Happy End Korean Movie

Happy End Movie

My Score: 7.5/10 


Director:  Chung Ji Woo

Cast: Choi Min-Sik Jeon Do-Youn Joo Jin-Mo

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Summary: A business man has lost his job. He now spends his time in a bookstore reading romance novels. When his wife finds out that he hasn’t even written his resume yet, he begins doing the housework and taking care of their baby.

Meanwhile, his wife is having an affair with her first love. Soon, her husband finds out….

Review: I thought this was a good movie. Maybe a bit slow at times, but I think it was good pacing for the style.

It kind of shows the feelings of both characters, so you can’t really clearly side with either of them right away. Though the woman is having an affair, you get the feeling that she and the man she’s having the affair with never really ended the relationship cleanly. Not that excuses her for going back to him after she’s married, but it’s more understandable that she got sucked back into that relationship. The stress she goes through and the way she tries to leave him to go back to her husband even made me feel kind of sorry for her.

However, all that changes about halfway through when she ends up endangering her child because of this affair.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say too much. But this was apparently a controversial film in Korea… and rightly so. It’s not really a sad movie, but the ending will certainly get some kind of feeling out of you.

Warning: There are at least two passionate sex scenes. One of them happens right away at the beginning of the movie.

My Score: 8/10 


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