Stand Up!! Japanese Drama Review

Stand Up!!

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Ninomiya Kazunari Yamashita Tomohisa Suzuki Anne Narimiya Hiroki Oguri Shun

Episodes: 11

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Coming-of-Age

Summary: Four 17-year-old boys learn about sex, dating, and love.

Review: This drama is mostly about boys learning about the world of dating. It all starts when these gangster girls announce that the boys are the only virgins left in school. They then get obsessed with sex… but eventually calm down as they learn more about themselves and what their personal standards are.

I think this was a cute, funny, and amusing drama. Yeah, there’s a lot of references to sex and some nudity and a few ecchi scenes, but it’s really not as perverted as I was led to believe. This is a good drama for teenagers… which is clearly the target audience… though, of course, anybody can enjoy it, (besides teens, it was most popular on youtube with 54-64 year olds lol).

It’s nice how this drama discusses morality and standards when it come to sex, but doesn’t try to force it on the viewers, (as many adults do to teens in real life and sometimes in this drama). The story and character growth flow naturally and realistically.

Although you can guess at who the guys will end up with in the end, for the most part, it actually can’t be predicted, which is fun. The end has a bit of a twist, that really adds well to the drama… even if you do expect it.

For the acting, it was interesting to see Yamapi in a quiet, mature, and a little nerdy kind of  role. Every actor played their part well and in-character. I feel Oguri was kind of cast in his typical role… but since he was young when he filmed this, it’s okay haha.

Things I Didn’t Like: Not much… if you don’t like this drama, it’s probably just not the genre for you haha.

My Score: 8/10


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