Sprout: Recap Three

Doing another recap right away because I’m a bit behind.
Well, we last left off with a good cliff-hanger involving Miku and “player” Hayato…. In the last episode, Hayato suddenly planted a kiss on Miku when she was feeling bad about Souhei and his girlfriend.

Episode Summary:

Miku is making some shaved ice while remembering what happened.
When Hayato had kissed her, she shoved him away and ran.

Souhei runs up all excited and starts going crazy on the ice, making too much in the process.

Miku tells herself that it’s painful to be in love with someone she’s not fated to be with.
For some reason, I find this line to be better than the others in the previous episode where she was acting all confused and almost calling him her fated person and correcting herself. This line shows she’s really accepted that she can’t be with him… though whether she acts to try and get over him or not isn’t decided yet.

Anyway, after making too much shaved ice, Souhei runs away to soccer, telling Miku to save him some for when he gets back, (won’t it be melted by then…? lol).

At practice, his friend is talking about how he likes Kiyoko, the college girl living at Miku’s house. A girl, appearing to be a soccer manager classmate, watches from the side, holding a water bottle.

Miku is at a shop, getting food (obviously XD), when a younger boy with a hairstyle just like Hayato’s suddenly calls out to his brother. She turns around, and sure enough, Hayato is right there.

They’re suddenly eating something together sitting on the grass. Hayato abruptly gets up to get a drink and his brother, named Kou, asks Miku if she dislikes Hayato. She tells him she just doesn’t understand the guy and Kou knows right away that his brother did something she didn’t like.
He explains to her that his brother just isn’t good with girls and that he just has never really liked one yet. He alludes to a feeling he has that Hayato likes Miku, but she doesn’t really catch on to it. It’s also shown that Kou is cute and charming and looks up to Souhei’s soccer skills.

At supper, Souhei tells the others that his soccer team is having a practice match and needs people to come cheer. Kiyoko immediately agrees and says she was a cheerleader before and will teach Miku some moves. Miku isn’t sure she’ll go.
When Naoharu, (the college otaku boarding at the house), asks if Souhei’s girlfriend Ozawa will be there, Souhei says she won’t be and Miku briefly feels bad for feeling happy about it.

After supper, Miku is talking to Naoharu, telling him “her friend” likes someone who’s already dating someone and says “her friend” feels tired and pathetic. Naoharu has a cute line of saying he understands and that jealousy is a powerful emotion that depletes more HP than usual. For some reason, Miku acts surprised at being diagnosed with jealousy, (really, Miku…?). Naoharu continues being a cute nerd by telling her that as long as the “character” is jealous, they can’t “level up”. (I’m loving this guy!)

She asks him what should be done and he takes out his game and says “Reset”. Miku has a look like, ‘Why’d I ask this guy…?’, but I feel he’s telling her that jealousy is a super difficult emotion to get over and that it won’t be easy to get rid of it.

On the balcony at night she wishes to herself with a smile that she could reset herself.
She sees Souhei on the phone on his area of the balcony and runs back when he waves to her. He looks a bit disappointed when she leaves. Laying on her bed, she wishes she could go back before she knew about love. (Seriously? I feel she just wants to own him or is in love with the idea of being with him at this point… but this is what a lot of girls her age would think, so I guess I can accept this.)

In school, the boy that likes Kiyoko is asking Miku to bring her to the soccer game so she’ll become interested in him by watching him play the game. Miku mentions that Kiyoko said she already has a boyfriend, but the guy doesn’t think it matters. However, Miku still doesn’t know whether she’s actually going yet or not.

Then there’s a short little scene of Souhei meeting up with Hayato. Souhei tells Hayato to bring his younger brother Kou to the game and they talk about him before Ozawa runs up to them. Hayato eyes them a bit before saying goodbye and running away. The couple watch him, kind of seeming confused as to why he left so quickly. Hayato always seems a bit uncomfortable around Ozawa….

In another short scene, it shows Souhei loving the food Miku’s mom made. Naoharu mentions that he doesn’t want to go to the game if Ozawa’s not there, since he likes how she looks like his favorite game character.

Then, Miku and her mom are alone together. Her mom tells her to bring Souhei some of the food to the game. Miku says she can’t do that since she’s not his girlfriend, but her mom says it’s okay because his girlfriend won’t be going, (what are you teaching your daughter? Haha.). Miku looks happy.

Laying on her bed, she looks through a bento cookbook as she happily remembers that Souhei’s girlfriend won’t be there to get in the way of her flirting.

The next day, the bento is made and she’s ready to go. Unfortunately for her, Kiyoko quickly tells her that she’s going to the beach with her boyfriend and runs off before Miku has a chance to say anything about it. Miku has to carry all the stuff to the soccer game by herself. Though, since Kiyoko probably wouldn’t have helped with carrying anything anyway, she’s probably just annoyed that she has to go there alone.

At the game, Souhei thanks Miku for coming, though his friend is disappointed Kiyoko didn’t show up. The boys go back to the game leaving Miku happy.

But her happiness doesn’t last long. The female soccer manager runs up to her and tells her that she shouldn’t misunderstand. Miku is confused. The manager says “He’s nice to everybody. That’s why everyone likes Souhei.” Miku is somewhat at a loss for words but manages “I’m not really…” before the manager cuts her off saying, “Is that so? Then good.” She runs to the game leaving Miku upset.

Luckily, the cute Kou comes up before she gets too sad, but with him comes Hayato. There’s not much of a chance for her to feel uncomfortable though, because the game is on and soon she’s focused on watching Souhei. Hayato watches her watching his friend.

During the break, Miku sees Souhei stretching and is trying to get the courage up to go over and give him some encouragement. But as she hesitates, she hears a familiar voice.
Ozawa has come with a surprise picnic basket. Miku looks like she wants to cry as she thinks, “To come at this moment… it’s not fair.”
Sorry Miku, but I don’t think it’s fair of you to take advantage of Ozawa’s absence to make a move on her boyfriend. Sheesh.

Hayato watches as Miku is jealously watching Ozawa cheer on Souhei. Souhei scores a point and does a flip for Ozawa.
After the game, Miku is about to give Souhei the bento, but Ozawa beats her to it. Ozawa has made enough food for everybody, so they’re all happy.
Miku looks shocked. Feeling useless, she announces that she’s leaving.
Ozawa seems more disappointed by it than Souhei does.

Sitting at a picnic table alone, Miku starts eating the lunch she had made for Souhei. Hayato appears and asks if he can have some, (he made me smile. So cute!). She let’s him and he says it’s delicious.
Is it just me or is it really appealing to watch a guy eat a bento made by a girl he likes? I loved this scene!
But, of course, Miku breaks the mood by beginning to cry and blaming Ozawa for not playing fair. Hayato looks like he feels bad.

Meanwhile, Souhei and Ozawa are walking and talking. Suddenly, he pulls her into an unexpected, (well, if you haven’t seen the previews), kiss!

Back to Miku and Hayato – Hayato apologizes for kissing her the other day. She’s now cheered up and says it’s okay because he ate the lunch for her. She adds that he does it all the time so it must have been more like a greeting kiss anyway; nothing special. He says that’s not true. It was his first time wanting to kiss a girl. All the other times, the girl kissed him and he just didn’t stop it.

Hayato then tells her that he likes her.

She thinks, “My first “like””.

Opinion After Watching:

Hmmm, things are getting a little better. Miku isn’t obsessing as much in this episode so I didn’t feel as annoyed. Yes, she was still selfish and irritating in the fact that she thought that Ozawa showing up wasn’t fair. It’s as if she thinks they’re on equal grounds. She would have a right to think it was unfair if they were both trying to win Souhei… but the fact is, Ozawa already won. Once the guy is taken, you back off. You’re the one in the wrong, Miku.

The manager girl was annoying too. I wonder if she knows Souhei is dating Ozawa… I’m afraid that she might end up being worse than Miku. I don’t need another boyfriend-stealing character in this drama! Haha.

Hayato’s little brother was too adorable and Hayato himself is starting to grow on me as well.

Since they changed so much from the manga, I’m hoping she ends up with Hayato! Maybe things will change enough later on, though, so I’ll keep watching and recapping to find out.

Episode Fanart:


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