Artist Spotlight: Sunny Hill

The artist this time is…

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is a co-ed Kpop group with one guy and four girls.

The name of the group came from the way they wanted their music to sound; warm and sunny. Their goal was never to be the most amazing group, (though they did win a rookie award when they first debuted), but a group that makes music to relax people.
However, since then, their music has evolved. Midnight Circus marked the turning point for their image, (which might be a reason their fanclub changed it’s name from Sunshines to Hillers since then).

Originally, Sunny Hill just had three members. From 2007-2011, there was just the guy, Jang Hyun and two girls, Seungah, and Jubee. In 2010, Kota was added since they needed a rapper and in 2011, Misung was added for an image change when they changed companies. In 2012, Jang Hyun had to leave for his two-year mandatory military service.

One of the things that makes Sunny Hill different from other idol groups is that they create their music themselves. Jang Hyun is the main composer, but Kota and Misung have also written and composed some songs together as well.

Because Jang Hyun decided to become the producer, he didn’t have a big part in the performance of Midnight Circus. His own words about it are as follows:

“I stepped in as the producer of the group and supported the other members. Like the title of the song, I tried to give the feel of a circus, which incorporates both musical and performance aspects. As a result, I pondered on what would make the stage the prettiest possible and realized that it’d be better for me to step back and let the other members stand on stage. I have, of course, thought of wanting to join them, but for now, I’m proud of just watching them performing.” [source]

So, from that, we can see that he cares so much about creating quality music and visuals that he would sacrifice his own screen time to make it successful. Though, since he’s now in the military for two years, Sunny Hill will probably feel different until he comes back.


Jang Hyun
July 16, 1984

March 29, 1987

August 4, 1986

April 13, 1986

October 14, 1987


  • Before Sunny Hill, Jang Hyun was almost a part of a boy group called Battle, which debuted in 2006. He dropped out to finish his studies.
  • Kota’s name is supposedly short for “Korean Tiger”.



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