The Wedding Banquet Taiwanese Movie Review

The Wedding Banquet Movie

My Score: 7.5/10 


Director:  Ang Lee 

Cast: Winston ChaoMay ChinMitchell Lichtenstein

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama/Gay Interest

Summary: A gay Taiwanese man, Wai-Tung,  is happily living in Manhattan with his boyfriend. However, as he is getting older, his traditional parents are putting pressure on him to get married and have a family heir. To stop their harassment, his American boyfriend suggests he marries their Chinese friend. She’s poor and needs a green card to stay in America. Wai-Tung reluctantly agrees… but things get crazy when his parents come to stay with them and help with the wedding; not to mention that the woman actually really likes Wai-Tung.

Review: This movie was directed by the same guy who did Brokeback Mountain, though this movie is more of a comedy.

…Actually, I’m not really sure how to categorize this movie. It was amusing and entertaining – I really liked it – but it wasn’t funny enough to be a comedy, things didn’t go well enough to be a feel-good movie, and nothing really tragic happened so it wasn’t really a drama.

Anyway, if you get the chance, you should watch this movie. Not only is it entertaining, but it was fun to see all the different Chinese wedding traditions.

I liked the acting and the story. Even when the parents were being over-bearing, I couldn’t really dislike them. In fact, I couldn’t really dislike any of the characters no matter what stupid things they did. I also liked how all of the unfavorable things that happened were a result of the character’s actions. I mean, none of the characters were perfect and they each had some kind of consequence at the end.

There was quite a bit of English in the movie… understandably since one of the main characters was American. However, the English from the Taiwanese/Chinese characters was very in-character.

The one thing I didn’t understand was the closing scene. It feels like the pose is supposed to be significant or symbolic, but it was lost on me. As I looked it up, I found there were several interpretations to it. For instance, one being that it’s a pose in Tai-Chi that means you’re at peace, and another saying it was a way of showing surrender.

Warning: Very brief female nudity.

My Score: 7.5/10 


5 thoughts on “The Wedding Banquet Taiwanese Movie Review

  1. I cannot quite understand the enthusiasm people have about this film. I mean, I understand that it was a trend-setter for films which deal with homosexuality and culture, such as Mambo Italiano (Italian culture), Touch of Pink (Indian culture) or East Side Story (Latin American culture). To a certain extend it may have also paved the way for My Big Fat Greek Wedding while it also uses elements of Green Card. But I basically think that the films that followed were all a little bit better than The Wedding Banquet.
    Oh and the pose is obviously taken from some kind of Asian sports, such as Kung-Fu (although it is not Kung-Fu) and it means that you are at ease with yourself and your world. So it obviously says that the father is okay with everything.

    • Hmmm that can only be “obvious” to sports fans then, haha.

      As for the other part of your comment, you’re probably right. I haven’t seen those other films you mentioned. I’m more of an Asian film enthusiast than a gay film one, so I’ll take your word for it when you say there are better ones out there. I’ll try to check them out when I can.

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