Risou no Musuko Japanese Drama

Risou no Musuko/The Perfect Son 

Japanese Drama

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Yamada Ryosuke Suzuki Kyoka

Episodes: 10

Genre: Family/Comedy/Action


Summary: A poor single mother dotes on her son so he will become a “perfect son” and give her a luxurious life when he grows up. In turn, her son turns into an over-protective Mama’s Boy.
So, when she takes a job at an all-boy’s delinquent school, he gets so concerned that he leaves his top-class private school and joins that one instead.

Review: This is a perfect family comedy. It has a lot of good thoughts for parents to dwell on, but would keep a kid’s attention with the action.

Right away, I found the series to be cute and funny. His mom was so silly and impressionable that I laughed quite a few times. Sometimes they would overdo the joke scenes, like “Koala Punch” and cosplaying in every episode, and the characters making random animal noises, but personally, I liked how they did that.

The main character was really likable from the start. He was intelligent, friendly, sweet, straightforward, and just overall well-adjusted… yet he still had his weaknesses of not understanding certain situations. I liked the way he thought and did things. The actor did over-exaggerate in the acting sometimes, but since this was mostly a comedy, I feel it was done the way the director wanted it.

There is a lot of action, since it is a boy’s school and all. It has pretty much one fight per episode. Some people thought it was too silly, but I found it interesting to see the spirit animals associated with each person’s fight moves. However, sometimes the characters seem pretty messed up, haha… like the guy who bites people’s arms. It did make it more interesting though. There was a really nice variety of characters.

I think the overall theme of the show takes various worries that most parents have and exaggerates it to become an entertaining show with a message.


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