Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap Three

So far, so good! There was a really nice cliff-hanger at the last episode :D

Last Episode:

Because he helped lose her passport and plane ticket, Tae-pong was supposed to join the dance competition with So-ra. The prize is a trip to Australia with a ticket to Sea World.

But on the way to the contest, Tae-pong saw his crush, Joo-hee, looking sad at the bar. Joo-hee heavily implies that she’s in love with his successful older brother Tae-hyun.

Soon, it’s So-ra’s turn on the stage and Tae-pong is nowhere in sight. Noticing that something is wrong from the audience, Tae-hyun goes backstage and takes her hand.

They enter the stage together!

Episode Summary:

Tae-hyun and So-ra are on stage and the music starts playing. He tells her to trust him and follow his lead.

They begin dancing and in the audience, some of the lifeguards recognize her and get excited to see her dance.

Over at the bar, So-ra’s friend finds Tae-pong and tells him to hurry over to the contest. He tells Joo-hee to wait for him and he runs like crazy to the contest.

Meanwhile on the stage, while some sensual music is playing, Tae-hyun is doing some really classy and smooth dance moves with So-ra, (well, that actor is Jun Jin from ShinHwa~! Haha).

Tae-pong arrives and watches. He looks… well, just look at him!

“Is that… Tae-hyun up there…?”

Right away after the dance, they start announcing winners, (wow).
So-ra doesn’t win and even Tae-pong looks disappointed for her.

The MC announces that they have another special award for “Best Couple”. It’s based on support from the audience, not skill.
So-ra and Tae-hyun have won it, but So-ra doesn’t look happy at all, until she realizes they’re calling for her!

Afterwards, Tae-hyun is walking with her. So-ra is carrying the digital camera they won and says even though she’s disappointed that she can’t go to Australia, she’s still glad he helped her win the camera.
She offers to buy him dinner, but at that moment, Tae-pong appears, calling for her.

Tae-hyun looks surprised that she knows his brother, but says nothing. Tae-pong  wants to talk with her, but she says no and walks away with Tae-hyun.

As she walks with Tae-hyun, he pretends not to know Tae-pong.
Before they can find a place to eat, Tae-hyun gets a phone call. He tells the person he’s busy, but they tell him he has to come, so he apologizes to So-ra.
She offers him the camera, but he tells her she can keep it and just let him borrow it. She agrees and he leaves.

Tae-pong is heading back to the bar for Joo-hee. He sees that she’s still there and he smiles. However, before he can approach her, he sees his brother Tae-hyun meeting her and helping her up. Tae-pong is disappointed.

At home, So-ra’s friend fawns over the camera, mentioning that it’s even waterproof. They complain about Tae-pong together and her friend tells her to forget about him since she probably wouldn’t have won if she had danced with him like she was supposed to.
Then they realize So-ra forgot her friend’s make-up bag at the dancing contest and So-ra tells her she’ll get it back later.

Love this screenshot, LOL

The next day at work, the lifeguards compliment So-ra on her dancing. They ask her who the guy was that she danced with and Tae-pong looks interested in what her answer will be.

However, she just tells them it’s someone she knows that works at the hotel. She goes on to tell them her real partner stood her up so she had to get help from that guy instead, (she looks pointedly at Tae-pong).

They sympathize with her, giving her an opportunity to list her grievances against Tae-pong. Though none of them know who she’s talking about, Tae-pong himself does. She points out that he never even said sorry so she’s decided to forget about him. So-ra then announces that she’s going to wash their uniforms that day.

At the dorm, Tae-pong rounds up all the clothes and brings them to her so she doesn’t have to get them herself. Then, he even tries to do the laundry for her before she pushes him away.

He asks her to not be mad with her and she tells him she’s actually happy he didn’t show up because she got to dance with a cooler guy instead. He asks her if he really likes that guy and she says yeah. She points out that she had to practice a lot with Tae-pong, but with Tae-hyun, she could dance well right away.

He asks why she didn’t chose that guy instead in the first place then. She tells him he’s busier than Tae-pong. Tae-pong says there’s no reason to apologize if she’s so happy and he leaves.

Min-jun, So-ra’s friend, calls and reminds her to get her make-up case.

Meanwhile, in the hotel, Joo-hee notices the worker girls looking at the computer. Photos from the dance competition are all over the internet, showing that Tae-hyun was with So-ra that night.

Joo-hee is not happy.

Tae-hyun is at the contest stage, deciding what to put in it’s place. He notices So-ra looking for the make-up bag. He invites her out to dinner, and then points out the make-up case before leaving.

At the office, he asks Joo-hee if she’s feeling better. She says yes, and then asks if he was in the dance competition. He tells her he was helping someone out with it. She rants about how the employees are gossiping now.

He tells her that So-ra is the granddaughter of the biggest hotel they need to win over for their resort. Tae-hyun tells Joo-hee that he thinks meeting her would help. Joo-hee isn’t convinced that it’s a good reason to dance with her. Tae-hyun tells her it was a coincidence and that “the circumstance is not something I have to explain further to you.” Wow… that sounds kind of cold. But I suppose it is his character to be business-like.

Joo-hee stops him as he leaves, telling him that she’s in charge of winning over the hotels they need to buy out for the resort space, so he shouldn’t get involved. She also tells him to come to dinner with her and her father. He tells her he has plans and leaves.

Outside, Joo-hee and her dad survey the resort plans. Her dad notices her bad mood and asks her if Tae-hyun is to blame. He’s still upset that Tae-hyun is delaying the engagement.

They run into Tae-pong and Joo-hee’s dad criticizes him since Tae-pong has a history of leaving jobs. However, before he goes, he tells Tae-pong to work hard. Tae-pong doesn’t seem mad.

Tae-hyun watches while So-ra being friendly to people as she runs to meet him. It seems she’s friends with all the storekeepers in the area.

They play around the market area, (a series of cute and fun scenes). So-ra takes a bunch of photos of him with her new camera.

So-ra’s grandpa is talking with the shop lady. Apparently he has a debt. She’s telling him he’ll never be able to come up with the money and he tells her that a solution will turn up somehow.

Tae-pong shows up, wanting to buy something. When the shop woman mentions So-ra to the grandpa, Tae-pong turns around and looks at him. They end up drinking together.

Tae-pong compliments the motel and the grandpa tells him the whole family built it. He also compliments So-ra’s cooking. The grandpa says that while she is good at cooking, she has a bad habit of using her fists.
Tae-pong lights up and tells him he really does know So-ra.

Haha, then Grandpa goes on to say she pouts and gets mad if things don’t go away and sometimes he wants to hit her on the head. Tae-pong agrees, but Grandpa tells her he has to be good to her since she’s pretty.
Tae-pong looks caught off-guard and says, “She’s pretty…?” Grandpa laughs.

Eating by the water alone together, Tae-hyun asks So-ra if it’s hard to manage the motel and be a dolphin trainer at the same time. He suggests selling the motel to study seriously. She tells him she would, but her grandpa is waiting for someone, so he can’t leave. When Tae-hyun asks who he’s waiting for, So-ra says that she doesn’t know.
Grandpa just watches the seagulls and sighs, but won’t answer her when she asks.

She gets Tae-hyun to stand with her, arms wide open, feeling the sea breeze. She tells him that’s how it’s meant to be felt and they share a moment.

Grandpa and Tae-pong are now drunk in front of the motel.
So-ra comes home and they gang up on her to sing a song for them. When she refuses, they start singing drunkenly together.

In the morning, Tae-pong and Grandpa are sleeping side-by-side.

So-ra comes and wakes Tae-pong up… he’s late for training!
Once at the lifeguard area, he sneaks into line as they’re running along the beach.
Captain Hyuk stops the group and announces that someone from California is going to be coming to train them for an hour later that night. Tae-pong and his friend have to stay behind to guard the beach on their own during that time.

Tae-hyun is golfing with Joo-hee and her dad. They talk about the last hotels they need to buy out for the project. The dad remembers a different project that was held up for months because of just a few people refusing to leave. They arrange to eat supper together. Her dad wants to go fishing and cook the fish he catches while Joo-hee and Tae-hyun are working.
Joo-hee offers to invite Tae-pong along for supper as well. Tae-hyun agrees.

So-ra is looking at photos of Tae-hyun when a customer heads out to the beach. She helps him carry some items.

Tae-pong and his friend are guarding the beach. His friend brings up the rumor that he spent the night with So-ra, since he didn’t come back last night. He denies it, of course.

Suddenly, he notices someone falling out of a floating device on the water. They rush out and save the drowning girl.

So-ra and her customer are looking for the girl he was going to meet at the beach. They notice the commotion that arose when the drowning girl was saved, and check it out.
It happens to be the girl that the customer is looking for. Like an idiot, he rushes over and shoves the lifeguards, Tae-pong and his friend, away as they’re giving her CPR. (Really? wtf, they’re wearing uniforms, man!) He shakes his apparent girlfriend and, though she’s clearly not well, demands to know what they were doing to a person who is “just fine”.

Obviously rapists.

Yep, she looks just fine to me as well!

The crazy guy continues to rant about how they’re just pretending to save her and that they’re actually trying to seduce her. He gets physical with Tae-pong and his friend and when they defend themselves, he starts exclaiming that they’re gangsters. They all start fighting, but So-ra runs in and breaks it up, punching Tae-pong’s face in the process. She tells them that since they’re lifeguards, they should never hit back and she tries to wake up the drowning victim.

At the dorm, So-ra is putting ointment on Tae-pong’s wound.
He asks her why she took the side of some guy she didn’t even know. She tells him that she’s always on the side of her customers. So-ra tells him if her customer has a bad experience, he won’t come back again.

While she’s getting him an ice pack, Joo-hee calls to ask him to dinner.

Tae-pong is in his dorm searching for nice clothes to wear for dinner. His friend comes in and Tae-pong asks him if the other lifeguards came back from their training yet. His friend complains that he’s really tired.
Tae-pong keeps looking for an iron for his shirt. When they can’t find one, Tae-pong holds some water in his mouth and starts spitting it at his shirt. His friend looks at him with  disbelief.

He lunges at Tae-pong and tells him to stop. “If I see you like this, my overwhelming respect for you breaks down,” he complains. Tae-pong replies by telling him to shine his shoes for him.

His friend actually does shine his shoes and wonders why he has to do it when he gets nothing in return… although he’s smiling while he does it. o_O

Dinner is different from what Tae-pong might have been expecting. He seems bored and neglected as his brother and Joo-hee go over resort plans.

Suddenly, he offers them some input on the design for a slide… and it’s actually good advice. Joo-hee praises him. Tae-hyuk doesn’t look too happy about it, but Tae-pong gets encouraged and starts talking more about it, enjoying himself.

Tae-hyuk changes the subject to his brother’s lifeguard job. Tae-pong tells him it’s fun and his brother tells him he shouldn’t do it just to have fun, but to do the best he can at it. Tae-pong feigns thankfulness and says, “you’re the only one really worried about me” and then asks where Joo-hee’s dad is. Joo-hee gets up to call him, but Tae-hyuk stops her and calls a waiter to find out for them instead. Tae-pong looks annoyed.

Joo-hee suggests that they drink some wine. Looking happy, Tae-pong now calls a waiter for a menu. Tae-hyuk looks at him and asks if he even knows anything about wine. Joo-hee requests that they all pick out a wine together and she takes the menu.

The waiter gets done calling Joo-hee’s dad and whispers something in Tae-hyuk’s ear. Tae-hyuk looks alarmed and jumps up. Joo-hee asks if anything’s wrong and he tells her he just has to step out for a bit.

Alone with Tae-pong, Joo-hee asks him if he remembers what she was saying to him at the bar the other night. He tells her she was drunk and he can’t remember. She’s glad at those words. Tae-pong starts telling her that she is the reason he’s staying here for the summer, when suddenly, from his walkie-talkie, there’s an emergency code red announcement calling all lifeguards to the shipyard. He apologizes to Joo-hee and runs to the shipyard.

Emergency vehicles are driving there as well.
So-ra notices while she”s ironing. All the lifeguards are scrambling over there.

Tae-hyuk comes back to Joo-hee in the restaurant and is about to tell her something.

At the beach, Tae-pong’s friend tells him that a fishing boat got lost at sea.
So-ra arrives on her motorbike as Captain Hyuk gives details to the lifeguards.

He says the engine of the boat died and they lost contact with it. He says the man is 55 years old and his name is Min Ki Sup.
Tae-pong begins to look very distraught as he recognizes the name… Joo-hee’s dad!

Joo-hee and Tae-hyuk show up in their car. Joo-hee is starting to freak out and cry. Tae-hyuk tells her she can’t go because she’ll get in the way.

Tae-pong looks back and sees her as he helps carry the rescue boat into the water. So-ra sees Tae-hyuk hugging and comforting Joo-hee and feels sad as well. Looking worried, So-ra watches as Tae-pong heads out with his boat into the dark water.

Time passes and Tae-hyuk helps Joo-hee into the car. Captain Hyuk starts calling back the lifeguards. They’ve been searching for the fishing boat for 5 hours and they just can’t find it.

Tae-pong is very upset. He wants to go back out there, but Hyuk commands him back to the dorm and tells him they’ll all talk about it there. The team follows Hyuk, but Tae-pong stays back, upset and frustrated.

So-ra sees him and tells him to go out in the boat with her. She knows of a certain spot that she wants to check out before they all give up.
As they head into the water together, Hyuk sees them and commands him back with the walkie talkie. Tae-pong tells him he can’t go back. Hyuk warns him that if he doesn’t come back, he’ll be fired. Tae-pong hesitates a second, but tells So-ra that he’s still coming with.

At the base, Joo-hee and Tae-hyuk wait. The police get a call that a ship was found, but he wasn’t in it. Joo-hee is in disbelief, but the police tells the others that within two hours they’ll have to go search for the body.

Joo-hee refuses to believe that her dad is dead. She starts getting hysterical and Tae-hyuk tells them to hurry and find the body. Joo-hee stares at him and asks if it was his father, could he give up just like that? He tells her to look at the situation rationally. Joo-hee stares at him like she’s changing her mind about marrying him.

In the rescue boat, So-ra says they’re almost there. She’s going to a place where sea garbage gathers. She asks Tae-pong if he regrets coming with and he passionately tells her that even if they don’t find him, he will keep looking. So-ra stares at him like she thinks he’s a really good guy.

They get to an island and start calling for the guy.
Suddenly, So-ra notices someone’s feet sticking out from a pile of rocks.

She calls Tae-pong and checks the guy’s pulse. He must be alive because she starts shaking him, trying to revive him. Tae-pong calls on the radio for help and the guy starts waking up, calling for Joo-hee.
The radio is answered by the rescue team, and a ship with Joo-hee and Tae-hyuk on it starts heading their way.

On the ship, while they’re giving Joo-hee’s dad medical attention, Tae-pong sees So-ra taking their little boat back. He wonders why she’s going alone before sinking down and falling asleep.

He was searching all night! I almost thought So-ra should be just as tired, but she hadn’t gone for the 5 hour search before leaving alone with Tae-pong. He must be exhausted.

Once home, So-ra finds her grandfather waiting for her. She tells him what happened and then goes to bed.

Tiredly changing clothes~

At the lifeguard dorm, Tae-pong is told to go see Captain Hyuk. He seems worried, but the other lifeguard implies that he’s going to be awarded for finding the guy.

However, when he meets Hyuk, he tells him he’s on disciplinary restraint for three days. When Tae-pong protests, Hyuk tells him that the only reason he isn’t fired is because he found the victim.

Tae-pong is on the beach picking up garbage. He rants about how he isn’t a robot and he needs sleep. He hears someone call his name and he thinks it’s Hyuk, but when he turns around it’s just his friend. Embarrassed at being tricked, Tae-pong chases him, haha.

So-ra sits alone on the beach and thinks about her dad. She thinks about how good she felt when Joo-ree held her fathers hand after he was found. But it also makes her miss her own dad.

Tae-pong shows up, (wow, I thought he’d be sleeping by now lol), and scolds her for leaving alone after they found Joo-ree’s dad. He says he’s too tired to sleep, (oh…. lol), and asks if she’ll play soccer with him. She refuses.
He insults her saying she has a bad temper and isn’t attractive, but before she gets mad, he tells her that her good trait is that she’s kind. He thanks her for saving a guy she’s never seen before. He’s thankful since he knew the guy well. She tells him she only saved him because he reminded her of her dad.

She tells him that her dad died in an accident at sea so she had to save him when she saw Joo-hee crying.

Tae-pong stands up and does a bunch of soccer tricks. So-ra smiles and does a hand sign. He asks what that means and she tells him it’s a dolphin sign for “you did well”. He kicks the ball away and gives her the same sign, then tells her the first one to get the ball has to run an errand for the other person.

They run and grab at each other happily while trying to get the ball.

Opinion After Watching:

This drama just makes me feel happy when I watch it. It’s strange because there’s not really anything big going on… nothing that should make me feel addicted to watching it in the story, but I feel that way anyway.

I just want to watch the characters interact :D I didn’t feel bored for the whole episode.

The only thing is, so many things go on in an episode, it feels like I’m watching two in a row sometimes… but maybe that’s because of all the Jdramas I’ve been watching lately XD;

I’m happy that I’m liking this drama more than I thought I would :D


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