Livestream of Kmovie “19”!

nineteen 19 korea movie livestream

Over on Tumblr, unfbigbang has announced that they’ll be hosting a livestream of the Korean movie, “19, which stars Big Bang members, Seungri and TOP!

Here are the details:

“I’ll be livestreaming “Nineteen” starring TOP & Seungri. There will be a chat feature involved also, so that we can talk throughout the movie. Why watch it alone when you can watch it with other VIPs? :D

When: Saturday, August 3rd at 7pm PST. That’s 10pm EST, 11am KST (on the Sunday). Convert to your timezone here or here. (I can change the time if it doesn’t work for people.)
Who: Anybody is welcome! You don’t need to be following me.
How: Go here. If you have an account already, then great! If not, you’ll be prompted to make one. After you make one, you should be all set to view the event when it starts.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. I’ll probably make another post about this on the day of. Hope to see a few of you there!”

So there you have it! If you’re a Big Bang fan, (aka: “VIP”), or if you just want to watch a movie with other people, then feel free to join in!


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