Let’s Go To The Beach: Recap One


Episodes: 14
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
Broadcast date: 2005
Actors: Lee Wan Lee Chung Ah Jun Jin Park Joon Suk

Watch At: mysoju.com

Impressions Before Watching:

I haven’t heard anything about this drama, so I’m not sure if it’s going to be good. However, I love Lee Wan, (he was in the drama Snow White), and Jun Jin from ShinHwa is in it as well, so I wanted to give this one a try.

This drama is supposedly about some lifeguards and two half-brothers. That’s all the synopsis said, so I’m really not sure what to expect.

Episode Summary:

Haha, right away the drama has a dated feel with the opening music. Not that the music is bad, but dramas usually aren’t done this way in 2012. Anyway, some strange, confusing beams of light shoot down from the sky. One hits a building and appears to be made of electricity.

…what the heck’s going on? lol

I have no idea what this has to do with anything, though, because the next scene shows a girl sneaking out of her house (which is a small hotel her family runs), while her grandpa is sleeping.

Her name is Yoon So-ra and she goes to the bus depot, bows in thought to her grandpa, and gets on board a bus. The bus drives along next to the ocean.
At home, her grandpa reads a letter she left which says she’s sorry she can’t be there to help out with the busy season, but that she needs to go now to follow her dream. She reminds him that she made a promise with her dad about it.

She meets up with her friend, Min-jung, at the sports center, where Min-jung works, to get a plane ticket. Min-jung seems worried, but excited for her because Yoon So-ra, we find out, is going all the way to Australia to study!  She also makes fun of So-ra for believing in meeting a guy she’s destined to be with instead of casually dating and having fun.

So-ra’s friend Min-jung.

Suddenly, Min-jung gets a call from a demanding jerk who works there as well and is apparently always bothering her with his attitude.  Angry, Min-jung rushes to yell at him while So-ra attempts to calm her. When Min-jung says she’ll put him in his place today even if it means she’s fired and can’t help pay for So-Ra’s tuition, So-Ra gets more frantic and says she’ll run the errand for the jerk instead.

The guy turns out to be a swim coach who’s insulting his middle-aged students.
He’s totally rude to both her and the students, making So-ra unable to hold back. She blurts out, “You’re a total jerk, aren’t you?!”. She goes on to encourage his students to find another swimming center.

Tae-pong, the jerk.

They all start agreeing with her and the jerk gets angry about what she’s done. He does the typical Korean thing of raising his hand like he’s going to hit her, (though he’s just bluffing), and she does the “C’mon, hit me!” thing seen in other dramas.
She ends up making him back up and fall into the pool. Happy, she runs away from the scene. He tries to get out to go after her, but the students are pulling him back in, haha.

Later, his boss is telling him that the customers are complaining about him. The jerk says he’ll just quit and that he’s more suitable for the planning department. The boss says he’s helped him change job positions within the company three times already and so, he can’t do it anymore. The jerk says, “It’s not like I have nowhere else to go,” he’s about to leave, but then turns back and says “I made this in case you decided to change my position”, he says it has no use for him now and hands the boss some papers he wrote and put nicely together in a binder, (maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all!).

So-ra is saying goodbye to Min-jung before she leaves for the bus stop. They’re talking about how hateful that guy was. Min-jung encourages her to keep up her spirits just like she did when dealing with him, and they wave goodbye to each other.
As So-ra is walking to the bus, the jerk is driving next to her in his car. He pulls up and starts harassing her. She gets mad and tries to pull him out of the car, haha. He seems to be enjoying it. Suddenly he pushes her down and drives away, leaving her very angry and upset because… she left her bag on top of his car!

Further away, out of her sight, there’s a scene showing the bag falling off the car… her passport and plane ticket; everything was in her bag. Now she can’t go to Australia.

Not knowing what to do, she goes to her friend Min-jung. She can’t find the guy’s address or phone number, and apparently even his name was fake…! There’s no way to find him.

Meanwhile, the guy is eating with a friend. They talk about how his dad is going to be mad and that he won’t have money until he sells his car. His friend suggests that they go to New York to stay with a girl named Min Ju-hee, but the jerk says that out of everybody in the world, there are two people he doesn’t want seeing his failures and that she’s one of them. His friend asks who the other is but he doesn’t say.

Tae-pong’s friend.

So-ra calls the Australian school and confirms what she knew before… she can’t go to the school unless she leaves now. She also is unable to call her grandfather because she’s either ashamed or she’s afraid he’ll make her go home. Sitting down, she thinks about how the movie Free Willy had inspired her to work with dolphins and orcas. She remembers all the hard work she did to save money up to go to Australia so she would be able to reach that goal.
Then, to make things worse, her friend calls to tell her that her grandfather had collapsed! (I really don’t know why her friend knows before her, though… lol).


Classy man in a suit walks into some building. Turns out he’s the president’s son, Jang Tae-hyun, and he’s done successful business with Sea World in Hong Kong, San Diego and Hawaii. It also turns out that he’s the brother of that jerk from before when he’s handed the papers in the binder the jerk left with his boss before he left.

Tae-hyun, the older brother.

The jerk’s name is Tae-pong, so now that it’s known, I won’t be calling him “the jerk” anymore unless the occasion calls for it, haha.

Well, as Tae-hyun talks with his dad, we find that he’s been gone for a year. We also learn that he’s a workaholic and that he also knows Ju-hee, the girl that Tae-pong doesn’t want to show his failures to.
The dad and his son discuss his younger brother. While it’s apparent that the dad is really proud of Tae-hyun, it also shows that he is concerned for Tae-pong. Tae-hyun tells his dad that leaving his brother alone would be better than trying to help him. He might be annoyed or disappointed at how immature his brother seems, though if that’s so, he masks it pretty well with a business-like attitude.

After he leaves, the dad gets irritated when he sees Tae-pong’s face in the newspaper. The company lawyer is going to stop it before it’s released, but it’s not good that Tae-pong is being written about in a bad way.

So-ra is heading home to her grandpa. As she leaves, her friend again pokes fun at her for believing in destiny and hearing bells when she sees the guy she’s meant to be with.
When So-ra is on the bus, her friend secretly calls So-ra’s grandpa to tell him she’s coming home.

Meanwhile, Mr.Workaholic, Tae-hyun, is reading and driving. It seems to be his younger brother’s papers that he was supposed to give to his dad. He sighs and throws it to the back seat. Was it badly written…?

Reading and driving….

So, the dad calls Tae-pong into the office and yells at him for getting scammed in a false business deal. Tae-pong just really seems to want to be a part of the family business and show his dad what he can do. His dad doesn’t seem to notice or care since all he sees is how Tae-pong constantly switches jobs. His dad tells him to go to his brother and learn how to work properly. Tae-pong is ecstatic because this is what he’s been waiting for!  Dad secretly assigns the lawyer to keep an eye out on the kid.

Walking towards her house, So-ra is stopped by Tae-hyun who needs directions to a hotel.
As she helps him out, she hears bells ringing and feels that he must be her destiny. She asks him to take her home and he agrees.
When they drive off, it’s shown that a man in the background was just ringing the bell… it wasn’t a sign for destiny like she believed, haha.

In the car, she tries to convince him to stay at her place instead, yet fails to mention that her family owns a hotel. Not realizing how it sounds, she tells him that she’ll provide him with special care at night. Thinking she’s a prostitute, he pulls over and kicks her out telling her not to ruin her life. Confused and upset, she wonders why he reacted that way.

Tae-hyun drives to his hotel where he’s greeted in typical successful chaebol fashion, (all the employees running out to him), and meets a woman. She comes to his office and briefs him on the situation of their plan for the resort.  The more they talk business, the more pouty she looks.
Finally, he tells her that business is finished and that he now wants to talk to her as Ju-hee. They move over to the comfy chairs and start talking as friends a bit before they head out to survey the construction going on in the hotel.

Joo-hee being disappointed that Tae-hyun is a workaholic.

So-ra’s grandpa is anxiously waiting for her. He gets a call from a friend telling him that they see So-ra walking by and that she’s almost home. He rushes into the bedroom and lays in bed, pretending to be sick. So-ra believes him.
However, when she tells him that she’ll be ready to leave again by the time he’s well, he thoughtlessly asks her how she will be able to since she lost her plane ticket. She realizes he knew everything and was faking and gets really irritated.

At the beach, they talk together. He tells her that he wants her to do the work she likes, but that he just doesn’t think that now is the time to do it. She reassures him that she’ll be back after just a year and reminds him of the promise she made to her dad. She tells him that she wants to be the best trainer and bring a dolphin show to their hotel.

In the next scene, Tae-pong and his friend are being hooligans. Driving enthusiastically down the road, they happily wonder about Tae-pong’s new job in the company. His friend is sure that it’ll be something important.

Tae-pong and his friend are very optimistic about this new job.

Soon they’re lost. Going down an off-beat road, they find a girl on a motorbike in front of them. They don’t realize it, but it’s So-ra.
Unable to pass her, and since she can’t hear their horn, they run her off the road and drive away laughing.

Tae-hyun gets a call from his dad telling him that his brother will be there soon. He tells them to make a good man out of him or he’ll end up disgracing the family forever. Tae-hyun looks thoughtful.

Outside, Tae-hyun is looking around the hotel site with Joo-hee. She introduces him to the marine rescue team that’s now working for the hotel. The leader of the team is Kim Hyuk and he had saved Joo-hee from drowning when she was in America.  Kim Hyuk is the type of guy that has a real team mentality and reminds me of the leader of a sports team. He’s blunt and to the point. Tae-hyun comments about his “interesting” personality when he leaves.

Lifeguard captain Kim Hyuk.

Then, Tae-hyun’s mom calls. She doesn’t seem happy about Tae-pong going there to work with him. She feels the dad is comparing the two of them.

Meanwhile, So-ra finally catches up to Tae-pong and his friend. They recognize each other and she starts freaking out about her bag, asking him where he put it. When he gets annoyed and starts pushing on her head, she gets so mad that she bites him! While So-ra is attacking the two, Joo-hee walks up to them.

Joo-hee seems happy to see Tae-pong. He hurries her away with him as his friend holds back So-ra.
Tae-pong asks her why she left America. They make small-talk until Tae-hyun shows up.  Joo-hee then leaves to do more work and the brothers head off in another direction.

At home, So-ra calls her friend to tell her what happened. She admits that she was the one who left the bag on the car so it probably wasn’t really his fault. However, her friend encourages to get money out of him since he started the fight. So-ra ends up agreeing with her friend and is more determined to catch him again.

At the office, Tae-pong is disappointed to find that his brother wants him to be a mere lifeguard. Tae-pong wants an important, well-paying job, even though he says he hates working in an office. His brother tells him everyone has something they’re good at, and since Tae-pong already has a lifeguard license, that’s what he’ll have to do.

When Tae-pong tells him it’s not fair. Tae-hyun replies, “Then do you think it’s fair that I accept you as the president’s son without you showing evidence for it?”.  He then repeats that it’s either being a lifeguard or nothing.
Irritated, Tae-pong leaves.

Unable to tell his friend the truth, Tae-pong tries to trick his friend into going back to Seoul. But, before he can, Joo-hee walks up to them and his friend makes a big speech about how they’re going to work their hardest. Joo-hee says some nice things like she’s happy she came back from America since she gets to see him again. His friend confirms Tae-pong’s crush on her.

With this, Tae-pong walks to his brother’s office, however, before he opens the door, he hears him talking to the lifeguard captain. The captain doesn’t think Tae-pong can do well on the team and Tae-hyun doesn’t think he’ll even take the job. His brother goes on to smugly claim that he knows everything about his brother; what he thinks and what he’ll do, so he’s sure he won’t take the job.

Hearing this, Tae-pong gets pretty irritated. He storms into his brothers office and tells him that he’s taking the job. Tae-hyun seems surprised under his business face and warns him that he won’t get any special treatment. Tae-pong tells him that he doesn’t want any anyway. He also tells his brother that his friend wants a job too. Tae-hyun tells him he can have the job as well, but if his friend causes any problems, then he’s responsible for it.

Once outside, his friend gets ready to go up to their hotel room. Tae-pong pulls him towards the dorms that they’ll be staying at instead. He tells his friend that, since they’re young men, they should live to protect people. Pointing to the lifeguards, he announces that he has decided to have that job.

In shock, his friend reluctantly follows him.

Meeting the captain, Tae-pong shows a bad attitude. As a result, the captain tells them to swim 30 meters in the clothes they’re wearing, before they’ve even unpacked. Tae-pong’s attitude changes right away; no longer high-and-mighty, he tries to change the captain’s mind, which of course, doesn’t work.

As the captain repeatedly blows the whistle, Tae-pong and his friend run toward the water.

Opinion After Watching:

Pretty good so far. I wasn’t bored or anything. Tae-pong is a brat, but he doesn’t seem evil or anything. I really can’t wait until he’s more mature!

I also like stories where brothers are involved with the same girl. I’m not sure how things will go, but I’m hoping it’s going to be as good as She Is 19 was in that sense… except with a better ending, haha.

I’ll keep recapping this one, (though the currently airing dramas will have more priority)~


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