Artist of the Week: Block B

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

Block B

Block B stands for “Blockbuster”, and was created by Cho PD. The idea behind Block B is an “idol” hip-hop group.

This group gives off a strong vibe. What’s the vibe they give? Real guys.

If you watch them in behind-the-scenes shows or read their interviews, you’ll get the feeling that these are the guys you went to school with. They’re always making jokes and goofing around. One of the reasons for this could be how Cho PD allows them to do what they want. Unlike other idols, they can just drop out of Block B if they feel like it, or they can have girlfriends if they want. They haven’t had intense training like other idols, they can give their own input when it comes to choreography and outfit styles, and none of them have had plastic surgery (so they say~), otherwise that would be some genius work done by or the like.

…And it works. Because these guys feel like your school friends.

But for me, this is basically “Zico’s group”. Zico is the leader and producer for Block B. Yeah, I like U-Kwon and Jaehyo too, but nobody stands out as much as Zico does. I almost feel like Zico should just go solo because he detracts so much attention from the others, (well, he does do a lot of solo work. Maybe Kyung should’ve been the leader and Zico should’ve stayed solo? I love how Block B is – they’re my favorite Kpop group – but realistically speaking, haha.).
Not only does Zico have a lot of energy and charisma, but he has originality and wit. He excels at word play, he debuted with dreads even though his stylists advised against it, and though he can create some mean rap lyrics, he’s still a “pure” guy who doesn’t drink and has said he hasn’t even had a girlfriend before.

Kyung is also a producer for Block B and is Zico’s childhood friend. They knew each other since elementary school and he supposedly got into Block B because of Zico. He often seems insecure of himself in my opinion…. He’s made passing comments about how Zico is always taking the spotlight away and just general negative things about himself.  He has underground experience too, so he should be more confident! He almost didn’t make Block B because Cho PD was thinking that Kyung should be leader of another group, but reportedly, Kyung begged enough to change Cho PD’s mind and he was put into Block B with Zico.

Jaehyo was supposed to be in B2ST, but had to leave because of an injury.

Like TOP of Big Bang, PO also had to lose a lot of weight, (10 kg) before being accepted into Block B.


This is a pretty big group; there’s 7 members of Block B. That’s why if you’re interested in them, you should watch things like their MTV Match-Up show to get to know them and see who your favorite is.


Leader/Main Rapper/Composer
September 14, 1992

Lead Rapper/Composer
July 8, 1992

Main Vocalist
September 24, 1990

Main Dancer/Vocalist
December 14, 1990

Lead Vocalist/Visual
December 23, 1990

Lead Dancer/Vocalist
April 9, 1992

February 2, 1993

Guys Who Left

Cho PD was tough in creating Block B. He kept kicking people out  before making a final decision. Even Zico was kicked out before Block B debuted!

Here are some who were trained at Stardom to be in Block B, but didn’t make it to the end:

Taewoon – Zico’s older brother. Cho PD “suggested” that he switch companies and he debuted in Co-Ed instead.

Mino – Involved with the original Block B prototype group, but had contract issues, so he  joined BoM instead.

Hanhae – Also involved with the original Block B prototype, but left and joined Phantom.

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“Meme”‘s And Jokes:

Zico and Hello Kitty. He bought Hello Kitty because he thinks he looks mean and tried to soften his image. However, he grew to actually like Hello Kitty. Supposedly, he “broke up” with Hello Kitty around their first concert.

Zico the Jamaican Begger. Zico used to have dreadlocks and did freestyle reggae rapping stuff for fun at that time.

Trolling and derping. Block B loves to make hideous and strange faces… even their twitter icons are of them making ugly faces. They even walk around strangely while making the faces at important events sometimes.

Taeil tweeted about it once, saying: “While getting off of work, I saw today’s Match Up episode. I saw the part where I was trying to make Minhyuk laugh, and I thought I looked like some orangutan. I wasn’t always like this, Block B made me like this… I feel this all the time, but I think Block B is a weird group.. Like some.. some group for weird kids only.. Ah.” [B On The Block]



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