Mnet Asian Music Awards Voting and Contest!

The Mnet Asian Music Awards, (or MAMA), is the self-proclaimed “biggest music awards in Asia”. Remember the awesome-ness that was Mnet 2010? Well, it’s coming up again on November 29 2011 at 7pm (GMT +9)! If you want to stream it live, make sure you pay attention to the time zone. Mnet has a countdown ticker to help you keep track and you can check out any live internet clock for Singapore time as well.

MAMA Voting

Make sure you vote for your favorite idols so they can win in some category :D

Vote Here

It will want you to register… but if you have a FaceBook or Twitter account, you won’t have to. You can just log in through those sites when the “register” option pops up.

Each account can vote once a day, so make sure you keep coming back if you really want your idol to win! (I’m sure there’s also some crazy obsessed fans that keep creating new accounts to keep voting more than once too… but I don’t really feel right about going overboard like that. It feels like cheating in a way.)

Voting will end on November 25 at 6pm (GMT +9).

MAMA Dance Relay Event [Ended]

Update: This contest is now over. You can see who won over here.

Also, Mnet is having a contest! The winner will get free plane and concert tickets, free hotel accommodations… and get to go up on the Mnet stage and have their video shown!

What they want you to do, is to upload a video of yourself or your group dancing to a kpop song. They originally wanted a shuffle dance, but have since announced on their FaceBook page that any kind of dance cover would be okay. It has to be between 30-90 seconds long. Send it in by November 15th Midnight KST.

For more information, click here. Or you can click here. Here’s their Facebook Event page for the contest as well.


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