Sprout: Recap Four

Some more big developments happened at the end of episode three….

In the last episode, we saw Souhei kiss his girlfriend while they were alone in the park.
Hayato also confessed to Miku~

Episode Summary:

Miku brushes her teeth while thinking about what happened the other day, (I wonder if that’s how all the episodes are going to start from now on… absent-mindedly doing something while a flashback scene appears lol).

Hmm, but while she seemed uncomfortable around Hayato before, she seems to be really happy that he told her he likes her.
Naoharu, (the college otaku boarding at her house), sees and says “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that” and leaves before she notices, haha.

Flashback goes to Hayato telling her that she doesn’t have to give him an answer right away… like they always do in these situations… and tells her that he knows she likes Souhei, (who already has a girlfriend). But he adds that he doesn’t want to wait for an answer forever.

Back to the present, she’s in a bouncy good mood to Kiyoko, but then she runs into a shirtless Souhei and her mood dims just a little. She thinks to herself, “If only “like” could overwrite “like”… then I could become happy.”

On the school roof, Hayato tells Souhei about his confession to Miku. Souhei seems happy, but asks if Hayato really likes Miku. Hayato says he doesn’t understand himself and Souhei tells him it’s love. Hayato tells him it’s unrequited love and Souhei replies that Miku will grow to like Hayato.

Meanwhile, Miku’s friends are berating her for not accepting Hayato right away. They say that she will grow to love him instead of Souhei.
Ozawa shows up and seems excited when Miku waves back to her.
One of the soccer boys seems to have a crush on her.

As Miku walks down the hall, she hears the girls that like Hayato talking about how he’s brushing them aside now. She smiles when she hears them say he told them he has someone he likes.

Miku goes to the roof where Hayato and Souhei are. Souhei organizes a double date.

Right away at the beginning of the date, Miku trips and falls. When she looks up, she sees both Souhei and Hayato smiling at her. She can’t tell which one her heart is beating quickly for.

Ozawa takes her hand and they run towards the boys. They all run to the aquarium together.

Souhei and Ozawa seem to be having a lot of fun together, (so cute), but Hayato and Miku seem pretty subdued.
Hayato comments that it must be awkward for her to be there with both him and Souhei. He tells her that he wanted to go to a place like this with her anyway. She smiles happily as he walks off to follow the other couple.

While the boys are having fun looking at something together, Ozawa asks Miku if she’s going to date Hayato. Miku says she doesn’t know… she can’t imagine how it would be since she’s never dated anyone before.

Ozawa is talking about how she always thought Miku was popular. Then Ozawa mentions that she’s had unrequited love before. Miku gets very interested and asks if she was able to get over it quickly. Ozawa smiles and pauses then says, “I wonder.”. Miku replies playfully, “Of course you wouldn’t remember.”

While the boys are still alone together, Souhei is asking Hayato about his feelings for Miku again.

Now he’s asking when Hayato started liking Miku. Hayato replies that it’s been awhile. Souhei asks if it was before he started boarding at Miku’s house and Hayato says yes.

He tells Souhei it was some time around April.

There’s a flashback to that time.
Hayato is sleeping while Miku and her friends are talking. Miku mentions that she wants an eternal first love… that she wants her first boyfriend to be with her forever, (well that makes sense out of the way she was so obsessed with the first guy that made her heart flutter).
Hayato looks over and watches her.

Back to the present, Souhei says, “Miku said something like that?”. Hayato says that she caught his attention since he doesn’t believe in what she said.
He asks Souhei if he believes in something like “eternal love” and Souhei says “maybe not” and gives his parent’s divorce as an reason for it. However, he then mentions that he might have thought differently if that hadn’t happened.
Souhei then tells Hayato that he can only tell him things like this and nobody else. Hayato tells him it’s the same for him as well; he can only tell Souhei things like this.

The girls meet up with them and the couples are paired up again. (Ozawa mentions that she saw a fish that looked like their middle school math teacher, haha).

As Souhei and Ozawa run off, Hayato sees Miku looking depressed. She smiles when she catches him looking at her and he tells her she doesn’t have to force herself to look happy. She gives him a genuine smile.

Hayato and Ozawa are sitting at the table. They make it known that their partners are off looking at souvenirs.
Ozawa says, “You have someone you like, don’t you?” He says yes. She says, smiling, “I might be a bit frustrated”. ¬†Hayato smiles and says with a laugh, “What are you saying?”
At that moment, Souhei and Miku come back.

Souhei and Ozawa leave together after the aquarium. Hayato invites Miku on a walk.
On the walk, Miku asks him why he liked her out of all the girls.
He tells her it’s because he doesn’t get tired of looking at her. He goes on to say he likes how her face easily shows her emotions and thoughts. He wants to watch her more.

She thinks to herself, I’m happy, and then voices her thoughts to him.
“I’m happy”, she says with a smile.
Then she thinks to herself that maybe Hayato is her… she stops before completing the sentence.

Hayato touches her hand as they walk next to each other. Miku makes an awkward expression and apologizes because she didn’t take the cue he was giving.
Hayato holds his hand out more clearly and after some hesitation, Miku takes it.

She then remembers the time when the mysterious guy grabbed her hand to help her to the nurse at the opening ceremony. She thinks, “It’s not the same”, and looks disappointed. She thinks it again before suddenly letting go of Hayato’s hand.

Hayato says it’s okay when she apologizes. He seems a bit angry, but I feel he’s just trying to control his disappointment. He tells her he doesn’t think he can take her home and he leaves. She watches and thinks, “I hurt him.” (No, really? Poor Hayato!).
Walking alone, she looks like she wants to cry.

At home, her parents and Souhei are wondering where she is since she didn’t call and it’s late. They wonder if her battery ran out and Souhei says he’ll call Hayato and ask.

When he finds that Miku is not with Hayato, Souhei runs out, grabs his bike, and starts trying to find her.
He finds her and starts scolding her for acting irresponsible.

As they walk home together, Hayato sees them and looks pretty sad. Guess he was looking for her as well.

Souhei asks Miku if Hayato did anything to upset her. She tells him she was the one who did something wrong. He asks her if Hayato is just not right for her.

Miku tells him it’s not that and puts her hand and his. She thinks, “It’s these hands”, and says out loud, “I wanted to see Souhei’s face”.

He seems a bit surprised and speechless.

Opinion After Watching:

I was actually starting to like Miku a bit until the end. Now she’s going to mess with Souhei and not only is he probably going to end up breaking his girlfriend’s heart, but he’s also going to hurt his best friend.

But then there is that thing with Ozawa and her unrequited love. I’m not sure why she hesitated when Miku asked if she was able to get over it quickly. Does she still kind of like someone or was she really just unable to remember?

I really like Hayato now. He’s so nice to the girl he likes.

Too bad Miku only wants the first guy she ever fell in love with. I wonder what she’d do if Souhei wouldn’t go to her and instead got married to Ozawa. Would Miku just die alone? Seriously… lol.

Episode Fanart:


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