Corner With Love Taiwanese Drama

Corner With Love

My Score: 6.5/10


Lead Actors: Barbie Hsu Show Lo Jozie Lu Dean Fujioka Carolyn Chen Chen Zhi Kai

Episodes: 16

Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy

Summary: An average boy meets a rich girl who has recently lost everything. She ends up moving into his house and they slowly fall in love.

Review: I actually wanted to give this a lower score, but since Show’s acting was really good, I raised it a bit.

First off, the majority of the drama is incredibly slow. I love both actors a lot, but it’s really difficult for most people to get into this drama. It was so hard to get into, that I just stopped watching in the middle of Episode 4 and didn’t pick it up again for half a year. Things in the drama never really changed much… The characters hardly developed and the situation changed extremely slowly. Nothing really new or dramatic was added to ease the boredom for me.

It started getting better around Episode 9, (though there were unrealistic plot devices like no security cameras in a 5-star hotel), but was really good at episodes 11-13 –  Episode 12 is actually what made me give this drama a higher rating. The acting and plot was just so good in that episode. It’s a shame the rest of the drama couldn’t have been more like it.
However, Episode 15 was pretty terrible. I ended up feeling frustrated and sickened because so many characters were being stupid and selfish and then it repeated a plot-line the drama had already used just before it.

Anyway, at the beginning of this drama, the rich girl is a bratty snob and I have no idea why the guy fell for her. They had little chemistry, so when the piano rival guy showed up, I hardly cared if he stole her away. This guy was more confident and stable in personality which was a nice change from the way Show’s character was always chasing and stalking her everywhere. I actually only cared about the main leads as a couple after episode 12… and that’s a long time to wait, plus there was only four more episodes after that.

What was annoying about this drama was how there were so many stupid characters. The “bad guys” just couldn’t get a clue. It’d be different if only one of the characters were like that – there have been many dramas where the female rival just won’t give up no matter what they say to her – but there were at least three so it made me feel stressed out.

“Fiance” looked psychotic in the last episodes… hahaha.

Story-wise, the drama had quite a bit of funny and entertaining parts that I enjoyed. In the first half, there were too many overly dramatic scenes that actually ended up reducing the actual dramatic feeling. They would overdo the slow motion and make a big deal about every little thing. The worst times were when they mixed the comedy with the drama so I didn’t know how to react or what I was supposed to feel.

There was quite a bit of English in this drama, but I have to say it’s some of the best drama-English I’ve heard yet. The rival spoke it a lot, but his accent was good since they said he was Japanese. So English would be a 2nd language to his character, and therefore, realistic.

In conclusion, I’d say it’d be okay to skip this drama. There are better Taiwanese dramas out there to spend time on.
However, a few people really liked it… so if you like it after watching the first five episodes, then stick with it. If you can barely get through those first episodes, then don’t feel bad about dropping  it because you’ll only be missing out on Episode 12, haha.

My Score: 7/10


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