Somato Kabushiki Gaisha: Recap Three

Well, the first episode was amazing, but the last episode wasn’t so great.

I’m hoping this one will be worth the watch! Let’s see….

The episode starts off with the video playing on the TV, like the other two episodes started out as well.

A little girl is playing tag with the main character. The creepy Kaminuma woman makes her strange expression after three chimes of the clock.

This week’s subject is a girl named Takigawa Riou, who is 22 years old.

Riou and her two friends, a guy and a girl, are lost in the forest on the way to the hot springs.
After making her female friend Shinobu help out, (because she’s the one who wanted to go to hot springs instead of overseas for vacation), they finally find where they are and head towards Nishou village (Two Laughs Village), where the hot spring inn is found.

As they’re escorted to their room, Riou sees things on the walls and frowns. “This place is…” she says to herself, but before she can finish her thought, Shinobu calls to her. As she walks to the room, one of the inn employees passes by, stops and stares at Riou pointedly. “I’ll be leaving first,” she says to Riou, and walks away. Riou watches her go out the door to a group of happy-looking people and the group walks away together. Riou looks puzzled.

Her friends call to her again, and she heads to the room.

In the room, the hostess is serving tea. The male friend asks her if it’s a mixed bath and the elderly woman pauses. With a smile she apologizes and tells him that their hot springs have separate sections for males and females. They laugh and Shinobu calls him a perv.

Riou is sitting to the side and comments about how she wishes her dad could have come too. He was in an accident a year ago. She wants to get back on her feet, but hasn’t sorted out her feelings yet. Her friends cheer her up and they head to the hot springs.

As she gets up, Riou notices a million tombstones, or something like it, out the window. She frowns.

In the hot springs, Shinobu tells Riou that the guy friend, Hayato, likes her. Shinobu teases her, saying not to get a shot-gun wedding before they graduate. Her friend then tells her she’s feeling dizzy from the heat and gets out, leaving Riou alone to relax.

Suddenly Riou is pushed under the water!

Flailing, she manages to get up to breathe.
Coughing, Riou looks around and sees no one.

She jumps out and runs out of the area with her yukata on. She runs into an old woman who stares at her, (close up on her eyes for awhile), and Riou backs away to a building that has the sign for the Turning Lantern Corporation on it.

When Riou steps in the door, it shows her memories being copied. She steps out of the elevator that always appears when people go there, and is face to face with Kaminuma.

Not seeming confused at all, Riou tells her to call the police because she was attacked in the hot springs. Instead, Kaminuma takes her to the TV room and explains how the corporation works to her.
She tells Riou that on the discs, she might find out the reason she came to these hot springs, implying that it wasn’t just chance.

Kaminuma puts in the first disc and leaves. Before Riou can protest, she hears her name from the TV.

Her dad is on the screen. Her child-self asks him where they are and he tells her that anybody born in that village will end up back there. He goes on to tell her that in the village, the “Baa-sama”, or old lady, gives prophesies, and that if they’re not fulfilled, something really bad will happen.

Her child-self asks what that means, and he tells her she’ll find out soon.
Current-day Riou watches the TV. I’m pretty sure she has a mix of emotions right now; seeing her dead father on the TV, watching a part of her life she completely forget, wondering what’s up with prophesies having bad things happen.

They go in a room and Riou starts when she sees a woman. She recognizes her from the inn.

The woman tells her dad that her prophesies must happen and if they don’t, horrible things will happen to the village. Her father agrees and asks her to tell them Riou’s last moment, (creepy!).

The old lady that Riou saw when she ran out of the hot springs is the Baa-sama.

She tells them that when she’s 22, Riou will drown in a specific waterfall in the village. Her dad does cries out at the news in the background and the other woman scolds him. Current-day Riou pauses the video.

Repeating the date the Baa-sama gave, she looks at the calender and finds that it is supposed to happen that day!

Telling herself it’s just a superstition, she plays the video again, fast-forwarding until she sees a group of people on the screen.
They’re carrying away a man exclaiming that he doesn’t want to die.
Her dad does nothing, though he’s calling his name.

They hold him down and the inn woman tells him that he will hang to death that day or else bad things will happen to the village. He says he doesn’t want to die. She goes on to say that he let other people die for the prophesy and even killed Riou’s mom to make it happen. Her child-self looks to her dad and he’s looking distraught.

Current-Riou can’t believe what she’s hearing.
She worries as she remembers almost drowning in the hot spring and realizes what’s going to happen to her.

At the inn, she starts packing her stuff, telling her friends what she learned. “They’re killing people according to the prophesies!” she exclaims.
Of course, her friends look skeptical. (I’m thinking Shinobu is in on it, since she booked the vacation there…).

Hayato wonders why she grew up in Tokyo then and she tells them that her dad ran away with her when she was five.

There’s a flashback showing that she learned about it from watching the DVDs at the Turning Lantern Corporation.
He’s running with her, and as he does so, the other villagers are taunting him. They say he can never run away.
The inn woman steps out and asks if he doesn’t care about the village. He tells her that 22 is too young to die and he’s upset that they’re taking both his wife and daughter away from him.

When Riou and her friends get to the car to leave, she realizes she can’t find the keys. Shinobu says she doesn’t know where they are and Hayato says since there’s no cellphone reception, they’ll have to go back.
Riou is alarmed when she sees Baa-sama watching her from behind her friends.

She says she’ll never go back and storms out. However, when she reaches the gates to the village, she finds them closed.

Suddenly, a body falls in front of the three of them. Riou recognizes it as the inn employee that she saw leaving with the group of villagers when she first got to the inn!
It seems like the girls is taking her last breath and they notice blood on her chest.

They hear a voice saying sorry. They look and see the inn hostess with a large group of people following. She tells them that the waitress has always been neurotic. The woman claims that she committed suicide by stabbing herself in the chest.
The villagers seem nonchalant about it… maybe even happy.

The woman says, “There’ll be another grave again!” and Riou remembers the cement markers she saw when she first came into the inn… they were graves!

At that moment, the large group of villagers start walking towards the friends. Riou starts running away. Shinobu catches up to her and they hide together. The inn woman calls to them, telling her “guests” to come back. She calls out that the mountains are dangerous. The villagers lurk in the back.

The two of them try to find Hayato in the dark forest.

Soon, they come across a waterfall, (I’m pretty sure I can tell where this is going… lol). Riou notices the sign, which tells the name of the waterfall Baa-sama said she would die in.

As she turns around, yup, Shinobu hits her on the head with a rock, (she obviously must know about the prophesy).

Riou isn’t knocked out, though. She looks up at the person she thought was her friend, and Shinobu slowly takes off her glasses. “Seriously, don’t make me work so hard,” Shinobu says with a look of contempt. “It would’ve been easier if you had been good and died in the bath.”

Shinobu kicks Riou in the neck while Riou is trying to put things together. Suddenly, Riou hits Shinobu’s legs with a big branch and she falls to the ground, crying.
But of course, she was just pretending to cry. She looks up at Riou and starts laughing hysterically when Riou asks her why she’s doing this.

Riou heads back to the Turning Lantern Corporation, (I think I’d hide in there until the day is over, lol. I mean, I don’t think time stops in there since in the first episode someone was murdered while the main character wasted time there, right?)

Like in the last episode, Riou asks to see another person’s life. Kaminuma smiles and gives her Shinobu’s DVDs.

She watches as Shinobu tries to drown her in the hot spring.

To find out why, Riou grabs Shinobu’s 18th DVD and find that she used to live in the village. Shinobu tells Baa-sama and the villagers goodbye. The inn hostess smiles and tells the villagers not to worry… she says Shinobu will go to college in Tokyo and bring back Riou. The villagers all clap happily.

With this new knowledge, Riou pauses the video. She puts Shinobu’s 5th DVD into the player and find that they were childhood friends.
The inn hostess calls to Shinobu and tells her not to play with Riou. “She’s going to die when she grows up anyway.” Shinobu asks what will happen if she doesn’t die and the woman tells her that Shinobu will die instead, along with a lover. She claims that’s what Baa-sama had said.

Riou muses about the “lover” part and then re-watches her own 5th DVD where her prophesy is told, since she had fast-forwarded it earlier. The whole prophesy was that Riou would die with a lover at a waterfall.

She realizes then that Hayato is in danger too, and rushes back to the waterfall, (looks like he’s supposed to die either way, so… ).
The village and inn hostess are there and they have captured Hayato.

While she watches, Shinobu grabs her. More villagers appear to help Shinobu.

Captured with Hayato, Riou confirms that Shinobu was only friends with her to help them murder her that day.

Riou turns to Hayato, who’s being pretty quiet, and says she’s sorry for mixing him up in this.
But then he turns to her and says it’s okay, since he’ll be dying with her. He smiles and starts laughing.

Riou has a flashback and realizes that Hayato was also from the same village.
Upset, she asks him why. He told her he’d always be there for her! He replies that it can’t be helped because all the prophesies come true.

Then, Riou finds out that they killed her father. They tell her it was tough killing him according to his prophesy and at this point, they’re all laughing.

At that moment Riou finds a broken glass. She threatens to kill herself if they come any closer. They all back off, but then start freaking out and telling her to reconsider for the village. (Though, I don’t know why Shinobu tried to drown her in the hot spring if they’re that worried about her not dying according to prophesy…).

Suddenly, Riou hears her watch beeping. The day is over.

The villagers start crying and wailing as they walk away.

Riou is back in Tokyo. She looks at a photo of the friends who tried to kill her.

Then there’s a news announcement. According to the large, outdoor TV, a typhoon had come and demolished the murderous village.
Remembering the prophesy, she turns away. The reporter goes on to say that there were no survivors.

Walking down the street, she sees the ghosts of the villagers and her past friends. “Caught you~” says Shinobu, and Riou screams.

Kaminuma turns off the TV.

Impressions After Watching:

Ugh… another not-so-good episode.

Well, it was okay, but, like the last one, it just couldn’t live up to the greatness of episode one. Maybe they should have saved that one for later? Haha.

Anyway, I found this episode pretty predictable as well and the ending just ruined it. I mean, through the whole thing I was kind of wondering whether it was coincidence or really the prophesy, and then they had the ghosts come back.

Yet, then again, maybe the ghosts weren’t really there. Maybe she just imagined them because she felt guilty. She did know her friends for four years before they tried to kill her, after all.
Nah, even if I wondered whether I was to blame or not, I wouldn’t have felt bad enough to hallucinate. I probably would’ve been glad a crazy town like that was gone!

But that’s just me….

Plus, the acting wasn’t too great. For example, Riou didn’t show much emotion.

I wonder if any of the next episodes are going to be as good as the first one. *sigh*

Episode Fanart:


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