Make P.O. Smile Campaign

…Or, “Make Pyo Smile Campaign” :D

I thought you Block B supporters might like to know about this. Go-Pyo-Go on Tumblr has arranged this project to let P.O. know that we care.

You can find all the details at her homepage here. If you have any questions about it, please contact her at her Tumblr :D

I’ll copy and paste some info here:

“Signing someone’s death warrant is WRONG, especially if they are young men who are so bright and have so much to offer us. i will be going around in public getting COMPLETE STRANGERS, people who HAVE NO IDEA WHAT K-POP IS to sign a petition for the MAKE PYO SMILE CAMPAIGN. you don’t have to know what kpop is to know what’s right!  i encourage all of you, bbc’s and NON-bbc’s to send me (jillian) letters of encouragement to p.o.! i will be making a care package for him and sending it out by the end of the month/beginning of march depending on how many people send things in. i will also include a care package for block b as a whole.

send your letters to:
915 S. Rees Ln
Spokane Valley WA

things to maybe include in your letters:

  • words of encouragement and love
  • 5 things you love about pyo jihoon!
  • your favorite block b song
  • 5 things you love about your favorite member
  • what you imagine them doing in 10 years
  • if you own their album, take a pic of yourself with it!!
  • YOUR SIGNATURE!! this is very important because it symbolizes that you are backing up block b and that you believe in them every step of the way ^^

if you would like to include SMALL GIFTS, such as keychains or hand-made items, feel free to do so and specify which member they are for!

we are going to film our outings over the next few days and make a video of people signing the campaign to MAKE PYO SMILE, and if you’d like to send us a clip of you telling block b how much you love and support them, please send it to !

please tell your friends, reblog, and get the news out there. i know a lot of people are putting together things like this, but to be honest i don’t think enough can be done for the boys. so let’s just keep showering them with our love! INTERNATIONAL BBC’S (NON-USA & USA) YOU HAVE 2-3 WEEKS TO GET ME YOUR LETTERS AND GIFTS! THANK YOU!!”

The deadline appears to be in between March 10th and March 17th, though she’s said she’ll extend the deadline as needed :D Also, it doesn’t matter where you live. She wants you to send it even if it takes a long time to get to her!

Get writing! :D

…But if joining a project seems to complicated for you, or if you want to do some more, then you can email the company at


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