Sprout: Recap Five

Miku said something to Souhei at the end of the last episode~

In the last episode, Miku & Hayato went on a double date with Souhei & Ozawa.  She ended up hurting Hayato’s feelings and then wandered around alone. Souhei found her, (Hayato saw), and she basically told him she wanted to see him more than she wanted Hayato.
Oh, and she put her hand on his. Scandalous!

Episode Summary:

So, we start right where we left off.

Miku is telling Souhei that she wanted to see him and he acted surprised because she used his first name for the first time.
She then realized what she did and removed her hand from his.

He tells her it’s okay that she used his first name.

Then her stomach growls and she gets embarrassed. Souhei laughs at her.

They start heading home; Souhei kind of watches Miku while she smiles happily along side him.
He then gets a text from Ozawa, (reminding him that he loves his girlfriend haha). Ozawa is just telling him that she had fun at the aquarium that day. Souhei smiles as he reads it and Miku looks disappointed again, (it’s not that hard to remember the guy has a girlfriend, is it? lol).

Miku has a flashback to the time earlier that day when she hurt Hayato.
He was holding her hand and she didn’t think it felt the same as the mysterious guy who helped her to the nurse, so she let go of his hand. (She seriously needs to get a grip on reality >3<)

Love won’t go the way I thought it would,” Miku laments about Souhei once again.


At school the next day, Souhei runs up to Hayato and tells him that he found Miku that night, (since he found out Miku was missing by calling Hayato in the first place).

Hayato remembers how he saw Souhei and Miku together that night while he was also looking for her.
He turns to Souhei and asks if Miku said anything to him. Souhei remembers how she told him that she wanted to see Souhei’s face.

Souhei lies and tells Hayato that she didn’t really say anything.

Ozawa shows up and Hayato leaves like he usually does when she greets Souhei.

Ozawa asks Souhei if something happened last night since he didn’t reply to her text like he usually does, (ooOOOoo!). She asks him if he fell asleep. He tells the truth about how Miku had been missing. Ozawa starts to wonder if something happened between Hayato and Miku. Souhei says he doesn’t know, but then looks deep in thought after Ozawa comments that it seemed things were going well between them before that happened.

In the classroom, Miku and her friends are all getting their grades back and find Miku and the two guys are doing poorly.
Miku jumps up with an idea, (which we will eventually see…).

At home, Souhei is feeling happy because of the summer weather.
Miku comes over to stand next to him and make small-talk. Now he’s the one staring at her hand, remembering when she touched him the night before when she said his first name.

Souhei steps outside and says that he’s going to play a lot in the summer.
Miku thinks, “I’m not his girlfriend, but I’m at a much closer distance than his girlfriend is….” (Ugh, I just cannot like this girl!)

Now Souhei is practicing soccer with Hayato’s younger brother, Kou.
Hayato himself is laying in the grass on the sidelines.

Souhei and Kou take a break. Kou brings up how Hayato has someone he likes and then asks Souhei whether he thinks Hayato will really be able to fall in love, since he puts a wall up between himself and other people.
Souhei reassures him that his brother will be fine, after all, he was able to find someone he likes.

Kou tells Souhei that he doesn’t want to see his brother get hurt. Souhei tells him that he’ll help Hayato out if he needs to and then tells Kou to get back to practicing. The boy seems happy again and gets up to play, but Souhei gets a phone call.

At home, the college kids are supposed to be tutoring Miku and her two guy friends from school. However, Kiyoko is just hanging around while the otaku does all the work. The boy with a crush on Kiyoko doesn’t care though. He encourages her to stick around even if she doesn’t do anything to help.

Souhei and Hayato show up. Naoharu, (the otaku), was the one who called Souhei.
Naoharu says he’s bad at physics, but Miku really needs help with that subject. Souhei says with a big smile, that Hayato is great at physics, so he can help her.

Miku looks disappointed that Souhei isn’t the one who will help her and may be uncomfortable with Hayato after what happened the other night.

Hayato takes Souhei to the side and tells him that he doesn’t know how to teach people.
Souhei takes him by the shoulders and tells him it’ll be fine. He then asks him outright if something happened between him and Miku that night. Summer won’t be fun like this, he tells his friend and reminds Hayato to go after the girl he likes. Hayato gives a small smile.

Miku and Hayato are studying alone.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door and Souhei enters with some refreshments. When he asks how things are going, Hayato tells him it’s not going good. Souhei looks a bit disappointed and then seems to try to lighten the mood by talking.

Souhei comments that it’s the first time he’s been in Miku’s room and she brightens. He then goes on to point out a statue on her shelf, saying he has one too. Hayato seems to feel left out as the other two talk.

Souhei notices and gets him to join in by talking about a statue that Hayato has as well.

Hayato starts drawing and talking about his statue and Miku gets really interested in it. Souhei smiles and silently leaves when he sees that they’re getting along.

But suddenly things get a bit awkward between Hayato and Miku. After a pause, Hayato asks her if it’s possible to turn back time. He tells her he wants things to back to the way they were before the aquarium date.

Miku asks him why he’s so nice. He denies it, but says if he really is nice, it’s because of her.
She doesn’t know what to say.

Outside, Miku’s dad is watering the garden.
Souhei comes out and sees that some of the plants have just sprouted.

He comments on it and Miku’s dad tells him that the sprouting period is the most important. He says depending on how you raise it during this time, it’s growth will change.
Souhei tells him that it’s the same as a person.

Ozawa shows up with a watermelon. Souhei tells her that she should have told him he was coming so he could pick her up at the bus stop. She tells him that she wanted to surprise him, (she’s always wanting to surprise him like that…).

Miku’s mom and Kiyoko serve the watermelon to everybody at the house.
Miku actually greets Ozawa with a smile, but then silently watches her eat with Souhei.

While sitting together next to Kiyoko, Hayato notices Miku doing her usual stare-off-into-the-distance thing she does when she’s seen Souhei interacting with his girlfriend.
Hayato asks her if she’s going to eat her watermelon, (she’s only taken one bite). Miku smiles and tells him she’s full. He asks if he can eat it, (indirect kiss?!). She grins with a nod and hands it to him.

Souhei smiles as he watches. Ozawa notices.

Playing a game together alone, Souhei mentions to Ozawa that things seem to be going well between Miku and Hayato now. Ozawa smiles in agreement.

But then Souhei starts giggling about how Miku needs tutoring and comments that it’s refreshing to see a girl who can’t study. Ozawa freezes. Souhei calls her name right away and they go back to playing happily.

Miku sees Hayato off and heads back to the house.
However, before she gets past the garden, she starts grimacing and holding her head like she has a headache.

Souhei is walking Ozawa home. Suddenly she calls his name and rushes to hug him. He asks her why and to asks him if she needs a reason. He confirms that she doesn’t need a reason.
Then Ozawa asks if he’s really her boyfriend and he tells her he is.

Ozawa tells him if he leaves her, she thinks she’ll die.
He pauses, then takes her by the shoulders and tells her that he’s not going anywhere and that he’ll always be by her side.

They hug again and Ozawa tells Souhei that she loves him.
He says, “I love you too”.

Souhei is walking home after dropping Ozawa off.
He sees Miku near the garden, crouched down like she wasn’t feeling well. He runs over, calling to her.

Seeing him, Miku stands up quickly, trying to laugh it off faintly.
But then she swoons and he has to catch her. She apologizes as he picks her up.

Noticing she feels warm, he touches his forehead to hers to check for a fever, (something commonly done in anime & such).

He breaks it off saying she really has a fever. She looks at him, seeming a bit dizzy, he looks at her. It’s clear he’s having certain feelings for her. He quickly carries her to the house.

Souhei lays her down in the living room and her mother comes in to take care of her.
As he leaves, she sits up a bit and thinks he looks like the mysterious boy from the opening ceremony who helped her before.

As Souhei goes up the stairs and is heading to his room, he remembers being close to her as he held her outside. He also remembers how Miku told him that she wanted to see his face the other night.
He leans against his door and wonders what’s wrong with himself.

There’s a short scene showing Ozawa at the bus stop. Hayato is walking towards the stop and she notices him.

Miku is in bed remembering the same things Souhei was… being close to him as he held her.
She thinks, “Even though Souhei’s not my fated person…

Then it goes back to the scene with Ozawa and Hayato.
Hayato asks Ozawa what’s wrong. She looks like she’s going to cry, and then suddenly rushes over and hugs him. He looks fairly shocked.

The episode ends with all of them looking like they’re confused or in turmoil (because teenaged love).

Miku thinks “I love Shohei“.

Opinion After Watching:

Ugh, hating Miku again in this episode, though not as much as I have before.

Souhei is liking Miku now, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He really likes his GF, but it’s no wonder that he might get confused or have feelings for another girl at his age.
I’ll only hate him if he suddenly drops his GF to date Miku after telling Ozawa  that he’ll always be beside her. If he does break up with Ozawa because of Miku, I hope he’d take some time to let Ozawa deal with it before he starts going out with Miku…. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll like him anymore.
A selfish action like that would mean that he never really loved Ozawa and was just leading her on without realizing it….

The reason I can’t deal with Miku is because she knows he has a GF, but doesn’t seem to care. Her obsessiveness is still really irritating and strange. I mean, I’m obsessive myself, but never to the extent of wanting to steal a friend’s boyfriend over it.
Even when I was a teen I was never like this, so I just can’t relate. It’d be different if Ozawa was her enemy, but she’s putting on a show like Ozawa is her friend!

Episode Fanart:

[I’ll post it tomorrow cuz I know some of you guys want to read this ASAP!]


4 thoughts on “Sprout: Recap Five

  1. lol. i don’t get why you don’t get this drama. but thanks so much for posting a recap! been looking everywhere for one.

    i remember laughing out loud when i read your comment when Miku thought ‘she’s annoying’ towards Ozawa. i on the other hand, can totally relate with Miku. It’s annoying to see someone so perfect and pretty and so seemingly nice. LOL.

    i also don’t think she consider’s ozawa as her friend. she liked Souhei before realizing he had a gf so it’ll be hard to control your feelings just because your crush has a gf. and she has her own set of friends, it’s ozawa who’s actually trying to get close to her. so i don’t believe she’s putting in a show.. she’s just being civil to ozawa, that’s it. when ozawa was being talked to behind her back, miku just reacted like any normal ‘nicer’ teenagers.. i bet she thought it was a drag to actually help ozawa in the first place lol.

    p.s. i’m in my 30s but i love this drama because it brings back all those teenage angst and feelings again haha.

    • Haha, well, I get the drama, I just don’t like Miku XD;; She’s the main character, so if I can’t see myself in her at all, then the drama is just not as enjoyable.

      What you’re saying sounds true, but Miku is just so the opposite of me, that I can’t relate. I can understand why she does what she does, but I would never act the same, so she’s the wrong main character for me.
      Actually, I think I’d enjoy it more with Souhei as the main character. Remembering my teen years, I can relate to his situation more.

      I can understand why a lot of people would like this drama, though.
      I know that there are a lot of different people in the world, and not all of them would deal with situations like I would, but unfortunately, I personally can’t relate to the drama because of Miku, haha.

      But yeah, I’ll be continuing to recap it lol… I don’t dislike it enough to drop it or anything. Actually, I’m not sure that I dislike it at all, it’s just that Miku is pretty annoying, LOL

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