It follows the manga pretty well. In some of the plots they chose to use, they added a tiny bit here and there to make things run smoother. They didn’t use every plot that was done in the manga, though… like the play scenario.

The style was pretty much exaggerated comedy in the beginning and slowly turned to drama. I never really found myself laughing out loud, but I was frequently amused. It did get kind of gross sometimes… so if your stomach easily turns, then beware. I didn’t find it too bad, though.

I thought the acting was good enough for a manga-based comedy… with the exception of the male lead. He was good-looking and appealing, but hardly showed any emotion. When he did show emotion, the facial expressions weren’t convincing enough for me. (I do admit that he did do well in a few scenes. I just would’ve liked to see a bit more in the ones where he was shouting.)

Of course, like most dramas, it used a lot of cliched story-lines, (parents abandoning their children, being stuck in an elevator, ect), but it was still interesting enough. I feel the plots picked up around episode 4.

It ended in a way that made people want more, so in that respect, I think it was a good way to promote the manga, which is on-going. That means, the people who want more, can read the original manga to find out what happens further in the story.

Something I really didn’t like happened in the last two episodes. When a girl is molested by someone of a higher power status, she is blamed for it by the guy she likes. There were no consequences for the molester. It felt like they took the situation too lightly and it really disappointed me.
I feel the manga version did a better job, but I think it would’ve been better of the guy had been another student instead of a teacher if they were going to forgive him in the end, because an adult should not get away with something like that.
In any case, the manga took more time with showing the guy’s real character and it was easier to forgive him, no matter his status. Plus, it was a manga… things are just more real in live action.

So, since it was live action and they had less time to work with, I think they should have used a different story arc for those last two episodes.


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